Ultimate Guide to the Ecovacs Robot Vacuums- All The Top Models Compared


Ecovacs Electrical was founded in China in 2006.

This world leader in automated home appliances has a whole range of different devices.

These ranges include Deebot floor cleaning robots, Winbot window cleaning robots, Atmobot mobile air purifier robot and Benebot shopping assistance robot.

Pretty cool, huh?

This army if home assistants are taking over the world, since Ecovacs is the largest robotic cleaning manufacturer in the world, having a presence in over 30 countries.

In this article, we give you the ultimate guide to the Ecovacs robot vacuum cleaner range.

With these little minions, you can start building your own army, right?


Deebot 711

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The Deebot 711 is a super smart robot vacuum equipped with Smart Navi 2.0.

This cool feature maps your home and plans the optimal systematic cleaning path, covering upwards of 1100 square feet per cycle.

No random, drunken wanderings with this bad boy.

Alexa and Google Home can get in on the action too, ordering your Deebot 711 around.

If you’re using the Ecovacs Smart App, you get even greater functionality, since you can schedule cleaning, get status updates (who needs facebook, right), choose cleaning modes, check accessory status or even take direct control of your cleaning minion.

What about that spot where the glitter fell on the floor? Set the Deebot 711 to Max Mode to ramp up suction power to a cool 1000Pa.

Alternatively, let it run in auto-clean, edge or spot mode.

Battery life is a standard 110 minutes, after which the Deebot 711 will go straight back to the charging station, just like a homing pigeon, to self-charge.

Equipped with anti-collision and anti-drop technology, the Deebot 711 won’t run down the stairs or bump into your furniture.

It will definitely clean under your furniture, though, since it’s pretty streamline and low to the ground.

Some shortfalls to note: you can’t set specific areas to clean with the Deebot 711.

It also doesn’t have an auto-resume function, so it will start all over again once it’s done recharging.

In short, it will clean your home meticulously, following the same optimal path, every time.

Known for its efficient carpet cleaning abilities, the Deebot 711 is perfect for the home with a mixture of hard floors and low-pile carpets.#

Deebot 601

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The Deebot 601 cleans systematically, in an S-shape, just like the Deebot 711.

Unlike the Deebot 711, the 601 won’t map your home.

This one is specifically designed for pet hair, thin carpets and hard floors.

Equipped with anti-collision and anti-drop sensors, your vacuum robot won’t get into a scuffle with a chair leg and also won’t take a dive down the stairs.

Before returning to base to self-charge, the Deebot 601 will cover 1100 square feet of your home in 120 minutes, leaving it meticulously cleaned.

With its three-stage cleaning system, the 601 will sweep all debris towards the centre of the robot, where roller brush and vacuum suction will gobble up everything in a single pass.

It even has max mode, ramping up suction to twice that of normal mode for those crazy messy areas, even on the low-pile carpet or those hard-to-reach corners.

Do you want to check that your floors are clean before you return from vacation in the Bahamas? Simply use the Ecovacs Smart App to schedule, customize and track cleaning sessions, monitor accessory status and check for error alerts.

While you’re at home, Alexa and Google Home can also get in on the action.

While the Deebot 601 doesn’t map your home or have auto-resume functionality, it will thoroughly clean your hard floors and low-pile carpets, annihilating any pet hair in the process.#

Ozmo 930

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Ozmo is Ecovacs’s deluxe range.

These troupers don’t mess around; they get the sweeping, vacuuming and mopping done properly, especially in a large, multi-room home.

Using Alexa, Google Home or the Ecovacs Smart App, you can draw virtual boundaries, set and schedule cleaning in specific areas and keep track of cleaning sessions and accessory status.

How cool is that? The Ozmo 930 will map your home, navigating with laser-enabled Smart Navi, and calculate the most efficient cleaning path.

Do you live in a multi-storey home? The Ozmo 930 has a convenient handle for you to carry it up and down the stairs.

It hasn’t grown legs yet.

Sorry! At least it won’t attempt the stairs by itself, since it comes equipped with anti-drop and anti-collision sensors.

A great feature is Adaptive Floor Sensing Technology.

When the mopping pad is attached, the Ozmo 930 won’t go onto carpets.

Sensing the carpet, it will turn away, mopping only the hard floor.

When the mopping pad isn’t attached, it will double up on suction power in order to properly clean the carpet.

No soggy carpets and no pet hair hiding in your carpet either! The super efficient filter will ensure that none of that dust gets blown back into the air.


The mopping system with reusable mopping pad is electronically controlled, ensuring that the water flow is just right to get a consistent, efficient clean.

