Blink Mini- What Is Live View?

Live view is the ability to connect to a Blink Mini camera and view what is happening in front of the camera in real time.

This function is accessed via The Blink Home Monitoring App.

I have created a video which demonstrates how to access the live view feature from the Blink app and what the main functions are within this feature.

Or if you prefer written instructions, here you go.

If we tap the video camera icon on the thumbnail of the camera that we want to connect with, a new screen is loaded. 

At the top of the screen is a live feed from the Blink camera. There are five other settings on this live view screen that we can explore. 

Turn the microphone on/ off

Above the live feed in the top right hand corner is a speaker icon. Touching this icon turns the microphone on and off- the microphone is buried in the front of the case below the lens.

When the microphone is on, the icon is a speaker. When the microphone is switched off, the icon is a speaker with a line through it.

The choice of a speaker icon to control the function of a microphone is a bit strange, don’t you think?

Can I watch live view on a full screen?

Within the live view also in the top right hand corner is a white rectangle on a black background. 

Pressing this icon switches the live feed to a full view on screen. The feed switches from portrait to landscape mode on your phone.

Can I save my live view as a clip?

In the bottom left hand corner of the live view screen is the save option. Tapping on this turns it blue (which means that the feed is being recorded or saved.) This recording can be viewed from the clip menu on the homepage.

Tapping the icon again turns the icon white and stops the feed being recorded- although you are still connected live to the camera.

Can I talk to someone who is near my Blink Mini?

Whether it is an unwanted intruder, a beloved pet or a child who is just about to do something stupid, you can communicate with someone who is in the same room as your camera.

The Blink Mini camera has a speaker situated on top of it.

You can talk by pressing and continuing to hold the hold to talk button in the centre of the screen on the app.

Pressing and holding this button enables you to talk to a person or a pet that is close to the camera.

Remember that you need to hold the button all the time that you’re talking.

Your voice will come out of the speaker on the camera.

If you want to hear what these people are saying to you, make sure that the microphone is turned on

What does the More button do?

Our last option on this page is the more button which is situated in the bottom right hand corner of the app and is represented by three dots in a horizontal line. Pressing this displays two further options- extended live view and device settings.

Extended live view

The extended live view option, is on the bottom left hand side of this screen. The icon is a black arrow surrounded by a black circle.

This option needs to be enabled first and so if you tap the icon once it takes you to a page with a blue enable button on it.

Once it has been enabled, the black arrow and circle turn white and the background turns blue.

You will return to the main live view screen where you will stay connected to your camera for 90 minutes. 

However, enabling this option, automatically disables the ability to save a clip of this live view which was discussed earlier. 

To stop or disable extended live view, tap on the more icon and then tap on the blue and white extended live view icon.

Press the blue and white continue button in order to turn off extended live view.

Device settings

Next to the extended live view icon, is a black and white icon of a gear cog, which represents device settings.

These are detailed settings that help you manage individual cameras.

Tapping on this icon opens up a four sub menus:

  1. general settings
  2. motion settings
  3. video and photo settings
  4. Audio settings

All of which are explained in much more detail on this page.