Best Hidden Outdoor Security Camera

What is a hidden security camera?

A hidden security camera is used for monitoring people and properties, keeping tabs of kids and their nannies, catching a cheating spouse, confirming a suspicion, or simply recording events covertly.

Size and Design

Since hidden outdoor security cameras are used in clandestine operations, the size and design matter.

Generally, hidden cameras are so small that they are no bigger than your thumb.

But nowadays, they come in different shapes and sizes that anything can be a hidden camera.

The cameras can be worn or attached to a piece of clothing and no one will suspect a thing.

Others can be mounted to a wall or stuck to any surface.

Some hidden cameras are incorporated into other fixtures like doorbells, porch lights, smoke detectors, and electrical outlets.

Other cameras are designed to look like everyday objects like a tissue box, clock radio, shampoo bottle, sneakers, and USB flash drive.

Manufacturers have found ways to create cleverly disguised tiny cameras that come with advanced security features including motion detection, night vision, alerts, and remote access, among other nifty things.

Pros & Cons

Hidden outdoor security camera is one of the wonders of modern technology because it fulfills a need.

However, just like any technology, security cameras come with risks and drawbacks.

If you are having doubts about using them, you can weigh the pros and cons and come up with an informed decision.


  • It allows you to monitor events discreetly in order to detect suspicious people or activities so you can act accordingly.
  • It helps in gathering evidence when you’re dealing with a legal case.
  • It may enable you to find the missing pieces of a puzzle and get an accurate account of the events.
  • It gives you the opportunity to confirm or refute suspicions about theft, cheating, or bad behavior.
  • It allows you to maintain records when your memory fails you.


  • Privacy issues can turn ugly when people find out they are being watched without their consent.
  • This is particularly a concern among employees, caregivers, and nannies.
  • Security cameras can be vulnerable and may be used against you.
  • Hackers and tech-savvy criminals are also watching their targets, so they will find a way to crack security codes and go undetected.
  • Security cameras can record events for later viewing, but they cannot stop a crime in progress.

Top Features

Full HD

Securitycameras with a higher resolution provide crystal clear images and footage, which helps in identifying important details like intruder’s face or license plate numbers.

Wide Angle Lens

This allows greater coverage of the area so there is little to no blind spot.

Night Vision

Bad elements operate in the dead of night in pitch-black darkness.

With night vision, their every move can be detected even in low-light conditions.

Motion Detection/Human Detection

Intelligent hidden cameras can now distinguish general movements from human movements.

Movements from real people will trigger the device to start recording.

This prevents instances of false alarm.

Alarm and Alert Notification

A security system does not end after detecting an intruder.

It should alert the owners so that they can respond and take action swiftly.

It can be through a loud alarm or a notification sent through the app or email.


Outdoor cameras are exposed to various elements.

Cameras with high IP ratings are protected from dust, water jets, and immersion.

PNZEO W3(Practical Version) Mini Hidden Cameras

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The PNZEO W3 takes the outdoor hidden security cameras competition to Lilliputian magnitude.

Its tiny body is loaded with security features which make surveillance work extra stealthy.

Out of the Box

With just 1.02 inch in width and 0.55 inch in height, this lightweight hidden camera is just as big as your thumb.

If someone were to accidentally see it, it would look like a tiny lens that came off a camera.

No one will suspect that it’s the full camera in action.

Even with its tiny black frame, it can still accommodate a 128GB micro SD memory card—because storage is life.

It comes with a multi-functional holder so it can be placed anywhere conveniently and discreetly.

Main Features

PNZEO managed to cram a boatload of nifty security features in a tiny camera and still can get it to work seamlessly with its mobile phone app.

All the monitoring is done through a smartphone or any mobile device that can use the app, such as a tablet.

It can be connected to a 2.4 GHz wireless network so that live monitoring can be done remotely.

With 1080P HD resolution, the image and footage are clear and crisp—even the tiniest details are captured.

It has recording capabilities so you can record footage as they happen and capture a specific time frame.

With a spy camera this size, the 140-degree wide view angle is heaven-sent.

It allows the tiny camera to cover a lot of ground because of the wider area coverage.

Motion detection comes with alert technology which sends timely alert notifications to your mobile phone.