After about 110 minutes of cleaning like a boss, the Ozmo 930 will run a bit low in juice.

It will automatically return to the charging station to self-charge, after which it will resume cleaning where it left off.

The dustbin is large, so it can gobble up quite a bit of dirt in one cleaning session.

If you’re concerned about the amount of pet hair your little trouper will have to consume, switch the main brush for a direct suction plate.

Nothing gets stuck to that.

The Ozmo 930 is ideal for the large, multi-storey home with a combination of hard floors and carpets.#


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Deebot N79s is specifically designed for hard floors and low-pile carpets.

With multiple cleaning modes, you can set it to clean automatically, in spot mode, edge mode or max mode, for those really stubborn areas.

Using the Ecovacs Smart App, Alexa or Google Home, you can schedule and track cleaning sessions and monitor the status of your little soldier.

If you feel like going low-tech, just press the button on the robot vacuum itself and off it goes to clean your home, using Smart Motion to find its way.

The dual wide nylon brushes has a wide reach to draw dirt into the path of the Deep-Reach Double Helix Brush-Roll, where the powerful suction power will vacuum it right up.

How’s that for a three-tier cleaning system? This one is backed up by efficient air filtration, trapping dust, pollen and other allergens as it goes along.

Not only does the N79s have anti-drop and anti-collision sensors, it also has soft bumpers, just in case the dog runs in front of it.

No new dents on your furniture and no new bruises on your toes.

Want to have a nap while the N79s is busy doing its work? No problem! The Lithium battery allows it to clean consistently and quietly for 100 minutes on a single charge.

Speaking of charge, the Deebot N79s has self-charging capability, so when the battery runs low, it will automatically return to the charging station to fill up.

Unfortunately, the Deebot N79s does not map your home, so you can’t tell it to stay in a specific area.

You will have to close the door to keep it in your bedroom.

It also doesn’t have auto-resume capabilities, so once it’s done recharging, it will start the cleaning process all over again.

The Deebot N79s is and ideal entry-level device for the young professional living in an open-plan loft with hard floors and low-pile carpets.#

Ozmo 610

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The little brother of the Ozmo 930, the Ozmo 610 is pretty awesome.

Specifically designed for hard floors, the Ozmo 610 uses Smart Cleaning Path technology to ensure that it never misses a spot, even when cleaning multiple rooms.

It plans its cleaning route cleverly and doubles back along its path without cleaning the same spot twice.

How’s that for efficiency?

Able to handle both the dirt from that potted plant that the dog knocked over and yesterday’s coffee stain on the kitchen floor (hey, we don’t judge), the Ozmo 610 is a veritable cleaning ninja.

It can even sweep, vacuum and mop in one pass, saving time and energy.

Use Max mode for the potting soil and spot mode for the coffee stain.

You can also set it to auto mode or edge mode, if you need to.

The high efficiency filter will remove almost all the dust, pollen and allergens while its cleaning, leaving your home fresher.

Mopping is electronically controlled, ensuring that just the right amount of water is used on your floors.

No puddles or water stains with this one.

When letting the Ozmo 610 loose on your carpets, attached the v-shaped main brush.

This one is amazing on carpets, able to achieve a proper deep clean.

Don’t have carpets? Attach the direct suction inlet so it can gobble the dirt straight up – it’s also great for getting hair without tangling.

Unlike to Ozmo 930, the Ozmo 610 can’t automatically detect carpets.

You also can’t set virtual boundaries and it doesn’t map your home, which means no auto-resume setting either.

If you want to avoid having a soggy carpet, you will have to program it correctly and maybe even pick up the rugs before you let it start mopping.

Scheduling cleaning is super easy using the Ecovacs Smart App.

You can even program a regular clean at a certain time, setting the Ozmo 610 to work when you’re not home.

It will self-recharge at the docking station when its battery runs low after about 110 minutes of cleaning.

You also don’t have to babysit the Ozmo 610.

As with most robot vacuums, it comes standard with anti-drop and anti-collision detection.

Unfortunately, this one doesn’t talk to Alexa or Google Home.

The Ozmo 610 is ideal for homes with pet hair, hard floors and removable rugs.

M81 Pro

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The Deebot M81 Pro sweeps, vacuums, mops and dries your floor, all in one pass of its five-stage cleaning system.

Suitable for picking up pet hair and giving your floors a good, deep clean, this is a great mid- to top-range model.

In auto cleaning mode, the M81 Pro will randomly bounce around the room like a ping pong ball, which isn’t as efficient as some of the other models’ serpentine cleaning patterns.

