Alexa Outdoor Security Cameras

Monitoring homes, offices, or properties has never been easier with the emergence of Alexa Outdoor Security Cameras.

With so many brands and models, making the right choice is hard work.

With our buying guide, we’ll make choosing the right security camera as painless as possible.

But first, let’s get to know Alexa.

Alexa The Great

Alexa is Amazon’s voice control digital assistant that can-do simple tasks for you.

By speaking to an Echo smart speaker, Alexa can fulfil your wishes like playing music tracks, dimming the lights, ordering pizza, or booking rides.

This is made possible by a little program called a “skill.”

In the realm of Amazon smart devices, a skill works like an app that gives Alexa a host of abilities.

With the release of the Alexa Skill Kit, even those with basic programming abilities can add skills to Alexa’s expanding capabilities.

The number of skills you can add is limitless, but you’d want to add those that can make day-to-day tasks easier and much quicker.

Alexa Outdoor Security Camera

Alexa’s capabilities are seamlessly integrated to outdoor security cameras.

With Alexa, you can arm or disarm your home security system through voice commands.

You can easily monitor your home without having to press buttons or having to go through extra steps to get the job done.

Ideal Users

Alexa-enabled outdoor cameras are more than just cool devices for showing off; they actually fulfil an important function to the user—to monitor and prevent potential break-ins.


Many households own Amazon smart devices and speakers, so choosing Alexa outdoor security cameras is just the logical thing to do.

Family members are accustomed to the Alexa framework, so adding the security camera to the system is easy.

Small Offices

In a one-person operation, monitoring can be done using a smartphone or any smart device that can be accessed instantly.

It does not require professional installation or clunky equipment to operate.


Even small and medium-sized businesses are using Alexa-based security cameras because they are getting advanced features at a minimal cost.

Businesses on a tight budget see this as an opportunity to build a robust security system without breaking the bank.

Pros and Cons


  1. Hands-free system allows you to observe and monitor footages without having to press buttons or open computer applications.
  2. The plug and play cameras can be set up in minutes and don’t require professional installations.
  3. Alexa-enabled security cameras are highly customizable to fit specific needs, which makes your home security system smarter.
  4. Compatibility with other Amazon devices including Fire Tablet, Echo Show, Fire TV, or Echo Spot allows multiple ways to view videos and footages.


  1. Requires an Amazon Echo or speaker system for Alexa to work. Other security cameras come with their own apps and interface without added cost.
  2. There are security concerns and privacy risks because data is being fed to a central location. In extreme cases, hackers can take over the Alexa device and use it with malicious intent.
  3. More advanced and sophisticated Alexa security features are available for an extra fee.
  4. Limited storage might force you to subscribe to cloud storage for a recurring monthly fee.

Factors to Consider

There are many things that influence our buying decisions.

Here are some factors to consider before buying an Alexa outdoor security camera.

  • Wireless vs. Wired

Wireless security cameras can be installed anywhere because it will work as long as it is within the Wi-Fi range.

The downside is that if there are Wi-Fi signal issues, the video feed becomes unreliable.

The wired version has a stable connection, but installation is limited to areas where the ethernet or USB cable could reach.

The good thing is that there are cameras that have both wireless and wired connectivity.

  • 720p vs. 1080p HD Resolution

The higher resolution delivers the clearer and sharper images, but is it really necessary?The simple answer is “no”.

You can get fine quality footage with 720p and you can still see faces and images clearly. Streaming is also less likely to lag in 720p.

What’s more, you can fit more 720p videos in your limited storage.

The 1080p version is just a matter of preference.

  • Power Source: Battery vs. Hardwired

Battery-powered security cameras offer more flexibility because they can be placed anywhere around the home, but they require recharging.

Hardwired cameras require installation near power outlets, which limits placement.

  • Night Vision and Wide Angle View

Night Vision allows you to see clear images in low light conditions and even in total darkness.

