IFTTT and Security Cameras- 19 Most Unlikely Applets

Hey everyone.

Some years ago, I wrote a mammoth post on IFTTT and although it always disappointed traffic wise, hundreds of people have found it useful enough to want to link to it which is great.

And so, here I am writing chapter 2!

And in this post I am going to be focusing on some of the most unlikely applets for security cameras on IFTTT.

But first, I need to do some explaining…

What is IFTTT?

IFTTT is a service that connects stuff. 

It is a free platform that can be accessed via your browser or a free app for your Android or Apple device. 

All you need to do is register for a free account

IFTTT is so powerful because by connecting devices, these devices can simply do more. They can provide an owner with more (targeted) formation.

IFTTT is also a way for a brand to raise its profile and build its fan base by linking with other popular products…

And what do I mean by stuff?

I mean IFTTT can connect physical devices together (such as your security camera with your smart thermostat) and it can connect devices to software platforms- such as your security camera to Google Drive.

It is as simple and mind boggling as that.

There are thousands of devices and hundreds of software platforms that can be connected in thousands of different ways.

IFTTT organises itself into services, connections and applets.

What is a service?

A service is a brand name or a product- be that Arlo, Samsung, Nest or Google Drive. 

What is an applet?

An applet creates a simple link between one service and another. An applet contains one trigger and one action.

For instance, an applet (and there are several) that links a smartphone to a security camera and when the phone detects that the owner has left the house (the trigger), the security camera “arms” itself (the action.) 

What is a connection?

A connection creates a more complex link between products- links that involve more than one trigger or action. 

Whereas services on IFTTT are created and managed by brands, services and applets can be created by an individual for free. 

IFTTT rivals

Other platforms out there that offer similar services to IFTTT include Zapier (but this only allows connections between different software), Yonomi (which has far fewer services), Tasker (which is focused on creating connections and automation on Android phones) and Microsoft Flow (which it seems to be is dedicated to aid automation between Microsoft products and is a playground for the big boys…)

Up until last year there was another highly popular service called Stringify which has now shut down. 

How I created this list

This list is the result of oodles of time spent on the IFTTT website (and app) searching through all the applets that have been created to work with some of the most popular security cameras that we have in our homes today.

Brands such as Nest, Wyze, Ring, Blink, Swann


Ring are a security camera company who are now owned by Amazon. They started off making smart doorbells- which are front doorbells with a built in camera and microphone.

But they now make a range of different security cameras.

[1] Pizza Anyone?

This connection is with Caavo, a company who create a remote control that is so powerful that it can control anything that is connected to your TV.

And this allows a link between your Ring doorbell and your TV so that when you are expecting a pizza delivery- an alert will be displayed on your TV.

[2] Hold On

Our next applet is for anyone who has has a Ring doorbell and a subscription to the Tivo service.

This allows you to pause your TV service when there is a Ring from your Ring doorbell which is handy because when someone rings your front doorbell, it is always a struggle to find the remote control to pause your TV.

[3] Neato Shut Up!

This is a clever hook up with your Neato robotic vacuum cleaner.

If the vacuum is busy cleaning, it will stop and pause if the front doorbell rings.

[4] Connect to Hearing Aid

This connection must be incredibly useful for users of Oticon hearing aids.

It connects your front doorbell to your hearing aid so that no matter where you are in the house, you will always know when someone has come to see you.

[5] Where’s my delivery?

We all live busy lives and this next connection provides a helpful nudge to make sure that we don’t forget things.

In this applet, your Ring doorbell is connected to an app on your iPhone (iOS Notes.)

If the doorbell rings, a note will be written to your phone to remind you to check the front door for a package.

And this is our first applet between a device and a piece of software.

[6] Turn the music down

The next applet is a great one for all of you who own both a Ring doorbell and a Sonos speaker.

By connecting these two devices together, when your doorbell is pressed the volume of the Sonos speaker is lowered.