Still, you can set it to edge mode, spot cleaning mode or intense cleaning mode for awesome performance.

Edge mode is self-explanatory, letting it slink along the edge of a room, getting the dirt out of those hard-to-reach corners.

Spot cleaning mode lets the M81 Pro spin around like a dog trying to catch its tail, getting that spot nicely clean from all angles.

Intensive cleaning mode ramps up the suction power while maintaining the random cleaning route of auto-cleaning mode.

It’s great for the area that it does move over, but still not incredibly efficient.

What is efficient is the large bin capacity on the M81 Pro, along with the fact that it can pick up large debris as well as hair without getting stuck.

It also has an interchangeable cleaning head and vacuum port, allowing you to customize your cleaning minion for the task at hand.

Unlike some gadgets in the Ozmo series, the M81 Pro can’t detect carpets.

If you want to avoid having soggy rugs, it’s a good idea to remove them when you set the M81 Pro to wet mopping.

Unfortunately, the M81 Pro doesn’t map your home, so you can’t tell it not to go near the carpets with virtual boundaries.

Running for 100 minutes on a single charge, it can’t go as long as some of its bigger brothers.

It does auto-recharge, which is cool.

No babysitting this bad boy.

While not being compatible with Alexa or Google Home, the M81 Pro does connect with the Ecovacs Smart App, allowing you greater control in scheduling and monitoring cleaning.

The Deebot M81 Pro comes standard with anti-drop and anti-collision sensors, keeping it safely away from the stairs and furniture.

A mid-range device capable of effectively dealing with pet hair, the Deebot M81 Pro is ideal for the budget-conscious pet owner with hard floors and only a few rugs.


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The Slim2 is the skinniest of the Ecovacs family at just 2.2 inches high.

This one will definitely get under most of your furniture, even that couch that’s really close to the floor.

Designed for bare, hard floors, the Slim2 won’t clean your carpets.

What it will do, is sweep, vacuum and mop your hard floors to an immaculate shine with its three-stage cleaning system.

This one sucks up pet hair and even human hair like there’s no tomorrow without getting all tangled up in it.

Controlling the Slim2 is easy with the Ecovacs Smart App or the remote control.

You can schedule and monitor cleaning from anywhere, any time.

Unfortunately, this skinny cleaning minion can’t speak to Alexa or Google Home.

It also can’t map your home, so you can’t set no-go zones and it can’t auto-resume after self-charging.

During its cool 110 minutes of cleaning on a single charge, the Deebot Slim2 will avoid stairs with its anti-drop sensors and also won’t bump into furniture, since it has anti-collision sensors.

Bear in mind that it moves around randomly, so it’s likely to miss a few spots along the way.

The mopping pad is detachable and reusable, so you if you want the Slim2 to just sweep and vacuum, not mop, simply remove the mop pad.

Easy as pie.

The Deebot Slim2 is ideal for a small apartment with bare floors, low furniture and a really hairy cat.


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The Deebot N78 is specifically designed to gobble up pet hair from hard floors and low-pile carpets without getting tangled.

It sweeps and vacuums, but does not have mopping capabilities.

Its whisper quiet working makes the Deebot stand out from the crowd.

Using the remote control, you can schedule and control cleaning, using spot mode and edge mode when necessary.

If you have pets, you’ll know that pet hair is notorious for wafting into hard-to-reach corners.

Don’t worry, it can’t hide from the Deebot N78.

With direct suction (no roller brushes here, mister), it simply sucks up all hair and debris swept its way by the two side brushes.

Unfortunately, the Deebot N78 doesn’t have WiFi capabilities, so you won’t be able to control it via the app, using Alexa or Google Home.

It also won’t map your home, so you will have to inspect the floors yourself to see where it’s been.

Luckily, it comes standard with anti-drop and anti-collision sensors, so it won’t fall down the stairs or bump into your furniture.

Cleaning is done in three modes: auto, spot and edge.

Auto mode lets the Deebot N78 move around randomly, so it might miss a few spots.

Sorry! Spot mode focusses on those areas that are a bit messier than the rest, like where to cat knocked the potted plant off the table again.

Edge mode finds and assassinates the tiniest speck of dust and sneakiest pet hair in the corners, like a cleaning ninja.

Auto-recharge is standard, so when the battery runs low, your Deebot N78 will return to base to fill up on juice again.

It will run a cool 110 minutes on a single charge.

Its large bin capacity lets it go for quite a while before you have to empty it out.

