Indoor Security Camera With Audio

So, what makes a security camera with audio any good?

Well, most modern security cameras have two way audio.

Two-way audio is the ability of a security camera to not only record sounds in the immediate environment but to connect to a remote user so that they can talk to anybody that is close to the camera.


OK, let me explain.

Cameras with two way audio have a speaker and a microphone built- in to them.

The microphone is used to make any video footage more sophisticated and useful by adding sound to it.

But the microphone can also be used by somebody (person A) to have a conversation with a person (person B) who is connecting to the security camera remotely (which means anywhere else in the world about from that house) by an app.

The speaker in the camera allows person A to hear what person B is saying.

Three Qualities of Great Two Way Audio

When it comes to the two-way talk function of your camera, there are three important qualities that the audio must have.

Firstly, make sure that the clarity of the sound is good.

Is the quality of the audio good enough so that any speech can be clearly understood?

Secondly, make sure that the volume is loud enough and that it can be adjusted quickly and easily.

And thirdly, you want a camera that enables you to have a conversation with little or no delays or “lag”.

After all, it will be so frustrating if you are having to pause after each sentence!

Yes but that is all well and good but how do you check those qualities before you buy your camera?

Well, there are two ways.

The first way is to read the reviews for a security camera that you like the look of and scanning the reviews to find any mention of the camera’s audio.

Do buyer’s rate it as good or bad?

And the second approach is to spend some time watching videos on YouTube.

Again, just search for a review of a camera that you are interested in and watch it see if there is any demonstration of the audio quality.

Advantages of Two Way Audio

In my final section of this guide, I will discuss some of the advantages of a security camera with two-way audio.

In what ways can it be used.

Firstly, the obvious.

You can use the 2-way audio to chat with your family when you are not at home.

A second great use, in this modern world that we live in, is to chat to the delivery driver just as they are dropping off your parcel.

Tell them exactly where you would like the parcel to be left.

Thirdly, use the audio to discipline your pet?

Is Lassie just about to climb up onto the sofa?

Just tell him “no.”

And the final use of an indoor camera with audio is to warn off an intruder.

So hopefully from everything I have discussed above it is pretty clear and fairly obvious about why your next indoor camera needs to have two-way audio.


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The Arlo Pro 2 is a wireless 2-Way Audio security camera that allows communication back and forth through the built-in microphone and speaker and even directly through the smartphone using the Arlo Pro mobile app.

The Arlo Pro 2 camera is definitely a high-end security camera with an eye shattering price point which is quite worth the price.

This security camera has been rated as a high-performance product by its users.

The Arlo Pro 2 has a built-in speaker and microphone that produces crisp and clear 2-Way Audio communication.

Users can communicate with a loved one at home while they are away through the smartphone or computer using the Arlo App.

Users have commended its free 7-day recurring cloud storage plan that stored recorded images and audio on the cloud.

It also has a 30-day cloud storage plan for 99$ which is quite a stipe price.

The security camera is very easy to set up, use and stream live feed using your phone or computer.

The Arlo App is very easy to use and navigate as well.

The Arlo Pro 2 is a sleek, white, wireless, 2 camera system.

The design and shape is very attractive, unique and minimalistic when compared to other security cameras with similar features and of the same price range.

Below are its main features:

Motion Detection: Advanced motion detection within motion zones.

Battery | Power Cable: Rechargeable Battery

Audio: 2-Way

Alarm: Yes

Night Vision: Up to 25ft

Field of Vision: 122 degrees

Resolution: Full HD Camera with high-resolution images of up to 1080p

Alexa: Yes

Mobile Application: Supports Android OS and IOS

Cloud Storage: Yes

Arlo Pro 2 security camera is ideal for any buyer who is looking for a high-quality 2-Way audio camera with crystal clear resolution and for whom money is no object.


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The Reolink Argus 2 is a 2-Way Audio equipped camera, which allows users to communicate back and forth by using the Reolink App.

It’s also a 100% wireless rechargeable security camera.

This is a moderately mid-range security camera when compared to the security cameras with similar features.

The Reolink Argus 2 has been rated by its users as a moderate performance security camera.

Most users have commended the camera for its set up process which is quite easy.

The Reolink is a completely wireless camera which works over home WIFI connection without sucking users into subscription services.

Many users have noted that the camera’s battery life is wanting and according to reviews, this camera is not quite friendly for use in a heavy traffic area since it will most likely drain the battery life pretty fast.

This camera works great for an area that does not need 24/7 live monitoring.

In addition to that, many users have expressed their dissatisfaction with the camera’s audio system especially the weak audio volume while communication is in progress; even more, the camera does not have an option for adjusting the audio volume.

The Reolink Argus 2 is a white camera with a black plastic cover around the lens.

This camera is beautifully designed and has a futuristic feel that is very distinct from other cameras.

Below are its main features:

Motion Detection: PIR Motion Sensor

Battery | Power Cable: Solar Powered Battery

Audio: 2-Way

Alarm: Yes

Night Vision: Up to 33ft

Field of Vision: 130 degrees

Resolution: Full HD Camera with high-resolution images of up to 1080p

Alexa: Not Compatible

Mobile Application: Supports Android OS and IOS

The Reolink Argus 2 Security is not the ideal camera for a buyer who is mostly interested in the 2-Way Audio System.

However, this camera is an ideal for a buyer who is energy conscious and interested in lowering electricity consumption since it is solar powered and it’s also ideal for users who do not have a heavy traffic area to monitor.


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The Wansview is a high-resolution indoor camera with a built-in mic and speaker for clear 2-Way audio communication.

A user is able to see and send voice commands to pets or have conversations with loved ones via phone through the Wansview App.

This security camera is designed to help the users monitor their baby/elder/pet/nanny at home.

In terms of price considerations, the Wansview is very pocket-friendly when compared to any other security camera with similar features.

This security camera is very popular among its users due to how easy and quick it is to mount and use.

This Camera is a fan favorite amongst its users, many who have commented that they were surprised by the size.

By being smaller than other cameras, this makes it quite handy and easy to connect and mount to the wall.

It has a great range of vision and the quality of the images produced are quite outstanding.

It has an advanced built-in speaker and microphone for clear 2-way audio conversations, through the Wansview App.

The App is easy to use and many users have commended it for its simplicity and optimization.

When the IR-led are turned on users can live stream and even see in the dark.

Not only are you able to see what’s going on at home, but you can also send voice commands to your pet and talk with loved ones, even when you’re away from home.

The Wansview wireless security camera is a white minimalist and futuristic looking camera.

The design of the camera is very unique compared to other cameras.

The feel and look of this camera look much more expensive than it actually cost.

Below are its main features:

Motion Detection: Advanced motion detection within motion zones.

Battery | Power Cable: 8 ft Cable

Audio: 2-Way

Alarm: Yes

Night Vision: Up to 20ft

Field of Vision: 120 degrees

Resolution: Full HD Camera with high-resolution images of up to 1080p

Alexa: Yes

This is an ideal product for users who want an affordable indoor security camera equipped with the 2-Way Audio system.

The Wansview is pocket-friendly, beautiful, easy to mount camera that performs all the functions of a high-end security camera at a fraction of the price.