Best Robot Vacuum for Multiple Rooms

Are you hunting for a new robotic vacuum that can clean multiple rooms in your home?

Some of the latest technological advancements mean that a new generation of robotic vacuums have been designed specifically to clean more than one room in a house.

And in this article, I am going to take you through my five best robot vacuums for multiple rooms.

But before I do that, I just want to clear up one common misunderstanding.

There is no such thing as a stair climbing robotic vacuum and so all of the rooms that you want to be cleaned, must be on the same storey or level in your home.

In order for a robotic vacuum cleaner to be capable of cleaning multiple rooms properly, it must have four core features.

The chart below displays the five best robot vacuums together with these core features

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And those core features are;

  • Mapping Skills
  • Battery Life
  • Auto charge
  • Auto Resume

Mapping Skills

I think that this is the most important feature of all.

Top of the range robotic vacuums create highly detailed floor plans of your homes, using cameras and other sensors.

Once upon a time, these vacuums used to navigate by travelling in a straight line until they hit an object after which they would reverse, rotate and move off again in a straight line until they hit the next obstacle. And so on…

Modern mapping systems allow a device to identify where objects are and to try and avoid them.

This means that vacuums with mapping capabilities spend more time cleaning and less time disorientated. They are much more efficient with their time.

Watch this video that shows how the cameras and sensors on board a Roomba 960 or 980 create a floor plan.

Now, although these mapping skills are the most important feature for a multi room cleaning robot vacuum, it is by no means the only one.

And by the way, if you want to know which Roomba models remember the room layout, read this.

Battery Life

The second killer feature that a multi room cleaning Bot needs to have is good battery life.

Some people might be tempted to say that battery life is the most important feature but I disagree. A long battery life does not make a robot vacuum more efficient, only a new generation of mapping skills will.

However, battery life is important because the longer that a device can continue to work without recharging, the quicker it will get the job done.

Auto Charge

If your house is too big for your vacuum to complete all of the cleaning in one session, you will need a robot vacuum that will automatically return to its base when it runs low on power, without any guidance from you.

Most of the best selling machines have home bases (or docking stations) that the vacuum will automatically return to when it is getting low on power.

The positioning of your home base is very important. Obviously it needs to be next to an electrical outlet but make sure that it is on a level surface in an area that is free from clutter!

Auto Resume

Hand in hand with auto charge is another very powerful feature, auto resume.

This is the ability of your robotic vacuum, after it has finished charging, to continue cleaning from where it left off.

Auto resume stops your robotic vacuum wasting precious time and energy cleaning areas that it has already done.

Voice Control

Voice control is not a necessary feature for a multi room robotic vacuum to have but it is a nice added bonus.

The two most popular systems are Amazon’s Alexa and Google Assistant.

These systems combine interactive speakers and digital assistants.

Alexa is Amazon’s digital assistant that “lives” within the Echo devices and Google Assistant “lives” with Google Home products.

The digital assistants are compatible with smart devices such as robotic vacuums and respond to voice commands.

Now that we have finished looking at the essential features that a robotic vacuum capable of cleaning several rooms must have, let’s move on and highlight my top five choices.

Roomba 980

Although the Roomba 980 looks like every other Roomba model, if money is no object then this is the robotic vacuum that we have all been waiting for.

It’s environmental mapping ability, called iAdapt 2.0, is simply stunning and you will be mesmorised as you watch it glide around your home. No longer do vacuums have to crash into furniture- instead the Roomba 980 gently bumps into obstacles.

This device cleans brilliantly on all floor surfaces but it really impresses on carpets. An automatic detection system results in a power boost that gives it up ten times the power of earlier Roomba models such as the 600 series.

And let’s not forget the fact that it has a run time of about 2 hours, which is better than almost all of its competitors.

Using the free Roomba app on your smartphone provides you with some very powerful remote access features, such as creating your own cleaning schedules and even controlling your Roomba 980- but this futuristic function is a bit hit and miss.

There is no getting away from the fact that the Roomba 980 costs so much money but then again this vacuum is showing us a glimpse of vacuum heaven.

How are the Roomba 960 and 980 different?

Since the Roomba 960 is almost identical to the 980, I won’t repeat myself by describing its main features.