The intelligent system includes a screen capture of the scene at the time of detection, so you’ll immediately get a picture of what had transpired and you can take action accordingly.

Storage is quite limited at 128GB via a local micro SD memory card, but it’s not so bad because it’s still equivalent to 4 months of video files.

Besides, it can automatically loop without the need for manual deletion.

The Verdict

PNZEO W3 is perfect for users who want their outdoor hidden security cameras to do efficient surveillance work as discreetly as possible and with the convenience of remote monitoring.

Jayol 1080P Spy Hidden Camera

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Jayol upgrades its spy gadget to compete in the realm of outdoor hidden security cameras. With new features added to its tiny box, the spy game is strong with this one.

Out of the Box

Jayol’s super mini size spy hidden camera is packed in a tiny box just a tad bigger than a quarter. If not for its minimalistic design, it can easily be mistaken for a fidget cube minus the mini contraptions. It comes with a bike bracket for outdoor use and a magnetic suction and 3M stickers for indoor use. It’s tiny enough to go unnoticed, but a little too sleek to be inconspicuous.

Main Features

The spy cam’s 1080P resolution displays clear images and video footage. With the app, the footage can be live-streamed from anywhere in the world as long as there is Wi-Fi or cellular service. The 24/7 loop recording makes remote surveillance more convenient.

Night vision and motion detection are the two upgrades for the Jayol’s spy hidden camera. The eight invisible lamp beads activate in low-light or pitch-black environments so everything can be captured at any time of the day. The 140-degree wide angle covers a lot of ground while the camera remains hidden without lights flickering or alerts sounding. Intruders or unwanted guests would not suspect that they are being watched and recorded because the cam is just invisible especially in the dark.

Motion detection is upgraded to include alert notifications to your mobile phone when the cam detects moving objects. The downside to this is that it is susceptible to false alarms because of the sensitivity settings.

Storage space is limited as it can only support a maximum of 64GB microSD card. This works for limited outdoor use during bike rides or road trips.

The Verdict

While Jayol is one of the outdoor hidden security cameras also geared for indoor use, its features shine when used outdoors during bike rides or road trips.   

Lilexo Mini Hidden Spy Camera

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Lilexo strengthens its presence with its new line of outdoor hidden security cameras.

Its mini hidden spy camera doubles as a miniature action cam at a budget-friendly price point.

Out of the Box

Lilexo’s versatile spy camera is a black tiny cube less than an inch in dimension.

It’s perfectly portable and inconspicuous with its removable protective lens cover.

It comes with a bracket, a wall mount, a universal clip, and a magnetic back, so you can use the cam according to your purpose.

The plastic casing feels sturdy to the touch and it’s durable enough to withstand the elements.

Main Features

Lilexo’s 1080P full HD camera delivers clear and crisp video footage.

The four infrared lights enhance night vision in low-light conditions.

While this spy camera is packed with security features, it truly shines for its motion detection.

It is only activated when movement is detected.

This is a big plus because the cam can only hold 32GB of storage space via the microSD card.

The 120-degree wide angle lens cover more area for more effective surveillance work.

But what sets the Lilexo camera apart from the other cameras in its class is that it doubles as an action camera.

This means that you can wear and record while you go extreme biking or off-roading.

It has an anti-shake technology that stabilizes the camera even in really shaky moments.

Dead batteries are a thing of the past with the Lilexo because it can still record clear videos while charging simultaneously.

It’s perfect for traveling or if you’re on covert operations.

For indoor use, it’s effective as a nanny cam or baby monitor.

The Verdict

Lilexo is the outdoor hidden security camera for outdoorsy individuals who want a spy cam that also works as an action camera.

Jot Mini Surveillance Camera

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Jot’s shiny cube camera is its latest entry in the outdoor hidden security cameras category.

It’s a multi-functional camera that’s so versatile that it can very well be the only security tool you’ll ever need if you’re on a tight budget.

Out of the Box

The cube has a fully polished outer shell that gives a sleek modern look.

It has no visible wires and it comes with a multi-purpose clip and stand so you can use it any way you want it.

When it is attached to the mini stand, the cam can swivel and rotate 360 degrees.

