Best Robot Vacuum and Mop


You’ve heard about robot vacuums and you’ve seen some funny videos on YouTube with cats sitting on these futuristic-looking moving things called Roombas.

Still, you’re not quite sure what they are and what the fuss is about.

Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

A robot vacuum is meant to clean your floors, unsupervised, while you’re doing other stuff.

Cool, hey? In this article, we’ll specifically focus on robot vacuums with mops.

In short, these cool cats mop your hard floors (think tiles, hardwood, concrete or similar), all automated and (usually) without your input.

Most models are able to do dry sweeping as well.

Some can do the sweeping and mopping in a single pass, while others need some adjustments to the settings or cleaning attachments.

Pretty nifty.

Is it better than a manual mop? That depends on the model, the mess and your floors.

Good models can do spot mode, where the robot would zoom in on a dirty patch (automatically or when you tell it to) and scrub until it’s clean.

Some models even have vibrating cleaning heads, giving a really good scrub.

If your floors are uneven, you probably won’t get a great clean.

With a manual mop, you drag a bucket of water along to help with the cleaning.

The robot mop drags its own bucket around.

When the going gets tough, it can definitely “kick the bucket”, spilling water all over your floor.

Unless, of course, you bought a super deluxe model with a spill-proof bin.
Some robot mops are like little puppies.

If they get too excited, they make a puddle on your floor.

Some will leak, leaving a wet patch behind.

It’s best to use these home cleaning minions on smooth, hard floors with few or no carpets.

Seriously, they’re not meant to wash your carpets.

Sorry, Aladdin!

Ideal Buyers

As you rush to get the kids in the car so you can drop them off on your way to work, you spot that sticky soda stain in the kitchen.

Then you remember the mess in the bathroom.

How did the kids manage to get mud all over the floor? Groan.

When are you going to clean all that up? You’re already snowed under at work.

On top of that, you’re trying to juggle gym, family time and a social life.

What social life, you say? Yeah, exactly!

A robot mop is a great tool for your dilemma.

Simply program it to clean where you need it most, lock the door and leave.

When you get back from work, your floors will be sparkly clean, leaving your hands free to do other things, like actually enjoy the kids without worrying about the sticky floors.

Advantages and Disadvantages

So, what’s the catch? Let’s look at some pros and cons of robot mops.


  •  Automated. You don’t have to babysit your robot mop while it’s working.
  • Cleans all hard floor types.
  • Gets into tight spaces. These little ninjas will clean under your furniture, in the corners and around the toilet, where it’s super hard to reach, even with a manual mop.
  • Takes care of everyday dirt. Most models make mincemeat of sticky coffee stains and minor muds stains.


  • Some models leak. You really don’t want a wet spot added to your cleaning woes, now, do you?
  • Can’t climb the stairs (yet). For now, you will have to carry the robot mop between levels in your home. Luckily, most models are can either detect stairs or can be programmed to stay away from that specific area.
  • Maintenance. This one’s no biggie, since the maintenance on robot vacuums are usually minimal. Still, you will have to clean and refill the water tank and replace the mop accessories at some point.
  • Can’t do carpets (usually). Some models can do carpets and hard floors. Usually, the robot mop won’t be able to clean carpets and mop hard floors in one cleaning session, since the two functionalities require different cleaning attachments.
  • You still need to pick up larger objects off the floor before the robot gets to work. Maybe one day, it will fold your laundry and bring you coffee, but that day is not today. Sorry!

Key Features

Okay, you convinced me.

I could definitely use a robot mop in my life.

So, what features are important?

