The Best Smart Thermostat? Ecobee 3 vs Nest (3rd Gen) Full Spec Analysis

In this video I compare the two smart thermostats or wi-fi thermostats as they are also known- the Ecobee 3 and Nest 3rd Generation.
This contest contains 7 different areas of technical details, that I compare these two smart thermostats in. 
The comparison is presented in a boxing match format, which means that there are 7 rounds. Each round has a winner and an overall winner is declared at the end.
The 7 rounds are;
Round 1: Basic Specifications
Round 2: Design and Power
Round 3: Smart Heating Features
Round 4: HVAC Compatibility
Round 5: Software & Apps
Round 6: Home Automation
Round 7: Reviews and Ratings.

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