[7] Log that Ring

And our last applet that works with Ring doorbells is to log the time of any “ring” to a spreadsheet on Google Drive.

This is a great one for all of you who like to keep meticulous records…

And now, our next brand of security camera that we will look at will be Arlo.


Arlo is the smart home arm of Netgear- the IT company that provides most of the equipment that we need to keep our Internet up and running.

Although they are now branching out and building a range of devices, they started off by designing and manufacturing security cameras, such as the Arlo Pros.

From the many dozens of applets that I could have chosen, I will list four of the more unusual connections that you can create with any of your Arlo security cameras.

[1] Who’s there?

The first applet is for Arlo security camera owners who also have some door or window sensors from the Abode security company.

It enables them to create a connection between their sensor and camera so that if a door or window is opened, the camera will start recording a short clip.

[2] Arlo first

This applet is for Arlo Owners who use a TP Link router.

It aims to make sure that the camera gets as much of the Internet that it needs to record a clip of the highest quality.

The router does this by giving the Arlo camera priority over all other connected devices during this short period of time.

[3] Arlo low battery

This connection is between an Arlo security camera and the IFTTT app itself.

When your Arlo camera is running out of battery, you will be notified via the IFTTT app on your phone.

There are a few other Arlo battery warning applets which are similar to this but instead of notifying you via the IFTTT app, you will be told via Gmail or another email provider.

[4] Speak up, I can’t hear you.

Our last unusual link for an Arlo camera is between a camera and a user’s phone.

Although a link between a security camera is not that unusual, what I like about this applet is that it sets the volume of your ringtone very high so that there is no way that you can ignore the call!

Wyze Cameras

Wyze are the technology start up company whose mini security camera has taken the world by storm.

From the dozens of possible connections between Wyze cameras and other devices or software platforms, I have chosen four of the more unusual hook ups.

[1] Can you see any smoke?

This clever function is not a connection to another device.

The Wyze camera has a built in smoke sensor which when it detects smoke will start to record a video clip.

Which is a bit more unusual than starting a recording at the first sign of motion…

[2] Roomba’s in the house

This connection is between a Wyze camera and a Roomba robot vacuum.

By enabling this connection, the motion detection on your Wyze camera will be disarmed if your Roomba is running.

[3] The cat’s toilet

This is a very unusual and amusing link for your Wyze camera.

It links to a clever device called a Litter Robot, which is a self cleaning cat litter box.

As with any gadget, sometimes things can go wrong and when the cleaning cycle of the Litter Robot is interrupted it nudges the Wyze camera to start recording a clip- just in case there is cat stuck inside the litter tray.

[4] Call the fire department

This Wyze connection is with an app called Noonlight, which a tracking app that focuses on personal safety.

By linking your Wyze cam with your Noonlight app, when your Wyze cam senses CO₂ the app will send an alert to your local fire station.

Nest Cameras

The next brand of camera that I want to focus on are those cameras made by Nest. This is the smart home company which is owned by Google.

And I have selected four of the more unusual applets for you to take a look at.

[1] Kettle’s on..

The first connection is between a Nest camera and an iKettle: a hot water kettle that is connected to the Internet.

And in this applet, the Nest camera (which is being used as a baby monitor) will nudge the iKettle to boil as soon as the baby wakes and starts moving…

[2] Das Keyboard

This connection links your camera to your Das keyboard- which is a very sophisticated and powerful type of computer keyboard, mainly used by gamers.

When your Nest camera detects motion it will send a notification to your keyboard.

[3] Garage door

Our penultimate connection is between a camera and a smart garage door controller made by Garadget.

When the Nest cam detects motion it will trigger the garage door to open immediately.

[4] Robot mowing

Our final link for a Nest cam is with a robot lawnmower made by Robolinho.

And the link is made when your outdoor Nest cam detects motion in the garden and sends a message to the Robolinho requesting that it stops.