Best Smart Doorbell | August Doorbell Cam vs. Ring Pro | Video Review


Welcome to my video in which I compare two wi-fi video doorbells- the August Doorbell Cam and the Ring Pro.

I believe that this is the most detailed comparison that you will find anywhere!

If I have missed out any important details then please let me know.

There are 9 “rounds” in this fight or 9 different areas of technical details that I have compared the two products against.

Watch my review in order to find out why I believe that the Ring Pro is the winner.

Round 1: Basic Specifications
Round 2: Video Features
Round 3: Remote Access Using Apps
Round 4:  Remote Access Using a Browser
Round 5: Home Automation Compatibility
Round 6: Connection and Storage Features
Round 7: Power
Round 8: Design and Warranty
Round 9: Reviews and Ratings

I hope that you enjoy watching this video. If you have any questions  or comments then leave them below and I will get back to you.

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[00:00] Hello everyone and welcome to this Fight Night video. Brought to you by James from my My fight night series of videos contain comparisons of popular smart devices and to make it more lighthearted I use a boxing match format. The two devices that are fighting in today’s videos are the August doorbell cam and the ring pro video doorbell which are smart doorbells. For this comparison I’ve collected as many details as I could about each product and I’ve broken these details down into short sections to make my boxing rounds. After each round I will tell you who my opinion is one and at the end of the comparison I will declare an overall winner. So we’re here we have a photo of the August doorbell cam and the ring pro doorbell I don’t want to tell you which of these doorbells that I like the look of more.

[01:05] Because, I think that the look of a product is something that is down to personal taste. What all my videos tend to focus on instead is the cold hard facts and specifications. So round one is the basic specs. So what we have here is the company that the doorbell has been made by. The August sorry, the August has been made by the August Company and the Ring-Pro has been made by ring. Both of these companies are relatively new and have kind of come about designing and making smart devices. Now the doorbell cam was first sold in October 2015 whereas, the ring pro was first on sale in April 2016.

[02:05] So there is a there is a difference there of a few months the Ring-Pro is a newer product in terms of weight the August is 13 point six ounces and the Ring-Pro is 9.6 ounces .So the August is slightly heavier. Dimension wise the August is 2.9 x 2.9 x 0.9 inches whereas, the ring is 1 x 2 x 4.5 inches. And then in terms of price and it’s important that the price varies so, this price this reflects today’s price so to speak. The August price is $178.13 whereas, the Ring-Pro is $248. So there is a big difference there in terms of price.

[03:00] And that favors the August which is a lot cheaper. So at the end of round one looking at the basic specs I think the August doorbell cam is the winner. Round two is all about video features so let’s have a look. The resolution for the August is 960 p whereas, the resolution for the Ring-Pro is 1080p. So the Ring-Pro shoots video in a lot higher definition mex acts but aspect is the field of you. How much of the area directly in front of the camera can the camera see? Now the field of you for the Ring-Pro is 160 whereas, for the August it’s only 120 degrees. So again the Ring-Pro clearly has a better field of view and the audio features of the Ring-Pro and the August the August has to weigh all do and the ring Pro also has two way audio.

[04:16] A case a part two of the video features is the August and the Ring-Pro both night vision. The August uses a low light technology that also produces color with it whereas, the Ring-Pro uses infrared which provides black and white. You can live stream for both the August and the Ring-Pro. The Ring-Pro you can only live stream using the app on your smartphone or your tablet whereas, for the Ring-Pro you can watch a live stream using the app or on your browser on your computer.

[05:03] And the final aspect of video features is motion detection. The August has motion detection and it also has sensitivity settings that you can adjust as well the Ring-Pro has motion detection, it has sensitivity settings; low, medium and high. And it also has zones that you can set up as well. So at the end of round 2 I think the winner again is the Ring-Pro. Round three is all about remote access and the apps. So both of the devices has an app for the IOS. So that’s your iPhone your iPad for the August you need version 9 IOS or later and for the Ring-Pro you need version 8 or later of IOS. In terms of Android for the August you need version 4.4 or later and for the Ring-Pro.

[06:07] You need version 4 or later the August cam doesn’t have an app for Windows 10 whereas, the ring pro does. Second part of round three is the ratings that people have given these apps. First of all the IOS ratings now the seven people have rated the August app as five stars out of five whereas, the Ring-Pro on the IOS app has just over 2,000 ratings and it’s given an average score of 3.5 out of 5. The ratings for the Android the August there are 959 ratings and the average is 2.8 out of 5 whereas, for The Ring-Pro on Android it has just over four and a half thousand ratings and it’s given an average rating of 3.6. So the August on Windows 10 the August doesn’t have an app.