  • Self-charging and Resume function.
    You want your robot mop to clean your whole home while you’re at work. This means it needs to be smart enough to recharge when the battery runs low and continue to work where it left off.
  • Long battery life and fast charging.
    This point is related to the previous point. The longer the robot can run on a single charge and the faster it can recharge, the more work it can get done in a day. Makes sense, right?
  • Drop detection and anti-collision technology.
    It would suck if your brand-new robot mop took a tumble down the stairs. Like, it would not survive. You also don’t want it to leave marks on your furniture or walls from running into them.
  • Various cleaning modes.
    This way, you can customize cleaning to suit your specific needs. This would include quiet mode. If it’s whisper-quiet, it can get the job done while you nap.
  • Compatible with Alexa, Android and Apple.
    This means you can control your robot mop from anywhere in the world. Keeping your home clean suddenly became a whole lot easier.
  • Large, anti-spill bin.
    The bigger the bin, the more dirt your robot can handle.
    Spilling all that dirt on your newly cleaned floors would suck, big time.
  • Anti-leak design.
    This means no wet spots where you store the robot mop.
  • Easy-to-attach mop pads.
    Why use a robot vacuum that requires you to have a PhD just to attach a new mop pad?
  • Compatible with many brands of mop pads.
    If you run out of mop pads (reusable or disposable), you want to be able to run down to Target and get some more.

Ecovac M80

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Don’t have time to mop your hard floors on a daily basis?

Let the Ecovac M80do it for you.

This stylish grey disc can sweep and mop your floors, all in one go!

It also dries up after itself with a unique dry mop setting.

No more wet streaks to avoid while cleaning is under way.

Scheduling cleaning for when you’re away from home or taking a nap is super easy with the Ecovacs app.

Alexa can also get in on the action.

Did that soda spill from yesterday get all dry and sticky before you had time to clean it up?

The M80 will lick it up on the double using spot mode.

If the stain is really stubborn, the M80 will switch to intensive mode.

Here, the suction power and rotating speed get ramped up like crazy to get the dirt off your floor.

Edges and corners are also no sweat for this little ninja.

Speaking of ninja, the Ecovac M80 is super low profile (maybe even as cool as your friend’s dragster).

It cleans under your furniture and toe kicks like nobody’s business.

Dirt gets gobbled up like you won’t believe, regardless of the mode of cleaning.

The mop attachment is reusable and easy to clean, so you don’t have to buy a ton of disposable mop attachments.

More money for take-out.

Yay!These guys thought of everything.

The 500ml bin has an anti-spill design and is super easy to clean.

Our friend the M80 even cleans carpets.

For this, you will have to detach the mop attachment and insert the helix brush roll.

Best feature: it’s self-charging.

After running for 110 minutes on a single charge, this baby returns to the charging station, fills up and gets right back to work.

Also equipped with drop detection, the M80 won’t take a tumble down the stairs.

Cool, huh?

If you have tile or hardwood floors and want a no-nonsense, autonomous cleaning ninja, the Ecovac M80 is the gadget for you.

Roborock S5

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In rose gold, black or white, the Roborock S5 robotic mop and vacuum cleaner is super stylish and a great fit for your hardwood or tiled floors.

This little smartypants can sweep and mop your home in one go, looking out for obstacles as it goes along.

It wont bump or dent your furniture or walls.

If it runs up on the high-pile carpet or that mass of wires near your desk, it will stop, drop and roll.

Just kidding! It knows not to play with those, having been equipped with jam-resistance.

The S5 maps your home, planning a logical cleaning path and keeping track of where it’s been.

Drop detection technology prevents it from exploring the stairs, keeping it from wrecking itself.

Compatible with Alexa, Apple and Android, scheduling cleaning has never been easier.

Don’t want it to eat the Lego’s in the kid’s playroom? Mark it as a no-go zone on the app.

You can even tell it to only clean the kitchen, if that’s what you want.

Incredible 2000 Pa suction power allows you to choose from six cleaning modes: carpet, quiet, mopping, balanced, turbo and max mode.

If you want it to work while you’re having a nap, set it on quiet mode.

If you want it to suck up all the dried mud you tracked in after that walk in the woods, let the suction power ramp up to max mode.

Equipped with self-charging capabilities, the S5 will run for an incredible 150 minutes before returning to base for charging.

When the tank is all filled up again, it will return to work, picking up where it left off.

A cool feature is the bionic mopping system.

