Bluetooth Speaker Hidden Camera

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If you’ve never heard of a Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speaker before, you definitely aren’t the only one.

They are rather uncommon devices since there is an element of secrecy surrounding them.

After all, anyone who needs a hidden camera probably wouldn’t tell you about it.

That is exactly what they are for, providing a measure of home security that can’t be obtained by traditional security cameras.

The reason for wanting a hidden camera could be to keep an eye on a nanny, children, pets, or property without giving away the fact you have a security camera there.

A Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speaker is so effective because the camera itself is disguised as a fully functional Bluetooth Speaker.

The lens is typically hidden in a fashion that makes it nearly invisible and almost certainly unnoticeable.

This allows you to record in secrecy and not draw suspicion since the camera doubles as a Bluetooth Speaker.

Who Needs One?

The ideal buyer for a Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speaker combination could be anyone from a person in need of a portable speaker to the average homeowner who wants to keep on eye on their home.

It doesn’t take any expertise or special skills to use a Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speaker.

If you know how to sync a device with Bluetooth and use a smartphone app then you can use one without a problem.

Even if a buyer is only in the market for a Bluetooth speaker, they find it very useful to have the hidden camera as a backup option even if they don’t currently have a use for it.

Advantages and Disadvantages

A Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speaker provides twice the value as a normal hidden camera or a regular Bluetooth speaker.

If you are in the market for either one you might as well buy a combination and get twice the use out of it.

It never hurts to keep a watchful eye on your property or loved ones and have a way to listen to some tunes.

Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speakers provide a much more convenient method of capturing video then standalone hidden cameras since you have to actually hide the standalone camera.

Whereas the Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speaker is already hidden and can be put literally anywhere without arousing suspicion.

Features To Look Out For

The most common Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speakers provide a variety of standard features such as adjustable resolution for when quality is more important than saving space, WiFi connectivity for storing video on your smart device or the cloud, and removable Micro SD storage cards which provide a local storage option when a WiFi connection may not be available.

Most typically support Micro SD cards up to 128 GB in size such as the CAMXSW HD 1080P Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speaker.

Most Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speakers also have night vision and rechargeable batteries.

Another feature which is not quite as common but especially useful is the ability to rotate the camera remotely with an accompanying app.

Some Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speakers can actually rotate and give you the option to pan around the environment for when a static shot just isn’t enough such as the WNAT WiFi HD Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speakers.

If you keep these things in mind when comparing products you will be able to get the most value and features as possible.

Transwe Hidden Camera Speaker

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The Transwe Hidden Camera Speaker is a wireless HiFi two-in-one night vision spy camera with a bass-enhanced speaker combination.

This is the ideal Bluetooth speaker and hidden camera in one unit that is packed with useful features.

The Transwe Hidden Camera Speaker records in high definition adjustable resolution from the space-saving 480P to full 1080P through a 160-degree angle lens.

This unit is also equipped with night vision that has a range of 8 meters in complete darkness thanks to a pair of infrared LEDs.

The built-in motion detection has a similar range of 6 meters and when movement is detected an alert will be automatically triggered sending photos to your smartphone.

The Transwe Hidden Camera Speaker is also a great option for use as a nanny cam since the camera itself is hidden within the speaker.

Anyone around the unit will have no indication they are being recorded which could be useful for capturing unusual activity that may be occurring when you are not present.

The Transwe Hidden Camera Speaker is smaller than a laptop at 10 inches long and 2 inches wide.

It is powered by a DC 5V / 2A power adapter and cable that is included but does not have batteries so be aware that it must be plugged in for it to work.

It also comes with an auxiliary line for plugging the speaker into an mp3 player, computer, or smartphone.

This unit can also play music directly from a smartphone through its Bluetooth 2.0 connection as long as the device is within range.

Up to 8 devices can be connected at one time.

Besides having a hidden security camera, the Transwe Hidden Camera Speaker is an excellent Bluetooth 2.0 speaker with enhanced bass.

It connects wirelessly to either Android or iOS devices through a 2.4GHz Wifi network, but it should be noted that it will not function on a 5.0GHz Wifi network.

