Best Spy Cameras With 24 Hour Batteries

Spy cameras come in all shapes and sizes. They are buiIt into a huge variety of electronic gadgets and devices.

These include bluetooth speakers, digital clocks, usb charging points and even pens.  

However, if you want a spy camera that has a battery that will last 24 hours, then your best bet is a camera which is built into a power bank (those devices that recharge mobile phones on the go) or a spy camera that is built into a picture frame. 

I cannot find any other type of spy camera that has a battery life that comes close to that. 

For instance, this is one of the most popular pen spy cameras and its battery only lasts for 70 minutes.

The problem is that spy cameras by definition are usually small and that means that their batteries just cannot hold a charge for very long. 

This is one of the best selling (and smallest) spy cameras and its battery only lasts for 50 minutes. 

Even small body cameras have limited battery life. This popular body camera has a battery life of just 6 hours. 

But, there are other options and alternatives. 

These include one of the smallest battery powered security cameras that is available as well as spy cameras that are built into devices that are plugged directly into an electrical socket- such as USB chargers, bluetooth speakers and digital desktop clocks. 

Top Features to Look For in Spy Cameras With 24 Hour Battery

  1. Battery Capacity. This tells you what kind of battery is running your spy cam, if it has a battery, and how long the battery is built to last on a full charge. Some spy cams don’t rely on battery power but need to be plugged to an external power source like an electric outlet or a power bank to give you 24/7 reliability.
  2. Size and Dimensions. Most spy cams with 24 hr battery are tiny in size and very lightweight. Check the dimensions carefully. 
  3. Video Quality. It is now very common to have spy cams with 1080p HD video quality. This gives you clear pictures and video recordings whether by day or by night. Some operate on only 720p, which is easier on the connection than a 1080p recording. 
  4. Motion Detection. More often, when a spy cam detects motion it automatically sends push notification on your phone. Some models send snapshots in your email. Others alert you on your phone in order for you to view events on live streaming. See which of these options your spy cam offers in terms of motion detector activation.
  5. Night Vision. It is a great advantage if a spy cam has night vision features. You can see what goes on in the dark or your camera records whatever it sees and saves it on a micro SD card or if you have the option, on cloud storage.
  6. Live View. Some spy cams offer live view upon motion detection alerts. However, this feature requires a strong WiFi connection to be reliable. Some spy cams have trouble sending live videos of events because the signal on their location is weak. It’s good to see how the spy cam’s live streaming feature performs in real time.
  7. Style. There are many styles and fashions to choose from in miniature spy cams, including power banks, USB chargers, digital alarm clocks, and bluetooth speakers. When it comes to the style of your spy cam, it’s really a matter of taste. However, you shouldn’t sacrifice performance for style.

Pros and cons of spy cameras with 24 hour batteries


  1. Easy to conceal. These spy cams are often so tiny they’re very easy to hide from view.
  2. Portable. You can take your spy cam with you anywhere you go. 
  3. Power source. Having a spy camera with 24 hour battery life, you can record video without fear of its battery running out. In other models, being plugged in a power source ensures non-stop recording.
  4. Video Quality. Most spy cams record at 1080p HD video quality both day and night time.


  1. Limited angle of view. Spy cams often have a more limited angle view compared to other bigger security cameras, because spy cams have relatively smaller lenses.
  2. Care provider issues. Some care providers feel a lack of trust on their services when they discover that they are being spied upon. It would be best for them to know beforehand if you have spy cams set up in your home. But then, what’s the point of hiding the spy cam?!

FAQs about spy cameras with 24 hour batteries

What is a spy camera?

A spy camera is a concealed security camera that you place in areas you need to watch closely because you have valuable possessions there. They may be your children being cared for by a nanny, or cabinets and drawers with money, jewellery, or important documents. The spy camera records events that trigger its motion detectors for you to see what’s happening. 

Do spy cameras need battery?

Some spy cameras use batteries as their power source. These are easier to hide and conceal almost anywhere because they don’t need to be plugged in an electric outlet and they have no wires hanging out. It’s an added convenience if your spy camera is battery powered. But as with all battery powered gadgets, you need to be on the lookout for when the battery needs recharging. One of the disadvantages of battery powered spy cameras is when its batteries grow weak or die down on crucial moments, and fail to record.  