Cameras with over 100-degree wide angle view cover more areas and offer night vision of over 98 feet.

  • Cloud Storage

Not all cameras come with local storage (MicroSD 64GB to 128GB), so the only option is cloud storage.

Out of the box, security cameras come with free cloud storage for up to 30 days, after which a paid subscription is required.

The fees vary depending on storage size, number of days, number of cameras, and additional features.

If you want all the bells and whistles, prepare to spend more.

  • Advanced Features

Person detection, time-lapse recaps, two-way communication, 100db alarm, 9-1-1 calls, and facial recognition are some of the advanced features included in some of the more expensive Alexa outdoor security cameras.

Other companies offer these features as add-ons for an extra fee.


The perfect Alexa outdoor security camera is the one that matches your needs.

At the basic level, you just want a security camera that monitors and alerts.

However, as your home or business grows, your security needs will require more advanced features.

Netvue Outdoor (156 | 4.2)

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Netvue is not exactly the Alexa Outdoor Security Camera that comes to mind when we talk about home security devices.

It’s pretty standard as far as security features go, but compatibility with Alexa at a friendly price point makes it a real contender in the market.

With seamless integration of Netvue skills, Alexa can easily recognize your voice commands and show you the security camera feed on demand.

Out of the Box

The two-toned white and black Netvue looks like a mini porch spotlight who dreams of being an outdoor security camera.

It’s actually a genius design to fool burglars into thinking that they are not being watched.

Netvue looks a little bit dated compared to the sleek and stylish security cameras of other brands, but it blends in well with typical outdoor accoutrements.

The unit is well-built and feels sturdy enough to withstand outdoor use and harsh weather conditions.

Bells and Whistles

The Netvue surveillance camera connects either through 2.4Ghz Wi-Fi or ethernet cable, so you can always get live feed without interruptions.

It captures high-resolution 1080p images through its 36mm lens.

With its wide 100 degrees field of view, you can point the camera in any direction and still cover a wide viewing area with no blind spots.

No light? No problem! With night vision features, no burglar is unseen in low-light conditions or even in total darkness.

Combined with the two-way audio, this Alexa outdoor security camera allows you to interact with guests—yes, even the unwelcomed ones.

Smart motion detection alerts you when things go bump in the night.

You don’t even have to get up from bed because Alexa can show you the front door, the backyard, or any area where Netvue security camera is installed.

Local storage is maxed at 128GB using a Micro SD card, which is a desirable alternative to the paid cloud storage which stores 14 days of continuous video footage without storage limitation.

The Verdict

Netvue is for the budget-conscious household that wants a no-frills Alexa outdoor security camera that gets the basic job done.

Amcrest 2K 3MP

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Amcrest 2K 3MP Alexa Outdoor Security Camera may just be a tiny blip in your radar because it’s only compatible with Alexa on Echo Show.

It’s not a bad thing because it is enhanced and optimized for the device, so you get the full Alexa experience for your smart home security set up.

Out of the Box

Amcrest isn’t exactly trying to wow you with its bullet design and protruding Wi-Fi antenna.

Design-wise, it’s Jurassic and it doesn’t hide the fact it is a security camera, so it has no camouflage abilities at all.

If you can get past that, you’d appreciate that it’s solidly built and would stay locked in place even in harsh outdoor conditions.

The Good Stuff

Amcrest ups its HD camera game with Sony image sensor and Ambarella processor.

It’s not always that you get to experience true HD in watching security camera footage, so this is a big plus.

The ProHD camera streams in crisp 1296P video quality that delivers rich images and vivid colors, so there’s no second-guessing who’s stealing your Amazon packages.

With its wide 100 degrees viewing angle, blind spots are minimized.

The night vision feature is on steroids with 30 Infrared LEDs, allowing up to 98 feet of coverage in the dark.

The smart motion detection alerts are accurate so there are less false alarms and more peace of mind.