The video is stored on a removable Micro SD card that is not included but it does support cards up to 128 GB in size.

Whether you are wanting to keep an eye on a child, babysitter, or just wanting a reliable security camera, the Transwe Hidden Camera Speaker does the job while giving you maximum value by doubling as a powerful Bluetooth 2.0 speaker.

Letown Hidden Camera and Speaker

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Looking for a home security option that can be discrete? Consider the Letown Hidden Camera and Speaker which allows you to secretly record from a device that no one would ever suspect.

The Letown Hidden Camera and Speaker contains a high definition video camera that records at 30 frames per second in 1920x1080P resolution.

The lens also has a 180-degree viewing angle and a 160-degree horizontal viewing angle.

This is the ideal hidden camera which doubles as a Bluetooth speaker.

Three loudspeakers are build-in to the 10-inch by 2-inch unit that allows you to play music wirelessly through Bluetooth or over a 3.5mm AUX cable which is included.

So what other features does the Letown Hidden Camera and Speaker offer? Well, for those looking for a hidden security camera, the Letown Hidden Camera and Speaker is a great option because it not only records video but it also records audio through a hidden mic.

Another benefit of choosing this two-in-one unit is the built-in rechargeable battery which provides portability.

The rechargeable battery also provides the option to position the camera at angles that would otherwise be out of reach of an outlet.

When movement occurs in view of the device, the motion detection technology will send an alert to your smartphone and can be set to send photos in the alert.

What’s more, the Letown Hidden Camera and Speaker has a built-in encryption function that encrypts the captured footage so that it can’t be read on other devices.

Once encrypted, the video is stored on a removable 32GB Micro SD card which is even included although it supports up to 128GB cards if you choose to upgrade later.

When the included Micro SD card is full, the device can be set to record over the oldest files first allowing for continuous recording.

The Letown Hidden Camera and Speaker combination can connect through Bluetooth or a 2.4GHz Wifi network, 5GHz is not supported.

The device also includes a power adapter for use with a 5V 2A power supply.

Simply charge the Letown Hidden Camera and Speaker with the included charging cable, configure the wireless network, and your all set to begin recording video and listening to music.

All-in-all the Letown Hidden Camera and Speaker is a fantastic option for discreet home security at an affordable price.

WNAT Hidden Camera 1080P WiFi HD Spy Camera Bluetooth Speakers

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The WNAT Hidden Camera is a stand out option among hidden security cameras for its unique ability to allow for remote control of the lens.

Built into a cylindrical Bluetooth speaker, the hidden lens can be rotated to the left and to the right remotely, a feature which is lacking on most hidden camera and speaker combinations.

This gives the WNAT Hidden Camera quite an edge of the competition and makes it extremely useful since most hidden cameras are severely limited to seeing only what is in front of them.

This means you have to position the speaker at the angle you want it to record and if it gets knocked down or the action occurs out of the frame you are out of luck.

With the WNAT Hidden Camera, you can actually rotate the lens to get a clear picture of the entire surroundings through the WNAT app.

Now that we’ve established why this hidden camera has an edge over the rest, let’s take a look at what else it offers.

The WNAT Hidden Camera doubles as a powerful Bluetooth speaker which can play music wirelessly from any Bluetooth enabled device.

It also has a 3000 mAh 18650 rechargeable battery which allows for portable use.

When it comes to its function as a hidden camera, the WNAT Hidden Camera is a great choice for use as a home security camera, nanny cam, or a way to keep on eye on your belongings while staying at a hotel.

When the built-in motion detector sees movement, an alert will be automatically sent to your smartphone along with the video event in question.

These clips will be stored on a removable Micro SD card up to 128G in size which must be purchased separately.

Other specifications of the WNAT Hidden Camera include full 180-degree rotation of the lens which captures a 90-degree viewing angle.

The recorded video will be stored in either the H.264 or MJPEG format.

To receive alerts to your smartphone, you must sync the device to the WNAT Hidden Camera on a 2.4GHz Wifi network which can be activated by holding the reset button for 8 to 10 seconds.