If you want an entry-level home cleaning gadget to sweep and vacuum your hard floors covered in pet hair, the Deebot 78N is the tool for you.


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The Deebot M82 will make mincemeat of the pet hair on your hard floors and low-pile carpets, running for a whopping 150 minutes on a single charge.

Neat! The roller brush will sniff out the pesky pet hair hiding in your carpet like a real sniffer dog.

Using the remote control, you can set up cleaning schedules and toggle between cleaning modes.

Auto mode lets the M82 roam around randomly, licking up dust, debris and pet hair as it goes along.

Spot mode are for dirtier areas and edge mode cleans the corners.

If your entire floor needs some extra love, ramp up the suction power to Max mode to tackle even the most stubborn dirt.

Don’t want the M82 to explore the stairs? Don’t worry, it’s equipped with anti-drop and anti-collision sensors, so it won’t dive down the stairs or bump into your furniture.

Unfortunately, it can’t talk to Alexa and doesn’t have WiFi capabilities, so you can’t use the Ecovacs Smart app to control your new minion either.

This means that it won’t map your home and you can’t track where it’s been.

Don’t worry, though.

It runs for and insane 150 minutes on a single charge and has a large bin capacity, so it will probably get to most of the area you want it to clean.

When the battery runs low, it will return to the charging station like a homing pigeon to self-charge again.

The Deebot M82 is perfect for the pet owner with hard floors and low-pile carpets who want an entry-level home vacuum.

Pros and Cons

Ecovacs are pretty awesome.

I mean, just look at the above reviews.

Cool, hey?

There are still some drawbacks, most of which are model-dependent.

Let’s have a look:


–          Control

Most models are WiFi enabled, allowing you to take control of cleaning schedules from anywhere in the world.

The more advanced models are compatible with Alexa and Google Home, making it even easier to control things.

–          Autonomous

You don’t have to babysit your Ecovac pet.

All models self-charge, so it never has a flat battery when you need it most.

Even the ones that aren’t enabled with auto-resume, will clean the area they can reach without you having to watch them.

–          Anti-drop and anti-collision sensors

This is a standard feature in all models, so no Ecovacs cleaning ninja will fall down the stairs or bump your furniture.

–          Logical cleaning pattern

This one isn’t standard in all models, but it’s a great feature.

The serpentine cleaning pattern means no spot is overlooked.

At the same time, you get greater floor coverage, since no spot is cleaned twice. Pretty cool.

Even cooler is the smart mapping feature in more advanced models, where your home gets mapped out and the most efficient cleaning path calculated.

–          Cleans under furniture

This one is great! It’s really hard to get under furniture with a traditional vacuum cleaner.

I mean, how many yoga-like poses have you had to strike to properly clean under the bed or the huge couch?


–          Still needs some human intervention

You still need to clean out the dustbin.

Sorry! You also still have to pick up cables, clothes and toys from the floor before you tell the Ecovacs to start cleaning.

–          Random cleaning pattern

This is only for the entry-level models – they will bounce around the floor like a ping-pong ball, missing spots and cleaning the same spot a gazillion times.

–          Noise level

Most models aren’t whisper quiet, so it can be intrusive if you let the robot do its job while you’re at home.


Now that you know everything there is to know about Ecovacs, which model would you choose for your specific application?

For overall awesome performance, independent of your floor type or the amount of dust and dirt in your home, the Ozmo 930 wins every time.

Hands down.

This is the Rolls Royce of the Ecovacs Deebot range and comes with all the bells and whistles.

It sweeps, vacuums and mops and even knows the difference between hard floor and carpet.

It’s logical in its cleaning approach and will clean your entire home, big or small.

On a budget? Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered.

The Deebot M82 does a good job sweeping and vacuuming your floors and doesn’t need any babysitting.

It will get the job done without breaking the bank.

If you want mopping functionality as well, pick the Deebot M18 Pro.

Got pets and need help getting rid of all the pet hair in your home? Choose the Deebot 601.

It’s specifically designed to take care of pet hair, so will clean your home in two ticks.

The Ozmo 610 is perfect for hardwood floors.

It will sweep, vacuum and mop your floors in a logical pattern, getting rid of all the dirt and dust in a single pass.

Deebot 711 will take care of your large house like a boss.

It maps your home, planning its cleaning route logically and systematically.

Suitable for hard floors and carpets, it will clean from the kitchen to the bedroom and everything in-between.

If you’d like to get multiple rooms cleaned in one go, use the Ozmo 610.

It’s smart enough to clean the next room and will follow a logical cleaning pattern, getting into all the corners and under to furniture along the way.