Aside from AmcrestCloud, the camera offers multiple storage options including 64GB MicroSD card, FTP, and NVR.

The first four hours is free on AmcrestCloud trial, so you’re not tied up to a paid plan just yet.

The Verdict

Amcrest 2K 3MP is the Alexa Outdoor Security Camera for security-conscious people who don’t mind spending a little more to see what’s lurking around their home in full HD.

Toucan Outdoor Camera

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Toucan is unlike any other Alexa Outdoor Security Camera in the market because it uses a light socket to power it up.

On top of the security voice commands, you can bark orders for Alexa to turn your light fixtures on and off, just because she can.

Out of the Box

The Toucan outdoor camera is specifically designed to be integrated to your lighting fixture system.

At first glance, it looks like an oversized hockey puck, but after installation, it becomes a proper spy camera doing undercover work with the light lamp as its partner.

It’s only as pretty as the light fixture it is paired with.

Main Features

While the smart lighting control is impressive enough, the Toucan has a motion detection sensor that alerts not just you but the unwanted visitors with a 100db loud siren that could trigger their next panic attack.

Pre-recorded messages can be used to welcome or scare the living daylights of whoever sets foot in your humble fortress.

You can receive real-time notifications on your smart device and see if it’s a friend or a foe and use the two-way audio communication to interact as you see fit.

One-touch dial for 9-1-1 is available in case a police intervention is needed to drive away persistent unwanted visitors.

With the absence of MicroSD local storage option, Toucan offers Event Download wherein you can review the footage and download the recorded videos through the Cloud.

Basic accounts include video retention of two hours, while subscribed accounts have 30-day retention.

Downloaded HD videos can be saved on mobile devices and will be available indefinitely.

The Toucan is not compatible with the Amazon Cloud Cam App, but it has its own Kuna app.

It works with Alexa to enable voice control on the lighting and video and that’s all that matters.

The Verdict

Toucan’s entry into the Alexa Outdoor Security Camera market is for people who want extra tricks to go with their security camera just to spite the unwanted visitors.

Nest Outdoor Cam

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Nest Cam updated its app to turn its surveillance camera into an Alexa Outdoor Security Camera.

Compatibility with Amazon screen device allows voice recognition capability to display 1080p HD footage day and night.

Out of the Box

Nest takes the minimalist approach in its cup-like design with no protruding antennas or screws.

The magnetic swivel mount attaches to metal surfaces or steel rain gutters so they can be hidden from prying eyes.

It’s sturdy and durable enough to withstand harsh elements including rain, dust, and snow.

The camera comes with a standard wall plate and screw if a more permanent location is desired.

It’s so inconspicuous that it would not draw attention from intruders or unwanted guests.

Bells and Whistles

Nest’s video footage is streamed at 1080p full HD.

It covers a much larger area because of the camera’s 130-degree wide angle lens.

With eight infrared LED lights, night vision is as clear as day even in low-light conditions.

Intruders can run but they can’t hide even in complete darkness.

With Nest’s two-way audio and video communication system, you can interact with your guests without risk.

It’s a deterrent if the unwanted guest has sinister plans of a home invasion.

To keep entities away from your property, you can use Nest Aware to get a special alert when an actual person is detected and not just some ghostly entity.

You can save continuous video history on the cloud for 30 days, after which you can continue the service thorough paid subscription of $10 per month for 10 days of storage.  

The camera’s Sightline enables you to speed through hours of footage to find the exact moment the breach is committed in the timeline.

This nifty feature comes with Nest Aware subscription, but if you can’t afford one, you can still use it albeit for three hours only and only thumbnails are available and not the actual videos.

It’s still a great feature, nonetheless.

The Verdict

Nest’s Alexa Outdoor Security Camera is recommended for people who want to outwit intruders with a bevy of discreet security features packed in an inconspicuous all-seeing camera.

EZVIZ Outdoor

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EZVIZ CTQ3W outdoor security camera gets an upgrade with a smart home functionality.