Main Features

While other hidden cameras are specializing in one specific function, Jot is covering all grounds.

This tiny and inconspicuous camera is designed to serve various functions.

It can be used as a body cam, dash cam, nanny cam, spy cam, or a cop cam.

It surely has high marks when it comes to versatility.

The device can display video footage and record in full 1080p HD, which makes surveillance much more accurate and less of a guesswork.

Its built-in motion sensor is highly intelligent as it activates the camera when motion is detected.

This works in tandem with the 6 infrared LED night vision, giving it clear and crisp images even in pitch-dark darkness.

Storage space is limited to 32GB, which may not be enough for 24/7 continuous recording.

However, if motion detection is activated, the camera will only record and store specific footage, which allows you to save precious storage space.

When used as a pinhole camera, you can store tons of still images and have a few more left for some videos.

Battery life is good for up to 2 hours of continuous recording in one charge.

It’s good enough for outdoor use while walking or driving a car, but not for uninterrupted surveillance work.

The Verdict

Jot is the outdoor hidden security camera for those who want only one surveillance device that does the job of six cameras at a fraction of the cost.

Sengled LED Flood Light with Security Camera, Smart Bulb Built in a Full Hidden HD 1080p

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Among the outdoor hidden security cameras in the market, the Sengled Snap LED Flood Light security camera is the most unlikely spy cam device.

It camouflages as a lighting fixture and intruders wouldn’t know any better.

Out of the Box

Sengled’s spy tool is a wireless LED Flood Light that fits any standard light socket.

It’s made of a sturdy and durable casing that can withstand any weather condition, which makes it a robust outdoor surveillance camera.

Main Features

Sengled’s smart bulb is a motion-activated wireless camera that can stream and record in 1080P high definition.

Using the Sengled mobile phone app, you can control not only the lights, but also the security features.

You can set a schedule when you want the device to turn on and off for everyday use.

And all this can be done remotely using the app.

Motion detection gets a little smarter because it detects actual human movements, so when it notifies you via your smartphone, you’ll know that someone (and not something) is lurking in your property.

What’s more, you can customize motion zones so that you can focus on areas where intruders are most likely to show themselves up.

This prevents false alarms and notification spamming.

The security camera has built-in two-way communication so you can scare your unwanted visitor or interact with the postman without having to leave your bed.

Storage space for 24/7 continuous recording is not a problem because everything is stored in the cloud.

However, the trial period only lasts 30 days, after which you have to subscribe to a plan if you want to maintain a longer storage option.

The free plan can only save videos for 24 hours.

The Snap is a security camera first, flood light second.

This means that some of the security features are linked to your subscription plan.

It is advisable that you download and save video footage before the 30-day trial expires if you are not keen on paying for a monthly subscription.

If it’s any consolation, live-streaming is free.

The Verdict

Sengled’s Snap outdoor hidden security camera is for the security-conscious household or business that wants a 24/7 surveillance system but want to keep it on the down-low.

SENS8 Outdoor Camera with 1080p

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The SENS8 Light Cam is one of the few outdoor hidden security cameras that’s compatible with Alexa.

It has all the bells and whistles of a high-end spy cam at a mid-range price point.

Out of the Box

SENS8 looks a little awkward for an outdoor light and it can attract attention because it sticks out like a sore thumb.

It may look like an electric shaver but it’s the perfect decoy—no one will suspect that it’s really an outdoor security system.

Its flimsy look belies its IP66 rating, which is really just a fancy way to say that it’s durable and sturdy enough to withstand rugged weather conditions.

Main Features

SENS8 wants you to think that it’s a porch LED light, but it’s actually an outdoor camera loaded with advanced security features.

Videos are streamed and recorded in 1080P HD, which amplifies its night vision feature that is capable of seeding 30 ft into the pitch-black darkness.

The LED light is motion triggered and has adjustable brightness level.

 You can set it to dusk to dawn lighting or you can opt for manual settings.

Motion detection is a little smarter because you can customize the trigger sensitivity.

This will reduce false alarms significantly because it can be set to ignore rustling leaves, pesky pets, and passing cars.

When triggered, the LED light turns on automatically and the loud 95 dB siren alarm can deter potential intruders.