How long does a spy camera battery last?

Some batteries can last up to 2 years of standby battery life. Some only 1 year. But typically you will see the battery capacity of spy camera batteries as 1100mAh, 6000mAh, or 10000mAh where the higher number indicates longer recording life. You may also find battery capacity measured in terms of number of hours your spy cam can continuously record. Some spy camera batteries can record up to 40 hours of video while others can record only 6 hours. This is where plugged spy cameras have an advantage because they can record video 24/7 uninterrupted. 

Is it legal to have spy cameras in your house?

It is perfectly legal to set up a spy camera in your house and record what’s going on inside, especially in times when its motion detectors are triggered because of an intruder or some unwelcome people. You have the right to feel secure in your own home. However, in places where people expect their privacy to be safe and respected, it might be illegal to set up spy cameras and record private moments of people without their knowledge that they are being recorded. This might get you in trouble with the law.

Biggest brands for spy cameras with 24 hour batteries


Fusion is a big brand name in spy cameras. It is made by Shenzen Etong Electronics, a company that specializes in wireless rechargeable security cameras, wireless doorbells, solar powered outdoor security cameras, and the like. Shenzen Electronic products are bestsellers not only in Asia and the Middle East, but also in the United States and Europe. The company was founded in 2005 and its main business office is located in Shenzen, China.


Another up and coming name in spy cameras is Relohas.

brand mini 1080p Hidden Spy Camera is capable of recording 24 hours straight loop recording. But it also allows you to record only when its motion detectors are activated. Plus you have the option to record motion events remotely on your phone. You can also enjoy live streaming on Relohas mini hidden spy camera on both Android and iOS phones through its app. If you don’t have WiFi, the Relohas mini spy camera will record motion events on an SD card.

8 Best Spy Cameras With 24 Hour Batteries

[1] Oumelou Power Bank with spy Camera

Imagine a spy camera that looks like a power bank. That is genius! Not only that, in fact the Oumelou Power Bank with Spy Camera is really a power bank that can charge your phone. It can record alarm triggers anytime and anywhere with its long standby battery capacity. Its dual function makes it an excellent spy cam to have with its sleek design that will surely fool any intruder. They’d think it’s just a power bank they can ignore. But what they don’t know is that their actions are already being recorded by the camera.


  • Battery Capacity — a 10000 mAh battery capable of recording 40 hrs during the day and and 25 hrs at night.
  • Size and Dimensions — 2.8″ x 5.3″ x 0.5″ (thickness)
  • Auto-rotate — image flips back to upright position in 6 seconds when camera is flipped 180° back and forth
  • Camera Style — styled as a power bank, the spy cam is a real power bank that charges phones
  • Video Resolution — 1080p HD with built-in IR lights for night vision
  • Motion Detection — capable of both motion detection recording and loop recording
  • Storage — up to 64 GB micro SD card (not included). 
  • Connection — No WiFi needed.


  • Easy to conceal power bank design. You can place the spy cam out in the open.
  • Large battery capacity and battery life.
  • Auto-rotate function using gravity sensors, no worries on how to position the spy cam.


  • Can’t watch motion recordings on your phone in real time.
  • Can’t record sound.

[2]  Fuvision Spy Camera Photo Frame

This product can be hidden in plain sight. Who’d suspect a regular looking picture frame to be a hidden spy cam? The Fuvision Spy Camera Photo Frame can be placed on top of a desk or table, or hung on a wall just like any regular picture frame. This model has one of the longest standby time for a spy cam that runs on battery power. You can view action live through video streaming or save motion recordings for later playback on your phone or portable device, through your WiFi network.