With its compatibility with Amazon’s Echo Show, the entry-level camera becomes a legit Alexa Outdoor Security Camera.

With Alexa, the EZVIZ recognizes basic voice commands and displays the real-time feed on your smart devices.

Out of the Box

The EZVIZ remains true to the bullet-style concept but it’s more modern and compact—unlike the unsightly designs of its contemporaries in the same price point.

The gigantic eyeball design lives up to the “all-seeing” tag as long as it is within 300 feet from the powerful dual Wi-Fi antennas that stick out on each side.

When mounted to the wall or ceiling, it can be adjusted to the desired angle with its 360-degree swivel and base.

Bells and Whistles

Right off the bat, the weatherproof EZVIZ impresses with 720p resolution, which can be viewed in multiple platforms including desktops and mobile devices.

With its two lens options, you can zoom in with 4mm focal length or get a wider angle with the 2.8 mm lens.

Suspicious activities are not only detected, but are also reported to you through your mobile devices immediately and without delay.

However, the intelligent motion detection can be a little sensitive at times, especially when there are too many movements outdoors.

Fortunately, the motion detection sensitivity can be calibrated using the EZVIZ app.

This way, you won’t be notified when ghostly howling winds are detected.

If the 100 dB alert siren is not enough to scare off intruders, the built-in strobe light will.

Two-way talk is enabled and enhanced, so you can warn your unwanted guests in your best police voice.

These pre-emptive defences will make burglars and four-legged dumpster divers rethink their plans and run away.

Night vision is crisp and clear up to 98 feet.

With its anti-reflection panel, ICR infrared filters, and auto light detection, you can see images clearly even in the dimmest environment.

Storage is quite flexible with 7-day and 30-day EZVIZ cloud service or MicroSD card of up to 128GB.

The first month is free if you just want to test the water and don’t want to commit.

The Verdict

EZVIZ is the Alexa Outdoor Security Camera to get if you want some high-end features to go with non-HD 720p resolution at an entry-level price point.

Logitech Circle 2

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Logitech Circle 2 is a fully-loaded Alexa Outdoor Security Camera in the mid-range price level.

Voice control is enabled by combining with a screen Alexa device such as Echo Spot.

Out of the Box

Logitech knows the value of “less is more” in design concept.

With the Circle 2, the minimalist eyeball design works well in both indoor and outdoor settings.

It is built to blend in well with the surroundings and it camouflages as a lighting fixture in the front porches or driveways.

Bells and Whistles

Logitech Circle 2 proves that great things come in small packages.

This little device can cover more area in full 1080 HD because of its 180-degree ultra-wide angle lens.

Although night vision is limited to only 15 feet, it more than makes up for it with its crisp and clear feed.

Its smart motion detection allows you to see what’s going on at home through mobile app notifications.

It knows you’re busy so it sends quick snapshots in thumbnails so you can see potential problems even without opening the app.

The built-in speaker and microphone allow you to stop uninvited guests on their tracks by engaging them in a conversation or by giving them a fair warning.

The rechargeable battery knows how to conserve its energy by operating in low-power mode, going into action when it senses motion, and getting back to sleep when there’s peace and quiet—it pretty much mimics human lazy mode in this aspect.

You can store short footage in your own secure private cloud storage for 24 hours for free.

You can use the 10-day free trial to see if it’s a service you’re willing to pay for.

The extra feature that will get you sold on Logitech Circle 2 is the 30-second time lapse video that recaps the events of the day.

You don’t have to watch the entire day’s footage, which is akin to watching paint dry.

All the good stuff mentioned here are free, but if you want advanced features, be prepared to pay extra for person detection, additional storage, motion zones, and customized time-lapse recaps.

The Verdict

Logitech Circle 2 is for people who like to be extra when it comes to their Alexa Outdoor Security Camera and are willing to pay more for advanced security features.