Best Hidden Camera Outlet: 6 Secret Cameras to Electrify Your Spying

In this day and age, hidden cameras are becoming a more and more sought after piece of tech.

Gone are the days of bulky CCTV systems.

No, we don’t want that any more.

They give themselves away and are easy for criminals to break or avoid.

What we need is stealth.

Let’s have a look at why an Electrical Outlet Hidden Camera might just be the perfect system for you.

What is a Hidden Camera Outlet?

Let’s start off with the main question.

What are these things?

Really they all are your simple spy camera, but placed inside a power outlet.

Or at least, what looks like an innocent power outlet.

Depending on the model you get, these outlets might even be functional!

A great disguise and easy to place just about anywhere.

A great way to spy on criminals or anyone or thing you want to.

Why Do You Want One?

So why would you want one?

Besides the fact that these things are great to show off to your friends.

Well we already know why you need a spy camera.

But lets cover this quickly.

For security, a spy camera beats an obvious camera almost every time.

You down want the criminal knowing where the cameras are! Then they will just avoid them or disable them.

For your own security, a spy camera is optimal.

But why a power outlet spy camera?

In what cases are these better than other types of spy camera?

Power outlets blend in well anywhere indoors, on any wall.

So if you need to place a camera in a room empty of other opportunities, these work great.

Another advantage is that these cameras can be placed low down.

This gives you a worms eye view of your covered area.

Depending on what you are looking for, this could be optimal.

For children and pets this is best to keep an eye on them at all times.

And depending on the model you get, you can watch your tablet or laptop while it charges.

These are some of your most valuable items.

The ones you want to keep and eye on.

If you want to watch these while charging, the power outlet spy camera is the one for you!

Pros and Cons

Let’s have a look at the advantages and disadvantages of these cameras.

Having a balanced view is crucial to picking the right spy camera for you.


• Easy Installation

• Blends in well Indoors

• Inconspicuous

• Multipurpose (Power outlet and camera)• Durable


• Not good outdoors

• Can’t be placed high up

Features You Want Included

Okay, so the spy camera power outlet is the spy camera for you.

What do you want in your power outlet camera?

What are the common features you will get in most packages?

Let’s have a brief look at these features and why you will want them.

1080p is the minimum resolution of your camera.

You won’t find a spy camera that records in less.

And if you do find one that can only record in something lower than 1080p: don’t buy it! You will need this resolution to see everything clearly.

The ability to be used as a power outlet is available in some cameras.

But not all.

Depending how you want to use the camera you will be able to choose to buy either an outlet that is operation as an outlet or not.

But this will depend on your personal preference.

Mini Nani Cam by BSTCAM

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The Mini Nani Cam by BSTCAM is a wonderful spy camera with a multitude of neat features and benefits.

The camera hides in plain sight as a fake electricity outlet!

This camera is on the cheaper end of the spectrum.

Making this a great way to monitor your home on a budget.

Though remember this is not a functioning outlet! This is purely artificial to operate as a spy camera.

Spy Rating: 8/10

As far as a spy camera goes this system will be rated 8/10.

It has about five (5) hours of recording time.

But this footage must be accessed manually with a USB cable to your computer.

The motion sensor means that the camera can run longer, only filming when necessary.

Once full the camera will loop record, that is, film over useless data to save space.

The device is completely battery powered.

On standby the camera will run for 15 days before needing a charge.

That gives you over two weeks before having to worry about the camera again.

Speciality – Easy Mount

This spy camera excels as an easy and quick to mount system.

No need to drill holes or cut into the wall.

It will stick on with some blue tack or double sided tape!

The whole system can be easily moved to better positions, and placed sneakily.

Chances are you’ll feel like a spy placing this spy camera! With a quick flick of the wrist your camera is on the wall as an innocent power outlet.

Pros and Cons


  • Quick Installation
  • Non-invasive
  • 1080p recording
  • 15 day standby battery operation
  • Motion sensor


  • Not streamable
  • No wifi upload
  • Must deactivate to review footage
  • Not operational as power outlet


Overall a great and stealthy spy camera system.