Compatibility with Alexa allows voice-activated commands which makes monitoring quick and convenient.

Moreover, two-way communication is possible.

You can talk to the guests to let them in or deter the suspicious ones by giving them a stern warning.

The 140-degree wide angle view makes the SENS8 an all-seeing camera.

Video storage is not a problem because you can auto-upload the videos to Dropbox and Google Drive.

It does not require a subscription plan for unlimited storage space.

The Verdict

SEBS8 Light Cam is the outdoor hidden security camera that will appeal to households and businesses that want solid security features with a little bit of Alexa service on the side.

Maximus Security Light

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Kuna’s Maximus is one of those outdoor hidden security cameras that mixes stylish design and functionality.

With Alexa compatibility, it broadens its appeal to the voice-activated gadget freaks.

Out of the Box

Maximus conjures up images of ancient Roman lighting contraption, but in reality, it’s a stylish outdoor light that resembles a mini lamp.

The design is something that you might find in IKEA or some outdoor art installation.

It comes with no ugly wires and there’s no need to change batteries, which really add to its contemporary appeal.

Main Features

The Maximus light and video camera is part of the Kuna smart home security system.

This means that it has advanced security features that are integrated into the overall home automation system.

With its compatibility with Amazon’s Alexa, voice-activated commands work seamlessly with the Kuna system.

Live-streaming and recording are at full HD.

It does not support night vision but it uses the installed light for night viewing.

It has decent night footage and it’s only as bright as what the light can give at a limited 720 wide angle.

The light can also be can be adjusted remotely so you can have different brightness levels during different times of the day.

Two-way intercom is possible and remote monitoring can be done using the Kuna app.

As long as the Wi-Fi connection is stable, there is no interruption in the feed.

When someone or something is detected, the loud 100dB alarm will sound off.

You can view the live feed from the app and you can respond accordingly: play a pre-recorded message; interact with whoever is on the other end; or call 9-1-1.

Even if you are not viewing the live-stream, you will be updated with real-time notification.

Kuna is proactive and starts to record 10 seconds before an event is triggered.

So, you’ll know what transpired before, during, and after the event—you get the whole story.

Access to the video and download of events for two hours are free for 30 days, after which you can opt for a monthly cloud subscription.

If you intend a 24/7 surveillance, more storage space is necessary.

The Verdict

The Maximus Security Light is Kuna’s foray into the realm of outdoor hidden security cameras and geared towards people who are willing to pay premium price for a complete home monitoring.

FHDCAM Trail Camera 1080P FHD

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FHDCAM Trail Camera beats other outdoor hidden security cameras in form and camouflage factor.

Designed for wildlife game hunting, this camera is the tank of the outdoor camera world.

Out of the Box

This trail camera’s camouflage design shows that it means business.

With an IP65 rating, it can withstand the harsh elements outdoors.

It comes with a mounting belt for installation in the jungle, and a wall mount for installation outside the home.

The sturdy housing ensures that the camera will keep recording even under extreme weather conditions.

Main Features

The FHDCAM Trail Camera is the ultimate hunting camera with its three infrared sensors that accurately catch wildlife movements and moments.

The central passive infrared (PIR) sensor registers at 0.4 seconds and side PIR makes the trigger time at a dizzying 0.2 seconds.

This means that every movement detected by the camera will be recorded in real time in full 1080p HD.

What’s more, the 42 IR LEDs don’t glow so it won’t scare off the animals.

You will always have footage of wildlife and they won’t even know they are being watched.

FHDCAM upgraded the night vision function so it now gives clearer and sharper footage even in low light conditions.

This is particularly helpful when you want to capture movements of nocturnal animals while in the wild or nocturnal burglars when at home.

The 120-degree wide angle lens expands the monitoring scope so more movements are tracked and recorded.

The HD video also enables sound recording so watching the footage is a whole audio-visual experience.

Other functions include timer, replay, photo stamp, shot log, and hybrid mode.

Since the trail camera is largely used outdoors where Wi-Fi connection may be questionable, it can only support microSD memory card.

The Verdict

FHDCAM Trail Camera is a robust outdoor hidden security camera geared towards hunters, wildlife protectors, and farm owners.