Best Robot Vacuum Under 200

As robot vacuum cleaners have become more popular, numerous different affordable options have become available for consumers.

While the rising number of sub-$200 robot vacuum cleaners may seem enticing, it begs asking, can you really get a decent robot vacuum cleaner for less than $200?

And if so, how do these devices compare to the well-known, more expensive products offered by companies like iRobot?

With these questions in mind, let’s dive into some brief comparisons of popular robot vacuums at the sub-$200 price point and see just how much value consumers can get from these lesser known robo-cleaners.

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iLife V3S Pro

Notable features
*The iLife V3s has a sleek, slim-body design that allows it to move underneath most furniture, ensuring a great clean every time.
*This vacuum is particularly well suited for cleaning simple messes like dust or crumbs, especially on hardwood floors or low-pile carpet.
*iLife’s Pet Hair Care Technology puts the focus on dirt, hair, and pet debris throughout your home or flat.

User Feedback 
*The Good: Overall, users are highly satisfied with the iLife V3s, as it delivers high-level functionality at budget prices, especially when cleaning hardwood floors.
*The Bad: The build quality has been referred to as “cheap”, and the unit is unable to clean on thick-pile carpet.
*The Ugly: According to multiple reviews, the self-charging feature doesn’t seem to work consistently. While this shouldn’t be a deal breaker, it is certainly a frustrating quirk.

What makes the iLife V3s unique when compared to other budget options?
*The combination of a very low price and high-quality features ensures that consumers will get a great value for their money.
*Those with multiple pets should consider this option, as iLife’s Pet Hair Care Technology sets the V3s apart in this area.

Eufy Robovac 11S

Notable Features
* Eufy’s BoostIQ Technology adapts to your cleaning situation, automatically boosting the unit’s suction power when needed to clean especially stubborn messes.
*A ultra-slim build featuring high quality materials like tempered glass make the unit durable, yet attractive at the same time.
*With Drop Sensing Technology, the Robovac 11S is able to detect when it may be nearing a drop and changes its cleaning path instantly to avoid damage.

User Feedback
*The Good: Unlike iLife’s offerings, Eufy’s self-charging technology has been shown to consistently work for users. This feature is complimented by a strong customer support team.
*The Bad: Notable reviewers have complained about the unit’s lack of smart-home integration, but this feature is unfortunately lacking for models in the sub-$200 price tier.
*The Ugly: Long term durability of the vacuum may be a question mark, as multiple users have had their unit break down after a year or so. However, this issue can be countered through Eufy’s strong customer support and the availability of affordable spare parts.

What makes the Eufy Robovac 11S unique when compared to other budget options?
*Robovac’s 100 minutes cleaning time highlights one of the best batteries available at the sub-$200 price point.
*Combined with BoostIQ Technology, Eufy’s Robovac is the best choice for those with large rooms or demanding cleaning needs.

Pure Clean Vacuum

Notable Features

*Built-in HEPA filtration ensures an allergy-friendly environment throughout your home.
*Dual rotating brushes provide impressive cleaning capabilities, rivaling the results of much more expensive robotic vacuums at a fraction of the price.
*As the product’s tagline states: No Frills, Just Clean.

User Feedback
*The Good: Almost all users are highly satisfied with the functionality provided by the Pure Clean Vacuum, especially considering its rock-bottom price.
*The Bad: Most negative reviews stem from defective units, which are typically easily returnable thanks to great customer service and a strong product warranty.
*The Ugly: As a ultra-budget device, consumers have commented that this vacuum can be extremely fragile if not taken care of properly.

What makes the Pure Clean Vacuum unique when compared to other budget options?
*As by far the most affordable robotic vacuum available, this unit is a great choice for those wanting a no frills, automated cleaning experience.
*With this being said, it is important to note that some convenient features, such as auto-charging, remote control, or smartphone app integration are not available for this product.

Tesvor x500

Notable Features
*Tesvor’s One-Key Planning Technology allows this robotic vacuum to memorize routes within your home and navigate unknown areas with ease.
*Features an extremely impressive cleaning coverage of up to 1600 square feet, or approximately 149 square meters.
*The longevity of this vacuum is insured with a very impressive two-year product coverage warranty.
*Cleaning sessions can be easily scheduled via an included remote control

User Feedback
*The Good: Almost all users are highly satisfied with this product, as it is able to easily clean any surface, from hardwood floors to thick carpeting.
*The Bad: Rare negative reviews compare Tesvor’s vacuum to higher-end offerings from iRobot, but these comparisons aren’t fair considering the fact that this unit is vastly more affordable than iRobot products.
*The Ugly: No notable nasty reviews, with the vast majority of consumers being highly satisfied with this vacuum cleaner.

What makes the Tesvor Robot Vacuum unique when compared to other budget options?
*Tesvor’s Robot Vacuum has the best high-tech features, like automated charging, the ability to return to base after cleaning, and remote control programming.
*At this price point, and with such a high level of customer satisfaction, the Tesvor vacuum separates itself from the pack.

Which Robot Vacuum is the Best Option for Under $200?

With unrivalled features and an extremely high level of customer satisfaction, the Tesvor Robot Vacuum is the best option for less than 200.

The only major downside is the lack of smart home integration.

Unfortunately, these features are not available for under 200, but if you are willing to pay slightly more, then the still budget friendly Deebot M80 is Alexa Compatible.