Blink App: How To Delete A Mobile Device

There are many reasons that you might want to delete a mobile device from your Blink account. It could be that you have recently bought a new phone or perhaps you have just split from a partner whose phone has access to your Blink account.

Whatever the reason is, you will be pleased to know that the process is quite painless and quick.

Open your Blink app and from the home page select the settings menu- bottom right hand side. Then tap on privacy and accounts and towards the bottom of the page under privacy settings, you will see the option manage mobile devices. 

Tapping it triggers a verification code to be sent to your phone. Enter the code and you will see a list of all the devices which are running the Blink app. 

On the right, next to each device is a trash icon. Tap on the icon and a warning appears about being logged out. Select remove access if you want to delete the mobile device or select cancel if you have changed your mind. 

The device disappears from the list.

Tap on the left arrow in the top left hand corner and you will be returned to the accounts and privacy menu.