Battery Powered Security Camera with Night Vision

In this day and age, crime and security concerns have skyrocketed.

We all want to increase the security of our house and home, and protect our families.

Modern security cameras allow us to monitor and re-watch footage from inside our homes to catch and deter intruders.

A very popular system out there are battery powered night vision security systems, but what are they?

What are Battery Powered Night Vision Cameras and How do They Work?

Like all modern security cameras, battery powered night vision cameras both record and broadcast live footage from inside your home.

But these cameras come with much more modern features.

With the ability to be set up anywhere with no power cord required, they are easily placed.

They are powered mainly by lithium-ion batteries, but some will adapt to solar panels or AA batteries.

Make sure to check each individual product to see if the lithium battery can be exchanged for other power sources.

And when set up they can record during both night time and day time thanks to night vision technology.

They switch between black and white footage at night to record using infrared light, and then full colour during the day when light is abundant.

This ability means that you can view what is happening inside your home at any time, and criminals won’t be able to hide even under the cover of darkness.

The night vision also allows for you to monitor pets during the night when you are out.

Or to make sure nothing has gone wrong inside your home.

This night vision on most of these cameras work with infrared lighting.

When motion is detected (or on some cameras without motion detection) infrared LED lights shine on the area and the camera captures the light in black and white to produce high-quality imaging.

This allows you to even be able to see letters and numbers in the darkness with the cameras.

Why Would You Want a Battery Powered Security Camera?

These cameras are perfect for a lot of people.

If you are security conscious and want to be able to monitor your home at night, the night vision is an important feature for you.

Those who also are away during the night might also want night vision to keep an eye on their homes.

With the battery powered ability, these don’t need to be wired into the walls, so installation is much quicker and simpler.

Also, a power cut won’t mean that your cameras all go down.

So if you want quick installation and live in an area with frequent power cuts, the battery system is a major bonus for you.

Pros and Cons of Battery Powered Night Vision Security Cameras

So what are the pros and cons of purchasing a security camera system that is battery powered and provides night vision?

Here is a comprehensive list of the pros and cons to consider before making your purchase.


Because these systems have no need for power cables, and their design is inconspicuous, they blend in everywhere.

You don’t want criminals to be able to easily spot your security cameras, so having wires and bulky systems is not helpful.

But with batteries this is not an issue.

Batteries also allow these cameras to be placed just about anywhere.

Even if you need a camera far from your nearest powerpoint.

The lithium-ion batteries last well and you won’t need to recharge them too often.

Another pro of these systems is the fact they come with alarm systems most of the time.

These alarms mean that if an intruder is noticed, the alarm will go off and you will get notified.

Different systems have different ways to do this, either via text, live video or email.


One of the main problems with wireless systems is the fact that the signal can be interrupted easily.

If the power goes down, the camera keeps filming, but the wifi router may drop.

Also, the signal could be hacked wirelessly with ease.

With wireless systems, you generally will only get four cameras able to all be supported.

So if you need more coverage, for a large complex or business, then wireless systems could fail to watch the entire area.

Batteries also need to be charged regularly, so if you forget to do so you will be in trouble.

It’s an extra chore to remember.

Main Features of Battery Powered Night Vision Security Cameras

So what are some of the main features of Battery Night Vision Cameras?

Here is a list of some of the features you will want to get in your system.

Most cameras of this system should have a resolution of between 720p and 1080p, anything less makes it hard to see the picture.

So you will want your system to display footage in at least 720p.

Along with the visual, you will want audio too.

This can allow you to hear things that might be missed on the camera.

Two-way audio is always the best choice and most systems will come with this feature.

Cameras that connect to wifi and allow you to monitor the footage from either an application on your tablet or smartphone or from the cloud are always best.

Most systems have some kind of remote monitoring capabilities in place.

Try to make sure you get a system that allows for this remote monitoring.

Most cameras should have a battery that lasts at least a few weeks.

You down want to be charging it every few days, so make sure to check that the batteries last.

Also look at how you will go about recharging.

Most systems don’t require you to take the camera down, but you simply need to insert a charger cord.