While in operation, a steady stream of water will enable thorough mopping of your hard floors.

When stationary, this system wont leak.

So, no water stains on your beautiful floors.

Also, the edge of the mopping cloth is attached to the robot in such a way that it won’t curl, ensuring effective cleaning all the way.

The Roborock S5 is a no-nonsense, stylish cleaning wizard, ideal for the working parent who wants more time with the kids.

ProScenic 790T

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The ProScenic 790T will sweep, vacuum and mop your hard floors in a single pass.

This sleek black and gold robot will clean under furniture, around counters and in your bathroom, no sweat.

You can control the 790T using Alexa, remote control or the accompanying app from anywhere in the world.


Get the ProScenic 790T to clean up your apartment before you return from holiday.

How cool is that? It will map out your home, calculating the logical route to follow in order to get every square inch squeaky clean.

When it gets low on juice, the ProScenic 790T will automatically return to the charging station to refuel.

Do we have cars that do that too?

Afraid that your fancy new robot will take a plunge down the stairs? Don’t worry.

This one is fully house trained, being equipped with ultrasonic radar detection, anti-fall sensors and anti-collision detection.

You also won’t have to rescue it from under the bed, since it’s clever sensors will know when the clearing is too low for it to enter.

Almost as smart as your cat!

If there’s a lot of dirt on your floor, even small screws from that thing you’re not quite sure how to assemble, insert the bristle brush head into the cleaning slot to whisk away even larger pieces of debris before the mop passes over that area.

If it’s just a normal sweep and mop that you need, insert the vacuum port.

Either way, the final say belongs to the really cool mop attachment, leaving your floor sparkly clean.

To meet your specific needs, you can choose from one of three cleaning modes: auto, edge and area.

Auto will simply clean the entire area visible to the vacuum in a methodical, logical pattern.

Edge mode will get into those hard to reach places, like behind the toilet or under the sink, while area mode will clean the specific area that you program to robot to clean.

It’s like having your personal little minion at your beck and call.

While the ProScenic 790T can clean carpets, hardwood and tiles, it is not suited to high-pile carpets.

Low-pile carpets pose no problem for this busy little bee.

If your home has hard floors and low-pile carpets and you are way too busy doing life to worry about cleaning the floors, the ProScenic 790T is the robot vacuum for you.

iRobot Braava 380T

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iRobot did it again.

This nifty robot mop is smart, sleek and highly efficient.

It will mop your hard floors to a sparkly finish, every time.Navigation around your home is done with the help of the North Star Navigation cube.

This little box is the traffic controller for your new trooper, telling it where to go and keeping track of where it’s been.You get to choose between dry sweeping and wet mopping.

In the dry sweep setting, the Braava 380T will do a single pass in a straight line on your floors, while the wet mopping setting will go back and forth, ensuring that every square inch is properly scrubbed.

Talk about a worker bee! In dry sweep mode, the Braava 380T will cover 100 square feet per session, while wet mopping gets you 350 square feet of coverage.

A cleaning session on a single charge is a whopping 150 minutes.


Two and a half hours! This one has gusto!

The Braava 380T is an entry-level device, so it isn’t able to self-charge.

That’s a bit of a bummer.

Luckily, you won’t have to go looking for it if it runs out of juice in a random spot.

Once the battery runs flat, it will return to its starting position and play a tune so you’ll know to come pick it up.

Kind of like when you where a kid and needed your mom to pick you up from soccer practice.

Do you have many rooms to clean?

Simply add another North Star navigation cube.

The Braava 380T needs to be within range of the cube in order to navigate.Since this is specifically a robot mop, not a vacuum, the Braava 380T wont go onto your carpets.

When it senses a change in pressure, signaling the presence of a carpet or similar surface, it will turn away, continuing its cleaning regimen on hard floors.

The Braava 380T is super-efficient, picking up dust, dirt and hair without any hassle.Want to be an eco-warrior and reuse them cleaning pads?

No problem! The Braava 380T comes standard with reusable microfiber cleaning pads.

