Best Smart Lock? Kwikset Kevo Vs. August

Welcome to my 15 minute video in which I compare two of the leading smart locks on the market- the Kwikset Kevo and the August smart lock.

I think that what makes my review different from many of the other reviews out there is the level of detail that they contain, which is enormous.

I am not interested in creating another review that just contains a short list of product features. Instead, I spent a lot of time searching for as many details or specifications as possible about the products.

All of these details are then presented in what are hopefully easy to read charts.

And so, in this comparison, there are 7 rounds.

These are;

Round 1: Basic Specifications
Round 2: Methods of Opening
Round 3: Remote Access
Round 4: Home Automation
Round 5: Security & Lock
Round 6: Design and Power
Round 7: Ratings and Review

I hope that this video helps you to decide if either of these two smart locks is the right one for you.

Thanks for watching.

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