  • Battery Capacity — 10000mAh with 365 days standby time
  • Size and Dimensions — 2.9″ x 3″ x 1.9″ spy cam inside picture frame
  • Camera Style — genuine picture frame where you can put real pictures
  • Video Resolution — 1080p FHD video quality both day and night
  • Motion Detection — PIR motion detection, with built-in non-glowing IR LEDs for night vision, sends push notification on your phone
  • Live View — capable of live view through YIEYE phone app
  • Storage — up to 64GB, expandable to 128GB micro SD card (not included)
  • Connection — 2.4 GHz WiFi network only (not for 5.0GHz)


  • Spy camera has a downward 15° angle view you can hang the picture frame high on a wall.
  • Long standby life on battery.
  • Live mode viewing is really an advantage in spy cams.


  • Cannot position the frame on landscape orientation.
  • Actual size of photo frame spy cam is 10″ x 7.8″ x 0.7″.

[3] Blink XT2 Security Camera

The all new Blink XT2 does not masquerade as a spy cam at all. It looks and acts like a typical cctv security camera. But because of its small frame, you can hide it and it becomes a hidden camera. This has the longest life for a battery powered security camera. It’s 2 AA lithium batteries can extend up to 2 years. The Blink XT2 offers you straightforward protection as an outdoor wall mounted security cam or an indoor hidden spy cam with live view features and free cloud storage.

  • Battery Capacity — two AA 1.5V lithium ion batteries with an extended battery life of up to 2 years
  • Size and Dimensions — 2.8″ x 2.8″ x 1.4″; weight: 89 g
  • Camera Style — looks like a regular cctv security camera, it’s not a spy cam
  • Video Resolution — 1080p HD video quality, with built-in 2-way audio talk and listen
  • Motion Detection — uses PIR motion sensor to prevent false alarms, records video when motion is detected
  • Live View — supports live view on android and iOS phone apps
  • Storage — supports cloud storage


  • Though it’s not a spy cam, it’s still small in size and quite easy to hide.
  • Very easy setup, no wires needed.
  • Offers free cloud storage up to a year.
  • Works with Alexa voice commands.


  • Can’t view camera on computer.
  • Poor signal strength for outdoor use. Best used as home spy cam.

[4] Miota Desktop Clock with Hidden Camera

Not all stylized spy cams rely on battery power. The Miota Desktop Clock with Hidden Camera which has a 10000mAh battery has only an hour of reserve power of battery life when disconnected. But, it can run and record motion detected movement 24/7 when plugged in. The Miota Desktop Clock with Hidden Camera functions as a genuine digital clock cum FM radio but functions as a spy cam that records videos and sends motion alarms on your phone. You can even view on live stream what triggered the spy cam’s motion detectors thru your phone app. Protect your home while you keep the time.


  • Battery Capacity — 10000mAh 5V 2A rechargeable thru USB Android port, 1 hr battery life when unplugged
  • Size and Dimensions — 5.9″ x 5.5″ x 1.6″; weight: 150 g 
  • Camera Style — styled as a rechargeable digital alarm clock/FM radio
  • Video Resolution — FHD 1080p video quality, with 2-way audio capability
  • Motion Detection — alarms upon motion detection, takes snapshot, and sends push notification, capable of night vision up to 65 ft
  • Live View — supports live stream using multifunctional app
  • Storage — up to 64GB micro SD card 
  • Connection — 2.4GHz WiFi network only, do not use for 5.0GHz 


  • Unobtrusive design to look like a real alarm clock/FM radio.
  • Can play music via bluetooth.
  • Two-way audio feature is a plus.
  • Easy to handle. Small and practical.


  • Can’t use without a cellphone.
  • Needs to be plugged all the time to work continuously.

[5] Divine Eagle Spy Camera Charger

A spy cam that looks and functions like a regular phone charger? That is one cool gadget to have, it can easily fool anyone. While its connected to an electrical outlet, no intruder will suspect that their nefarious activity is already being recorded by the camera. You have no worries of batteries running out of power 24/7.


  • Battery Capacity — 1 lithium ion battery (included) 24/7 power when plugged
  • Size and Dimensions — 1.2″ x 1.2″ x 2.2″; weight: 9 g
  • Camera Style — designed to look like a USB charger
  • Video Resolution — 1080p FHD quality with 90° angle view
  • Motion Detection — records video on motion detection
  • Storage — up to 32GB micro SD card (not included) supports loop recording
  • Connection — does not support WiFi network. 