If you’re not that fussed about going green, you can use disposable Swiffer pads.

Attaching either of these is super easy.

Want to have the floors cleaned while you take a nap or get cracking on that deadline?

The Braava 380T is whisper quiet, so you won’t even know it’s there while it slicks up your floors like you won’t believe.

How efficient is that?

The iRobot Braava 380T is perfect for the work-from-home professional needing a quiet, efficient cleaning robot.

Braava Jet 240

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This futuristic white rectangle will sweep and mop your home like R2D2 on steroids.

You never have to touch dirt again!

Just press a button while holding the robot over the bin and it will kick off that dirty mop or sweep cloth like a shooter in the NBA.

The iRobot Braava Jet 240 can get into tight spaces, like behind the toilet, under cabinets and furniture.

That sticky coffee spill in the kitchen?

No problem!

The vibrating cleaning head and precision water jet will take care of it in a flash.

iRobot specifically tested the Braava Jet 240 on dried soda and coffee stains.

Braava Jet 240 automatically chooses the correct cleaning mode (dry sweep, damp sweep or wet mop) based on the cleaning pad you attach to the cleaning head.

Smart, hey?

It is even house trained, knowing not to spray your walls or furniture with its special cleaning solution.

As an added bonus, it won’t wet your carpets, since it detects the change in surface and turns away.

In dry sweep mode, the Jet 240 will make a single pass on your floors, while damp sweep mode and wet mop mode will do a double- and triple pass, respectively.

While underway, it will whisk away dirt, hair, dust and stains.

If you don’t want the Braava Jet 240 to tumble down the stairs or go into the study, simply tell it not to by manually programming certain no-go areas.

Want to level-up on your current robot vacuum with mopping capabilities?

The iRobot Braava Jet 240 is the product for you.

Bobsweep Pethair Plus

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The Bobsweep Pethair Plus sweeps, vacuums, mops, filtrates and shines a UV light while it goes.

You definitely won’t trip over this one in the dark. Available in a variety of colors, you’ll definitely be able to find one to blend in with your home.

Seriously, it’s available in champagne, charcoal, cobalt, midnight and rouge.

This disc-shaped home cleaner has a nifty screen, indicating battery status, cleaning mode and even if and where something is wrong.

No more trying to figure out what the fudge is sounding funny in its tummy.

It tells you! If the dirt on your floors are especially stubborn, the Turbolift vacuum, operating at four times the normal strength, is sure to get stuck in and clean it right up.

With its enormous 1100mL bin capacity, this one can definitely take a lot of dirt in one cleaning session.You don’t have to babysit the Bobsweep Pethair Plus.

Using the remote control, you can pre-program a cool seven-day cleaning schedule.

Done for the week! It will also self-charge in between cleaning sessions, so all you have to do is clean out the bin once in a while.

With its extra long main brush, it will remove all the dirt from your floor before passing over it with the detachable microfiber mop, ensuring a proper clean sweep.

Drop detection keeps the Pethair Plus from diving down the stairs.

After all, it hasn’t grown legs yet.

The fully autonomous Bobsweep Pethair Plus is ideal for the busy pet owner who needs a self-disciplined soldier to clean their floors.

iLife V5s Pro

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This beautiful champagne-and-white, low profile disc elegantly combines vacuuming and mopping in once smooth pass.

The iLife V5s Pro is the perfect fit for your pet-friendly, trendy home.

Pet hair, fur and other debris is no match for the powerful motor, ramped up to max mode for stubborn dirt.

This sleek ninja gets into tight corners, finding dirt where it quivers in its boots under furniture and against walls.

It’s even smart enough to automatically adjust to different floor types.

The V5s Pro has enhanced battery life compared to its predecessors, running a neat 140 minutes on a single charge.

With large roadrover wheels, it scoots over obstacles like Aries Merrit.

To get the most out of your V5s Pro’s mopping mode, it’s best to let it pass by in sweep mode first to get all the dust out of the way.

The mop pads are reusable and can be rinsed out between cleaning sessions for even better performance.