Arlo Pro

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Using 850 nm infrared LEDs, the Arlo Pro will provide you with night vision up to 25 feet with a crystal clear black and white image.

Also, its IR cut out filter allows the camera to switch seamlessly between black and white and color.

Powered by a built in lithium-ion battery which will provide

Well there can be no real surprise on the price because the Arlo Pro is one of the more expensive security cameras on the market.

But, with such a wide range of powerful (and much loved features from a premium brand, would you expect anything else?

The Arlo Pro is one of the most highly rated security cameras on the market and it has continued to be very popular over a number of years now.

Owners love this camera.

There are just so many features that get rave reviews.

These include the fact that the camera is battery powered and that the life of the battery is very good.

Other popular features are that the set up is very easy and that the audio in most circumstances is very clear.

But, there were a tiny amount of  complaints.

One of the most common is the fact that the day time image can seem a little “watery” and faint.

The Arlo Pro is a unique looking security camera because it doesn’t have any wires attached to it.

It is the same shape as the video recorders of old.

And another fairly unique feature about these cameras is that they have to be linked to a base station, which look just like a Wi-Fi router.

Motion Detection Motion Zones, adjustable sensitivity, push and email alerts.

Power: Rechargeable Battery

Audio: 2 Way

Night Vision: 8m | 25 ft

Field of Vision: 130°

Resolution: 720p 

Storage: 7 days free

Digital Assistant: Alexa | Google | Fire TV

Siren: Yes

The strongest feature of the Arlo Pro has to be that is battery powered and wire free.

This makes it perfect for people who don’t want the hassle of installing a camera and wiring together and perhaps will want to move the location of their cameras.

Or perhaps you are looking for a system that includes a very loud alarm?

Reolink Argus 2

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Equipped as it is with a Starlight sensor, the night vision on the Argus Pro 2 offers clear images up to a range of 33 feet or 11 metres.

And looking at some of the reviews, the performance of the night vision is incredible.

People are blown away by its clarity.

This camera is priced very competitively.

You get lots of features that you tend to find only on premium cameras, included in a powerful and reliable camera at an amazing price.

Although this camera is not one of the top rated security cameras, it is still rated highly.

Apart from the great night vision which was mentioned earlier, owners love how easy this camera is to set up, the app is very easy to use and the sound quality is terrific.

The Argus 2 is another black and white security camera with is shaped like an old fashioned microphone with a very large “head”.

Motion Detection Motion Zones, adjustable sensitivity, push and email alerts.

Power: Rechargeable Battery | Solar Panel

Audio: 2 Way

Night Vision: 12m | 36 ft

Field of Vision: 130°

Resolution: 1080p  

Storage: 64GB micro SD

Digital Assistant: None

Siren: Yes

This camera will suit a budget conscious individual who really wants the flexibility of having a battery operated outside camera.

And if you really want to push the boat out and stay wire free, then these cameras can also be charged via a solar panel.

Ring Spotlight Cam

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The Ring Spotlight Cam offers both black and white or color night vision. The color night vision is enabled when the built in LED light strips are motion activated.

The fact that it offers both black and white and color night vision makes this camera unique in my comparison.

And people who have bought this camera think that overall the night vision is great.

Most people are really impressed with its quality.

These are some of the most expensive smart security cameras on the market.

And I think that users would really like to be more impressed than they really are.

There are other cameras on the market which are more highly rated.

Some of the most highly rated features of these cameras are the fact that Ring’s customer service is fast and helpful.

And owners who have bought a solar panel are very impressed with it.

And that compared with other camera companies, Rings $3 monthly subscription is very reasonable.

This camera looks smart- as if it means business.

It is a cube shaped with an LED light strip on either side of its face.

And at the bottom is a partially concealed ball that detects motion.

Motion Detection Motion Zones, adjustable sensitivity, push alerts.

Power: Rechargeable Battery | Solar Panel

Audio: 2 Way

Night Vision: Not specified

Field of Vision: 140°

Resolution: 1080p  

Storage: $3 per month

Digital Assistant: Alexa

Siren: Yes

These are expensive cameras and you are paying for a premium brand.

