1ByOne Video Doorphone Review

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In this post, I review a video doorbell with a difference. The 1ByOne video doorbell comes with its own 7″ monitor which means that it doesn’t need to be connected to a smart phone or tablet to work.

This doorbell is perfect for those of us who want to upgrade to a video doorbell from a traditional doorbell, but who don’t want to connect their smartphone to their doorbell because it all sounds too complicated or too much of a security risk.

If this sounds like your kind of doorbell, please read my post where I review the 10 best video doorbells with monitors.

At- a- Glance Features

Below, I have created tables which show the different features that this device has. I have divided the features up into different tables to make it easier for you to read.

Those tables are;

(1) Video and Audio

(2) Software

(3) Connection and Storage

(4) Power and

(5) Design and Warranty.

The first table is visible. To view the other four tables click on the black down arrow on the left hand side of the heading.

Video & Audio Features

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The camera is High Definition and display is 7″ but I cannot find any details about the exact resolution of the camera.

Nobody has answered any questions about the resolution of the display.

Night Vision

The video door phone has night vision but again, there is no information about how many LEDs it uses and how far they illuminate.

Looking at all the reviews and the Q & A section, it is not clear how well the night vision works or if it uses LEDs

Live View 

You can view what the camera is seeing now (live view) at any time by pressing and holding down the button on the side of the 7″ display.

Looking at all the reviews and Q & A’s, one person wrote that when they held the button down, they heard a high pitch whining noise

Motion Detection

The 1byOne video doorphone does not feature motion detection.

Field of Vision 

The field of vision on the camera is 120°.

Looking at the diagram on the right, the grey shapes are a bird’s eye view of the video door phone.

The space between the two straight lines is 120°- the camera can see everything that is between these two lines.


The 1byOne video phone has 2 way audio which means that a person at your front door can push the “call button” at the bottom of the faceplate and talk.

If you are next to the 7″ monitor, you can press the “talk” button and reply.


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Because this video phone has a “built in” monitor, it does not need any apps or software.

Apps and software are only used for video doorbells that need to connect to smart phones, tablets or laptops.


Connection & Storage

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Unusually for a video doorbell, this model comes with a monitor and a camera and the two are connected by a 15 metre length of wire.

Most other video doorbells do not come with a monitor but instead link to an owner’s smart phone or tablet through the Wi-Fi network.

This system is perfect for those people who do not have a Wi-Fi network at home or who do not want to use their Wi-Fi network to operate their video doorbell.

The wired system used by the 1byOne doorbell also suits those people who don’t mind running wire in their house or have got existing “trunking” that the wire can be hidden in.

Looking at the review section and the Q & A section it is clear that the fact that this phone uses wires to connect the camera to a monitor confuses some people.


This device uses local storage, not cloud storage.

Your videos and photos are stored on the monitor on a micro USB card.

The micro USB card can be up to 32 GB in size.

It is removable which is great if you need to send or share any of the images or videos with friends, family or the local police.


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Some video doorbells are powered by rechargeable batteries, but this 1byOne device isn’t.

16V- 24V

Neither is this device powered by low voltage wire, such as doorbell wire.


Instead this video phone is powered by a 110V plug which connects to the monitor.

The system needs to be connected to a live power cable at all times.

Plug into a socket and don’t ever disconnect!

The length of the power cable is 1.8 metres or 6 feet.

The camera is powered by a 12V wire that is part of the 15 metre or 49 foot wire that connects the monitor to the camera.

To help you understand, please see the diagram below.[/expand]

Design & Warranty

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This video phone only comes in one color- the grey and white style that you see in the photos.


The monitor is not weatherproof as it is for indoor use only.

The camera is weatherproof. It can work between temperatures of -20 °C and 40°C.

Apparently it has an IP rating of 44, which means that it fairly waterproof and fairly dust proof.

Smartlock Compatible

This phone is not compatible with other smart locks as it has its own electric lock built in.


The 1byOne video phone has a 1 year warranty.


Should You Buy One?

To finish this review, I am going to finish by presenting you with a few pros and cons. What are the 1ByOne Intercom’s strongest and weakest features?

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