Easy installation is great for those who need to place the camera quickly and quietly.

It comes with all the necessary features for a great gadget.

You will not regret purchasing this camera.

Even impress your friends with this spy gadget.

You’ll love it!

Minigadgets BB Wifi Wall Outlet

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Mini gadgets has produced an amazing wall outlet hidden spy camera.

Once again, please remember that this model does not have a functioning outlet feature!

This model is different from other similar spy systems.

It is made to be placed directly into your wall and is hard wired.

Spy Rating: 8/10

This device gets an spy rating of 8/10.

Though it is hard wired to power, it requires some invasive installation in your wall.

Armed with a motion sensor this camera records straight onto a SD card.

A 16 gigabyte SD card is provided, and will allow for a large amount of recorded video.

The video is then filmed over, once storage is out of space.

This camera, though, truly excels in the fact it is near impossible to detect.

Because the outlet is built into your wall, no one will ever even think it could be a camera.

Speciality – Wired Power

Because the Minigadgets BB Wifi Wall outlet is hardwired to power, you will never need to recharge batteries.

This will mean you can leave it long term with no hassle.

No need to keep worrying about your spy cam.

Only access it when you need to review footage.

Pros and Cons


  • Hardwired power for long term use
  • 16 gig SD card
  • Motion Sensor


  • Permanent installation, not easily moved
  • Not operational as power outlet


A nice and simple spy camera which will pass easily to the untrained eye as a power outlet.

Great for anyone who wants to place it somewhere permanently and record over long periods of time.

No hassles with recharging! Reliable system, good for personal home use.

SCS Enterprises WF-113 Wireless Spy Camera

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This spy camera system is far beyond many others.

Not only does it have a wide angle of view but it is also wireless.

And this camera does work as a functioning power outlet!

Spy Rating: 9/10

This camera by SCS Enterprises gets a 9/10 spy rating.

This is mainly because it acts as a functioning power outlet.

No one will ever guess it is a camera.

It even works as a power outlet! There is no for anyone but the installer to know its true capabilities.

True spy style!

This system also allows for wifi live streaming and video playback.

Using the mobile app, you will be able to monitor the spy camera anytime of the day.

And with a wide angle of view you count miss anything.

This spy cam even allows for low light operation thanks to its LED light! This is truly a wonderful spy camera with all the best features.

Speciality – Wifi Connection

This camera allows for 24/7 live streaming of footage to your mobile device.

This can also be done using your lixzvie app.

The footage can also be viewed from your PC.

The system comes with specialised software just for this purpose.

However, these cameras are also compatible with third party software such as Blue Iris or ISPY Connect.

This allows for flexibility when choosing how you want to view your camera footage.

Additional Features

SCS Enterprises are wonderfully flexible and willingly will customise your camera to suit your needs.

A infrared sensitive lens can be implanted for those who want night vision.

And the angle of the camera can be pre-adjusted to suit your positioning upon request.

The camera used in the WF-113 Wireless Spy Camera is specially designed for high quality performance.

It covers a wide angle thanks to a larger lens size.

The lens size also is made specially to work well in low light.

This is thanks to SCS Enterprises not cutting any corners!

Their lens’ are not made out of plastic like many spy cameras, but are made with glass and high quality materials.


Truly a great spy camera, top of the range.

Though a bit more costly than some cameras, its quality is up there with the best.

A great option if you want a very high quality spy camera, and need to view a large area.

Allowing remote access via wifi signal, this camera is perfect if you are away from home and need to view its footage.

CAMAKT Wall Charger Spy Camera

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The CAMAKT Wall Charger Spy Camera is a good system that can plug into existing wall outlets.

It allows for both use as a power outlet, and as a spy camera.

This means that if you need to charge your phone, this device will come in handy.

But if you want to monitor an area with a spy camera, this system will work just as well!

Spy Rating: 8/10

This system gets a 8/10 spy rating.

It has the amazing ability to record footage and be used as a power outlet.

However, it is not as subtle as other systems and the camera is not as well hidden.

To a quick glance it is nothing but a power outlet, however someone with a better eye might not be fooled.

