How To Create A Blink Account

If you have just bought your first Blink camera then after downloading the Blink app onto your phone, the next thing to do is to create a Blink account.

I know it is frustrating because what you really want to do is set up your new camera. But creating an account only takes a few minutes and then after that, you can set up your new camera- I promise. 

When you first open your Blink app, you will be on the login screen. 

But since you haven’t got an account it is pointless trying to sign in. At the bottom of the screen it says create account. Tap on that. 

From a drop down list, select the country that you live in. Mine is the United Kingdom. You can either search for a country using the search bar at the top or scroll down the enormous list. Once you have found it, select the blue button at the bottom labelled “next”. 

Now it’s time to select your region. Just tap on it. Mine is Europe. The list here is a lot smaller which is good. 

Next it’s time to choose an email address to use. Once you have typed it in, tap “next”. 

It’s password time! I hate this part. 

Like most organisations, Blink are strict on having a secure password and so there are five main rules to follow. 

  • 8 or more characters and one of each of the following
  • uppercase
  • lowercase
  • number
  • special character

Your password needs to be typed in twice and you can tap on the eye icon to show your password in full. 

A slightly confusing part of this process is that as you are typing in the password a second time, the surrounding text is a red warning telling you that your passwords don’t match. 

As soon as your passwords match a blue button labelled create account appears. Tap on it. 

A six digit verification code is sent to your email address.

Enter the code and as part of the next layer of protection, Blink asks you for your phone number

Add it in the space provided and use the drop down box to select the country code. 

Blink wants to send another verification code to your phone so opt to have that code delivered via text or voice call. 

Tap on the blue next button at the bottom of the screen. And enter your verification code and tap on the blue verify button.

On the next screen you will be prompted to link your Blink and Amazon accounts.

The Amazon logon screen appears- or in the case of my video it doesn’t.

Add your Amazon account email and password and tap on the blue button Link Account.

 If you want to skip this step, follow this linking  tutorial at some point later on. 

Tap on the blue button labelled done and the next screen that appears is a list of all of the Blink cameras. 

Having created an account, you are now ready to add your first camera