With such a wide degree of viewing ability thanks to the rotating lens, the WNAT Hidden Camera beats out the competition for its unique ability to look around the environment while disguised as a fully functional Bluetooth speaker.

CAMXSW WiFi Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speaker

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If you are considering purchasing a hidden security camera, why not buy a device which offers more than just video recording? The CAMXSW WiFi Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speaker combines the best of hidden camera features with hands-free music listening.

It uses the Bluetooth speaker as a disguise for the hidden internal camera which records 1080P video.

It boasts a number of helpful features such as night vision, motion detection, and compatibility with both iOS and Android devices.

The CAMXSW WiFi Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speaker is an ideal candidate for home security and is smaller than many other Bluetooth hidden camera combinations.

The camera will send a burst of three photos to your smart device when motion is detected with a range of up to 6 meters.

This is great for keeping an eye on your home while you are away.

The CAMXSW WiFi Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speaker can also be used for real-time video monitoring.

Use a computer or smartphone to observe the hidden camera in real-time remotely via a 2.4GHz Wifi network.

Even in low-light conditions, the CAMXSW WiFi Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speaker can capture a clear image thanks to the night vision 4 camera.

When it comes to storing video, you have the option of either storing remotely over the Wifi network or storing locally on a removable Micro SD card up to 128 GB in size.

The 2.0 megapixel CMOS camera can record in either ASF or AVI video formats in 1080P resolution.

The lens has a viewing angle of 90-degrees and can compress video to the H.264 format.

The CAMXSW WiFi Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speaker is powered by a rechargeable Li-battery or a power adapter which consumes 320mA/3.7V.

Video files can be played on your computer using the free VLC player or SM player.

It supports both Windows and Mac OS X computers, and Android or iOS mobile devices.

The CAMXSW WiFi Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speaker comes with a USB charging cable, a power adapter, and an instruction manual.

It is smaller than a coffee mug which makes it easy to set up wherever you want or take with you on the go.

With loop recording for continuous video, night vision, the ability to play music wirelessly, and automatic smartphone alerts, the CAMXSW WiFi Hidden Camera Bluetooth Speaker is an ideal solution for home security while doubling as a stereo.

WEMLB 1080P Camera and Speaker

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The WEMLB 1080P Camera and Speaker packs more features into a single device than most hidden security cameras and Bluetooth speakers combined.

The features included in this two-in-one hidden camera and Bluetooth speaker include a wide angle 180-degree rotating lens, a removable SD card, adjustable resolution up to 1080P, and a 24/7 free live support hotline.

WEMLB describes this 1080P Camera and Speaker combination as the most intelligent spy camera on the market.

It boasts the latest motion detection technology, loop recording, and real-time Wifi streaming.

Although it looks like a typical Bluetooth speaker, this unique unit brings an unmatched 180-degree viewing angle that can be remotely adjusted from your smartphone.

As a bonus, the WEMLB 1080P Camera and Speaker comes with a 16 GB SD card for storing video locally.

You can also observe through the lens in real time over a 2.4GHz Wifi connection with the live remote view function.

If you don’t want to deal with plugging and unplugging the SD card, the option to store video directly on your smartphone is available.

Keep informed of the activity within your home and receive instant alerts to your smartphone when movement is detected.

The smart video motion sensor technology sends an alert when it detects suspicious activity and can record hours of video at a time.

The WEMLB 1080P Camera and Speaker also comes with a two-year hassle-free warranty with a 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Since the camera is discreetly hidden, use the WEMLB 1080P Camera and Speaker to keep an eye on your home, use as a nanny cam, or set up at work to keep an eye on your office.

The WEMLB 1080P Camera and Speaker is ridiculously easy to set up with its Wifi ready IP camera, then tap into the feed with your iOS or Android device using the cool WEMLB app.

It also offers email as well as in-app notifications making it an ideal gift, even for those who aren’t technologically inclined.

It is also a great gift for technology enthusiasts who will enjoy looking through the lens of the unit and manipulating the angle from side to side.

It doesn’t get much more convenient than the WEMLB 1080P Camera and Speaker and with a 100% satisfaction money-back guarantee you can’t go wrong.