  • Not easily recognizable as a spy cam because of USB charger design.
  • Very easy to use.
  • No worries about batteries running out of power.


  • No live stream

[6] Hidden Spy Camera in Bluetooth Speaker

A spy cam and a bluetooth speaker rolled in one. This is what you get when you buy the Hidden Spy Camera in Bluetooth Speaker: a state-of-the-art bluetooth speaker and digital alarm clock that masquerades as a spy cam. Just plug and play, it does not rely on battery power so you can be sure it will record any and all motion triggered events 24/7 without fail. View action live on your phone thru the app or playback recorded video on your phone or gadget anytime, anywhere. 


  • Battery Capacity — no batteries required, powered by USB cable 24/7
  • Size and Dimensions — 7.7 x 3.5 x 3.7 inches, weight: 626 g
  • Camera Style — designed to look like a digital alarm clock/bluetooth speaker
  • Video Resolution — 1080p HD quality
  • Motion Detection — sends push notification and snapshot to your phone when motion is detected, capable of loop recording and playback
  • Live View — supports live view thru smartphone app
  • Storage — up to 128GB micro SD card (not included)
  • Connection — 2.4GHz WiFi network connection only (not for 5.0GHz)


  • Easily concealed as a digital alarm clock bluetooth speaker especially when earphones are connected.
  • 24/7 power, no batteries needed.
  • Live view monitoring of significant events.


  • Push notifications not reliable.
  • Device goes offline frequently.

[7] Monja Nanny Cam with Socket

The Monja Nanny Cam with Socket is a very versatile product. It is a 5-in-1 product in and of itself, plus it’s also a hidden spy cam. It has no batteries and can be plugged to give you 24/7 video recordings of any and all motion events. You can be alerted with the press of a button, one click. Plus, you can take the Monja Nanny Cam with Socket with you wherever you go and be sure it captures any intruder that comes near your valuables. It has good night vision so it can see even if motion triggers happen in the dark. A perfect companion for frequent travellers.


  • Battery Capacity — 24/7 uninterrupted power when plugged, no batteries
  • Size and Dimensions — 4.4 x 3.7 x 2.6 inches; weight: 181 g
  • Camera Style — it looks like a portable 5-in-1 night light/charger with socket 
  • Video Resolution — 1080p FHD with 180° angle view, with 2-way audio alarm button
  • Motion Detection — phone alerts when motion is detected, night vision using IR LEDs
  • Live View — supports remote live view of motion triggers
  • Storage — H264 format video saved in camera
  • Connection — WiFi network 2.4 GHz only (not for 5.0 GHz)


  • Portable and easy to use, just plug & play.
  • Versatile, multi-functional product.
  • No wires or batteries needed.
  • Supports multiple cameras and multiple viewers/users.


  • Camera view is too fixed, not easy to move camera location.

[8] Konpcoiu Mini Body Camera

The Konpcoiu Mini Body Camera is probably one of the smallest pieces of spy cam gadgets you can carry around with you. You can hang it on your shirt pocket on its clip-on or stick it on any metal surface because it has a magnetic back. The Konpcoiu Mini Body Camera is in fact designed to look like a personal recording device. It’s also a spy cam that can record video for 6 hours straight. The Konpcoiu Mini Body Camera gives you excellent quality 1080p video.


  • Battery Capacity — 1100mAh lithium, 6 hrs continuous video recording on full charge; inserted in portable battery pack can record up to 30hrs
  • Size and Dimensions — 3.74 x 0.98 x .39 inches; weight: 159 g
  • Camera Style — masquerades as a mini video recorder body camera
  • Video Resolution — up to 1080p HD quality video, with wide 130° angle view
  • Storage — up to 128GB micro SD card, loop recording, video format AVI
  • Connection — none


  • Very tiny and easy to conceal.
  • Clip-on and magnetic holder.
  • Free micro SD card included.


  • Cannot be remotely switched on to start recording.
  • No night vision for low light and dark settings.