Nest vs. Sensi UP500W PDF Report (Free Download)

Please click on the image above to download a free report of my comparison between two smart thermostats- the Nest 3rd Generation and the Sensi UP500W.

The report accompanies a video that I created in which I examine all of the specifications.

The video and the report have a “boxing match” theme.

If you would prefer to watch a video of this comparison, click here.

This report contains lots of tables that compare the all different specifications of these devices in enormous detail.

The report contains 8 different sections and they are-

(Round 1) Basic Specifications
(Round 2) Design & Power
(Round 3)  Smart Heating Features
(Round 4) Heating System
(Round 5)  Heating Compatibility
(Round 6) Remote Access
(Round 7) Home Automation
(Round 8) Reviews and Ratings

My aim is to create some of the most detailed comparison of these two smart thermostats that are available.

I hope that it helps you!

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