How To Reset A Blink Mini Camera?

Does my Blink Mini need to be reset?

There are three quite specific situations that require you to reset your Blink Mini camera. 

When you add your camera to a new or existing system of cameras.

When you physically move your camera to a new location.

And when it needs to be connected to a different WIFI network 

A red button on the left hand side of the lens indicates that your Mini isn’t connected to the WiFi but this doesn’t mean that your camera needs to be reset.

If your camera is displaying a red light, try connecting it to your WiFi as a first step. If that doesn’t work, then resetting your camera is the way to go next. 

What is the reset button?

Most modern gadgets have reset buttons. 

These buttons delete some or all of a device’s settings and are used by people as a last resort for getting their misbehaving gadget back online.

The reset button on the Blink Mini is a tiny circle- only a couple of millimetres wide. 

Where is it located?

The button is located on the underside of the Blink Mini next to the hole where the stand clicks into place.

Do I need to use any special tools?

Because the button is so small you might want to arm yourself with a tool in order to help you successfully reset the camera.

Something like a paper clip, the end of a small screwdriver or the prong of a fork can all be used to press the reset button.

How to reset a Blink Mini Camera?

You need to press the reset button for 5 seconds.

After 5 seconds a red light will flash for a second before it turns green and flashes. Within a few seconds the green light will turn solid and a blue solid light will appear. 

Let’s take a look at this process now. 

Pay special care to the lights and how they change colour. 

Will turning the Blink Mini off reset it?

No. Turning your camera off won’t reset it. Whilst your camera is turned off you won’t be able to connect to it but once you turn it back on and give it a few seconds to connect then your camera should work as normal. 

Will I lose all my settings if I reset my Mini camera?

Although the official advice from Blink is that most of your camera settings won’t be lost during a reset, I have found this not to be true. 

Let’s take a look at the following screen grabs of the settings on my Blink Mini before and after I reset it. 

When a camera is reset a camera offline message appears in the app.

Firstly by resetting your camera, your app will lose its connection to the app and a “camera offline” message will appear on the apps homepage.

Any settings that you changed within menus (such as motion settings and night vision settings) will return to default.

If you renamed the camera, this will also be lost and replaced with an unfriendly and meaningless name.  

Some settings will remain the same- these are the settings which can be accessed from the Settings menu on the homepage. 

How is resetting my Blink Mini different from deleting a camera from a system? 

There’s two main differences between resetting your camera and deleting it from the app.

The first one is all about purpose. Most people would delete their camera if they were going to change its location and add it to another system or if they were going to remove the camera permanently- for instance if the camera was going to be sold or given away.

The second difference affects the app. When you delete a Blink Mini from your system, your camera disappears from the app.

The thumbnail of your camera isn’t there. 

When you reset a camera, the thumbnail of the camera is displayed in the app but it has the message “camera offline”

Does resetting my Blink Mini delete any photos or video clips? 

The Blink Mini camera doesn’t contain any memory- there’s nowhere physically in the camera for any data to be stored.

Instead, any images or motion clips  will either be stored on a SD card in a Sync module or in the cloud as part of a subscription plan. 

There is a tiny possibility that you might reset your camera as it is transferring a photo between the camera and the storage system in which case the photo will be lost. But as I said, the chances of this happening are very small. 

Signs that a Blink Mini has reset successfully

If your camera has reset successfully then the main thing to look out for is a camera thumbnail in the app and when you press on the thumbnail you connect to the camera and get a live view