IFTTT and Arlo: The Best Applets

Similar to its competitor the Blink XT camera, the Arlo Indoor/Outdoor camera is a versatile home security camera that can assist property owners in ensuring that their home or residence is secure at all times.

This versatility, combined with the camera’s ability to easily integrate into your current smart home setup make the Arlo an intriguing option for those looking for a smart home enabled security camera.

But just how easy is it to add the Arlo camera into your current smart home setup? Thanks to IFTTT, or If This Then That, the process of expanding the functionality of your smart home security system couldn’t be easier.

Through IFTTT applets, your Arlo can do everything from send you notifications about activity detected by the camera to turning on your Philips Hue lights if motion is detected in an effort to scare off possible intruders. With these useful functionalities in mind, let’s jump into some of the top-rated applets for the Arlo Indoor/Outdoor camera.

Easily Update Arlo’s Status with Alexa or Google Assistant

One of the greatest benefits of having a smart security system is the ability to change the status of your system while you’re away from home. Feel like you forgot to arm your Arlo system before leaving the house? Use these applets offered by Alexa or Google Assistant to immediately arm your Arlo security system, ensuring that your property is being watched over while you are away.

Thanks to IFTTT applets, disarming your Arlo system is just as easy. Alexa and Google Assistant make the process of disarming the Arlo camera effortless with a simple voice command. The knowledge that you can easily change the status of your security system while you are out of the house is one of the greatest benefits of the Arlo system, ensuring peace of mind no matter where you are.

Intelligent Notifications Sent to Your Smartphone

In addition to notifying you via smartphone message or phone call when motion is detected, IFTTT applets can allow your Arlo to notify you when the camera’s batteries are getting low, ensuring that your security system is always up and running when needed.

Arlo’s parent company, NETGEAR recently published a very useful applet that will send you an email when a new Arlo applet is published, ensuring that you are always up-to-date on useful features being created for you camera within the IFTTT ecosystem.

Fully Integrated Smart Home Security System

Some of the most useful applets for the Arlo camera allow intuitive integration of other smart home enabled devices into your home security system. For example, take this applet that automatically turns on your lights if motion is detected. For the property owner that is looking for a more aggressive warning to trespassers, the “Arlo Red Alert” applet will quickly turn your Philips Hue lights red and sound an alarm. Additionally, homeowners have the option of using Nest to control their Arlo cameras, allowing for a seamless and fully integrated smart home security system.