Instead, I just want to point out the two main differences between these two devices;

Run Time

The 980 has a longer run time than the 960 (120 to 75 minutes).

Vacuum and Suction Power

The 980 has much more powerful suction than the 960- the 960 has only 5 times the power of previous models, whereas the 980 has 10 times the power.

But if you prefer the sound of the Roomba 960, you can find more about it here.

Unique Feature

The feature that makes these two Roomba machines unique is the accuracy of the iAdapt navigation, the quality of the Roomba app and just how satisfied Roomba customers are.

Neato D7

This is a robot vacuum to challenge even the mighty Roomba 980.

Neato have improved on previous models to create an incredible machine. it is a machine which is very solidly built.

It’s wow factor are the “no go” lines which allow you to mark areas on your floor plan where the D7 cannot clean.

This is such a powerful, simple and useful system to use.

Create a virtual barrier around your desk if there are too many cables or around the place where your family pet sleeps the most.

But the Neato D7 also does the basics very well with its newly designed Spinflow system that combines powerful suction with newly designed brushes this bot will keep your home very clean.

Like the Roomba 980, this vacuum offers approximately 2 hours of running time.

And it has an easy to use and stable app. Unfortunately the scheduling section, where you will spend most of your time is over complicated and confusing.

Unique Feature

Other robot hoovers in my comparison have “No Go” lines, but they don’t work as well as the ones in the D7.

Want to buy the Neato D7? Go here.

EcoVacs Deebot 900

Costing a fraction of the price of some of the other vacuums in this comparison whilst offering the same mapping functionality, the Deebot 900 promises much.

For starters, this robot cleans well and will pick up a variety of different debris including pet hair with relative ease and on a range of different floor surfaces including medium pile carpets.

A slight problem is its smaller than average size bin, which will frustrate some people because it will need to be emptied more frequently.

The Deebot’s Laser Smart mapping is generally incredible accurate and allows this device to glide around your home, avoiding most obstacles but just occasionally glancing off the odd piece of furniture.

The vacuum can be used with an app, which is OK but not as polished as those that come with its more expensive friends.

Using a floor plan, you can direct your Deebot to only clean certain sections of your home.

Although the creation of this my homes floor plan on the 900’s first outing was a long ,drawn out and painful experience.

The app is stable and reliable for much of the time and it will allow you to create and start a cleaning schedule remotely.

Although the Deebot 900 is a robotic vacuum that has more rough edges than other Bot’s that can “map”, its very competitive price is a very big draw.

Unique Feature

It is the price of the Deebot 900 that sets it apart in this comparison.

Want to buy the Deebot 900? Go here.

Powerbot R9250

Now this vacuum looks like a real machine and compared to some of its competitors, it feels like a real machine- very solidly built.

And Samsung have not done too badly with regard to the design- parts of the R9250 really do look beautiful and a transparent bin so that you can see when it is full. Now that is a clever touch.

The best feature must be this devices suction power. Using a technology called Cyclone Force, it’s suction is best in class. I have read reviews from several people, like myself, who are dog owners and the R9250 will clean up all of the hair.

All of that power must come with a few downsides and there is no doubting that this model is very loud compared to its rivals.

Using a combination of a camera and 9 sensors, this Bot creates a detailed floor plan of your home which allows it to travel with the minimum of fuss, spending more time cleaning and less time colliding.

However, at times the R9250 struggled on its travels. It got stuck in my house a few times. Although my house is not the tidiest of places, the Samsung struggled going over thresholds and on other occasions I would find it disorientated under tables or chairs.

Uniquely in this comparison, this device can be operated using a remote control (which is included) or an app.

I guess that the remote control is a very attractive extra for somebody that wants a smart device without having to use their smartphone.

And both the remote and the app work well. The app is easy to use and works smoothly.

Many people like the idea of robotic vacuums and some of those will not be familiar with brands like Roomba or Neato.

Samsung is a very trusted and established brand and it is that familiarity together with the decent capabilities and performance of the R9250 that make it a big seller.

Unique Feature

It is the inclusion of a remote control and an app that sets the Samsung R9250 apart in this comparison.

Want to buy the R9250? Go here.