There are four cleaning modes to choose from:

–          Auto, which lets the V5s Pro randomly wander around your house, sucking on its favorite snack (dirt, duh!) along the way.

–          Spot cleaning, for when it’s really hungry.

–          Edge cleaning, so it can hug the walls as it goes.

–          Scheduled cleaning, letting it clean things up while you’re out and about.

Dont worry about scuff getting new scuff marks on your furniture or finding your fancy new cleaning machine in a mess at the bottom of the stairs.

Equipped with cliff sensors and obstacle detection, this self-charging smarty pants will avoid all the normal hazards.

One downside is that it’s not recommended to charge the V5s Pro while the water tank is installed.

It’s also not recommended to use scheduled cleaning mode for mopping.

This kind of defeats the purpose of an autonomous robot mop, right?

If you’re looking for sleek robot vacuum and have time to change the water tank right before a cleaning session, the iLife V5s Pro is the gadget for you.

Roborock E25

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The Roborock E25 is the all-in-one floor cleaning wizard you’ve been waiting for.

It methodically sweeps and mops even large debris in one go, without creating a puddle in its wake.

No random bumping around with this cool cat.

Available in dark grey or white, this robotic disc will make mincemeat of the dirt in your home, planning its path for each room to ensure it gets to everything.

Seriously, the E25 means business.

With on-board drop avoidance, anti-collision and trap prevention, it won’t fall down the stairs or bump into your furniture, pets or kids.

The super strong 1800Pa suction will pick up even the smallest dust particles and definitely all the water it uses to mop your floors.

A bin capacity of 600ml means you won’t have to clean it out often.

The E25 recognizes carpets and automatically ramps up the suction power to suit.

Low on battery? The Roborock E25 automatically returns to its self-charging station after 100 minutes of cleaning.

When it’s all filled up, it will resume cleaning where it left off.

Imagine everything in your home is that efficient?

You can boss it around using Alexa or the Mi Home app from anywhere in the world, scheduling cleaning, setting it to spot cleaning mode, checking accessory status and customizing settings.

Want to have it clean your house at night, when you’re getting some much needed shut-eye?

Set it on quiet mode.

It will gobble up the popcorn left on the floor from your Netflix session like there’s no tomorrow.

Changing the water tank is super easy.

It simply clips onto the robot.

Even the mopping cloth is designed so that it won’t curl up or fold onto itself.

Crazy efficient!

The Roborock E25 is perfect for the busy home with hardwood or tiled floors.

360 Robotic Vacuum

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This sleek white disc can sweep and mop your home in two ticks, even storing maps of multiple levels of your home for added efficiency.

How cool is that?

It’s even compatible with Alexa, Android and Apple, so you can check on its work from anywhere in the world, using multiple devices.

You can even have some fun with the joystick in the app, moving the 360 Robotic Vacuum around to freak the cat out.

With anti-drop and anti-collision sensors, the 360 Robotic Vacuum won’t fall down the stairs or bump into the kids.

Able to run for 110 minutes on a single charge, it will automatically return to the charging station to self-charge, then continue cleaning where it left off.

Did you drop some pizza on the floor again? Let the 360 Robotic Vacuum take care of it.

Able to suck up even large debris with its impressive 1800Pa suction power in max cleaning mode, it will gobble up the mess like lightning.

It will even mop up after itself, using just enough water to clean up without leaving a slippery floor.

The higher the suction level, the louder the noise level.

Like, duh.

So, if you don’t want to wake the kids during their nap, set it on silent mode, where it uses only 800Pa of suction power.

If you want the 360 Robotic Vacuum to avoid the Legos in the kids’ playroom, simply set a no-go zone on the app.

If it senses carpets, the 360 will automatically ramp up its suction power to give them a thorough scrub.

Optimize the cleaning schedule to suit your specific needs.

You can even tell the 360 Robotic Vacuum to clean a high-traffic area multiple times in one session.

For fully automated, highly efficient and smart cleaning, choose the 360 Robotic Vacuum.