[07:22] So it’s not applicable whereas on the Windows 10 the ring pro app has 424 ratings and it’s given an average rating of three and a half stars out of five. So at the end of round three with the apps and again it’s the ring pro that has won that round. Round four is all about using remote access with the browsers and I’ve got here Firefox, Internet explorer, Chrome and Safari. And the August you cannot access or control this doorbell using a browser so it is no to each one of them whereas, the Ring-Pro you can control and manage the Ring-Pro using your browsers so it’s a yes for all of those major browsers. So round four; no surprise there the Ring-Pro wins that. Round five; home automation. Part one; these are some of the most common home automation systems, smart home systems that these devices might work with. The first one is wink the August doesn’t work with wink but the Ring Pro does work with wink. The next is WeMo

[08:47] The August does not work with We Mow but the Ring-Pro does. The next one is ADT the August is not compatible with the any ADT system whereas, the Ring-Pro is compatible neither the August or the Ring-Pro are compatible with the Honeywell systems and neither are they compatible with Samsung Smart Things System as well. So home automation part 2; let’s have a look. IFTTT, if this then that is a very big home automation system and the August does not have its own channel on that website whereas the ring pro does and it has 29 different recipes or different ways that you can control it. The Amazon echo neither of these products can be used with the Amazon echo system and apples home kit the August cam is compatible with the Apple home kit whereas the Ring-Pro isn’t. Another big automation system is said Z-Wave and ZigBee and neither the August nor the ring Pro can be used with either of those systems.


[10:16] So round five home automation who wins this and again in my opinion it is the Ring-Pro. Round six is all about connection and storage so let’s have a look at Wi-Fi. Yes, the doorbell the August cam connects to Wi-Fi using a 2.4 gigahertz system only and the Ring Pro also connects to Wi-Fi using the 2.4 gigahertz or the 5.0 gigahertz system. The August Pro sorry, the August cam uses connects via Bluetooth but the ring doesn’t use Bluetooth at all neither, the August nor

The ring use any Ethernet connections and in terms of storage. The August you get the first 30 days for free. In terms of any videos of its stores and then from then on it’s $4.99 per month for their cloud storage and for the Ring-Pro it is three pounds per month for their cloud storage but also importantly something I’ve missed out is you do get the first 30 days for free as well. So round six, I’ve made it a draw between the August and the Ring. Round seven power, several different ways that a doorbell can be powered. You can it can either be powered using a main system using 110 volts or using a low voltage system, 16 volts or 24 volts which is the  old doorbell wire and some systems some video doorbells also a powered by battery.

[12:06] But for the August and the Ring-Pro they are both powered using doorbell wire. So round seven; the power specifications, that’s a draw. Round eight design and warranty features so, let’s have a look. First of all is color the August comes in two colors and the Ring-Pro comes with four interchangeable face plates. So the Ring-Pro offers many more options than the August in this respect in terms of weather proofing well they both tend to work within the same temperature operating temperature range. The August is minus 25 degrees TO 50 degrees c and the Ring-Pro is minus 20 to 48 degrees c. In terms of compatibility with other smart locks with sorry, with smart locks. The August works with its own smart lock whereas the ring pro is compatible with other smart with smart locks that are made by Lock State Kisi, Lockytron and Quick-set. A Quick-set, Kevo and finally within the design and warranty features the warranty the August cam comes with a one-year warranty whereas the Ring-Pro comes with free lifetime replacements. That’s if the product is ever stolen then you will get a free replacement as long as you produce a crime report.

[14:00] So at the end of round eight, who’s won the design of warranty and I think it’s the Ring-Pro. And the final round. Round nine and this reviews and ratings. The people out there who have actually bought the product and used it what do they think about these products so, let’s have a look. The overall rating of the that the August cam gets is 2.9 out of 5 stars whereas, the Ring-Pro the overall rating it gets is 4.1 out of 5. So the ring pro clearly leads there the number of reviews have been written. The August cam it’s 313 and for the ring pro it’s over 5,000 reviews have been written. The next section is about the questions that have been asked and answered and for the August it is 64 questions and the most popular question has been voted for 10 times whereas, the Ring-Pro has had five hundred questions answered. And the most popular question has been voted for 13 times. So the Ring-Pro is a clear winner in the questions. The next feature here is what percentage of the reviews rate the product as five stars? The August fifty percent of all the reviews written have rated the product as five stars whereas, for the Ring-Pro it is 70 two percent of all reviews written have rated it as five stars.

And the final section here what percentage of the reviews have rated the product as just one star? The August has twenty-four percent of the reviews that have rated it as one star whereas, the Ring-Pro only has six percent of all of its reviews have rated it as one star so, again in that respect the five star and the one star ratings the Ring-Pro is a clear winner. So let’s have a look at round nine, who wins round nine? And again I think clearly it is the Ring-Pro and my overall winner is no surprise here looking at the specifications it is the Ring-Pro. So if you are looking for a smart video doorbell or a Wi-Fi video doorbell as they’re also called and you are undecided between getting an August doorbell cam or the Ring-Pro my overwhelming, advice is to go out and buy the Ring-Pro even though it is much more expensive.

Thank you for watching.

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