This system does well in its quick installation and cheap cost.

Which makes it great for quick and temporary use.

Speciality – Motion Detection

The CAMAKT spy camera system prides itself on its motion detection abilities.

And rightfully so!

The camera has an inbuilt motion sensor that will mean only important events are recorded.

Loop recording also means that unnecessary old footage is written over.

This footage is stored on a SD card inside the system.

Using any computer you will be able to download and review the footage in full 1080p HD.

Pros and Cons


  • Motion Sensor
  • Power Outlet Capabilities
  • Easy Instal


  • Small angle of view
  • Low frame rate
  • Not as secret or subtle


A great cheap option that works as a spy camera and as a power outlet.

Great for anyone who wants the luxury of a multipurpose system.

Though some the angle of view and frame rate are low, it is easy to use and install and still records in 1080p.

YAOAWE’s Mini Hidden Camera System

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YAOAWE’s spy camera power outlet is very different to the other systems out there.

The entire design is focussed more on the design of the power outlet as operational.

The camera is of high quality.

Everything works brilliantly in a wonderful marriage of power outlet and spy camera.

Spy Rating: 9/10

This system definitely gets a 9/10 rating.

With its amazing portability and use as a functioning power outlet, it can be placed anywhere.


No one will blink an eye as you place your spy camera onto your conference room table, assuming it simply to charge your phone.

Brilliant design and well thought out, one of my personal favourites!

With a reliable motion detector, the camera can be set to film only when something is moving.

This means you can leave your “portable charger” out anywhere and await movement to catch a thief, your pet cat, or your toddler live on camera.

Everything can also be accessed wirelessly.

Including not only footage but also alarm notifications.

Wonderful spy camera technology!

Speciality – Power Outlet Abilities

Though YAOAWE’s system has many amazing features, it’s ability to operate as a power outlet is very unique.

Though other systems can do this as a secondary feature, YAOAWE has made sure that the charging abilities match the spy camera quality.

The system has 8 AC sockets and can charge multiple devices at once.

The system also has an overload protector to stop damage from power overload.

And it is built from fire proof materials to give you peace of mind.

They really went the extra mile with this camera and power outlet design!

Additional Features

This system at such a cheap cost comes with so many great features.

Its ability to hold up to a 64GB SD card means extra space for video storage.

And with adjustable resolution (1080p, 720p, 640p) you can choose if you want high resolution or more space.

It will adjust to whatever your needs are.

The camera also has 140 degree wide angle lens.

This increases the area recorded.

An extra benefit that will allow you to capture even more with this system.

Everything that is recorded is streamable from the systems mobile app.

And from that same app you are able to make changes to the settings remotely.

This includes turning on and off the night vision provided via infrared LED lights.


A great system suitable for anyone that needs both a charging station and/or a spy camera.

Works great as a portable device and is extremely subtle!

Great for most uses, including child and pet monitoring, meeting recording or security.

MAGENDARA Outlet PIR Spy Camera

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This system is an other great and simple spy camera hidden as a power outlet.

Though this one does not function as a power outlet!

Spy Rating: 9/10

This system gets an 9/10 spy rating for its great PIR infrared system.

Though this sensor is quite large and could give away the camera.

But it is most likely going to be overlooked by almost all passers by.

The camera has also a great angle of view.

This will increase the likelihood that you will spot any intruder or movement.

Speciality – PIR Infrared Sensor System

Wait, what is PIR Infrared?

Most motion detectors work off movement and changes in the image.

This can lead to a lot of false alarms!

However, PIR detects infrared radiation level changes, this is limited to people and animals.

This means you will only get an alarm when a person or animal is in the cameras view.

Now isn’t that so much better!

Additional Features

Seven days of battery life! Now that sounds awesome.

When switched to PIR mode you wont need to recharge this system for an entire week.

No worries about if its run out of juice or not.

Easy to setup and forget about until needed.


A great, and cheap, system that operates uniquely with its PIR motion sensor.

Wonderful for almost all indoor use, and great if you want to leave it for many days at a time.