I think this camera would suit someone who has other Ring products and who trusts the brand and is willing to pay more.


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With a range of about 8 metres or 25 feet, this camera promises to offer very good image quality even in low light or pitch black conditions.

And buyers are impressed with how the night vision works in practice.

Unusually for a battery powered security camera, it doesn’t use a built in lithium ion battery.

Instead it uses x2 18650 batteries, which are being used instead of built in lithium ion batteries in many devices.

The batteries have very similar capabilities as built in batteries.

This battery powered security camera is priced somewhere in the middle when you look at some of its rivals.

This Wansview camera is a very new product and so it is hard to make too many firm conclusions.

As things stand, it is very, very highly rated with its owners.

Some of the most talked about features are the strength of the batteries and that they seem to last forever and how well the base station connects to the camera no matter how far apart they are.

This camera looks a little bit like the Reolink Argus because it has the same basic shape but whereas the Argus is wall mounted, the Wansview sits in a stand built to be used on horizontal surfaces.

Motion Detection Push alerts | 9 ft range | Video clips stored on micro SD card | Motion Zones (not specified.)

Power: Rechargeable Battery (Not supplied) | Power Lead

Audio: 2 Way

Night Vision: 8m | 25 feet

Field of Vision: 110°

Resolution: 1080p  

Storage: 64GB Micro SD

Digital Assistant: No

Siren: No

Logitech Circle

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The Circle has night vision but I cannot find any specifications for it such as what its range is and whether it uses infrared or not, which is a bit disappointing.

Regardless, the people who have bought and own these cameras think that the night vision is great with very clear images

This camera has a similar price to the Wansview.

Overall, this is one of the lowest rated cameras in my comparison.

Although this camera more than any other in my review has divided its ownership, it seems to be a real hit with dog and cat owners who want to keep an eye on their pets whilst at work and as a baby monitor.

Apart from the impressive night vision, people are impressed with the battery life.

Aspects of this Logitech camera which aren’t as good, include the fact that many advanced features of this camera can only be unlocked by paying a monthly subscription.

This camera has a very unique look as it is essential a flat ball shape, which is very attractive.

It can be mounted on a wall or sat in a stand on a horizontal surface.

Dimensions: Not Specified

Motion Detection Push alerts | 9 ft range | Video clips stored on micro SD card | Motion Zones (not specified.)

Power: Rechargeable Battery | Power Lead

Audio: 2 Way

Night Vision: Not Specified.

Field of Vision: 135°

Resolution: 1080p 

Storage: Cloud 24 hours free

Digital Assistant: Alexa

Siren: No

Blink XT

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The Blink XT provides night vision with a range of about 20 ft (6m.)

Only the XT has night vision, the original Blink doesn’t: so don’t get confused.

It uses an infrared sensor and a white led light to provide you with full color images day and night.

Battery wise the Blink XT is powered by x2 AA batteries, which will last for well over 600 minutes or 11 hours of camera activity, which is typically about 2 years.

Price- wise these cameras are pretty expensive

This is a camera that has sold very well which perhaps is not that surprising considering that the company is owned by Amazon.

And most buyers are very happy with it although it is not as well regarded as the Nest Outdoor camera.

Owners of these cameras love the picture quality and how easy they are to set up. Obviously the fact that they are wire free gives people lots of flexibility about where they can position these cameras.

One complaint seems to be that these cameras connect to a base station and some people found that the connection was faulty if the cameras were moved too far from the base station.

The XT is a stylish and small black box with rounded edges and a motion sensor and a camera lens on the front.

Dimensions: [H] 71 mm [W] 71mm [D] 34mm

Motion Detection Push alerts | 20 ft range | Video clips | Motion Zones

Power: x2 AA batteries | Micro USB power

Audio: 1 Way

Field of Vision: 110°

Resolution: 1080p 

Storage: Free cloud storage of up to 2 hours

Digital Assistant: Alexa

Siren: No

The Blink XT is a great security camera for those people who don’t want to pay a monthly subscription fee and only want short snippets of video clips.