Motion Sensor Security Light with Built in Digital Camera Recorder

Section 1: Key features

You’re thinking of upgrading your security and saw an advert for a security camera with a motion sensor and light.

Looks interesting and high-tech, right? But, how do you choose one from all the millions (literally) of products on the market?

What’s important and is it really worth it? Lucky for you, we did the research so you don’t have to.

Here’s a breakdown of the most important features:

Light and Night Vision

Well, duh! If you want to see what’s going on at night, you need a light.

This could be a floodlight or spotlight or basically any type of light that either stays on whenever it gets dark or that switches on when motion is detected.

For night vision to work properly, you still need a light source.

Even infrared night vision relies on some source of light – the full moon, a spotlight, streetlamps, etc. – to make it work.

If the source of light is adequate and the software in your fancypants camera smart enough, the usually black-and-white night vision image can even be converted to full-color, which is absolutely awesome.

So, check the specifications on the camera you’re thinking of buying and make sure that the brightness and reach of the light suit your needs.

Also check the reach of the night vision setting. This would determine where you have to install your camera in order to cover the area you want to monitor.

A decent range is about 30 feet. Some top of the range cameras have night vision of up to 100 feet, but this is rare.

Some cameras have lights that can be switched on and off remotely, usually via an app. This is also cool.

If you hear something outside, but the motion sensor didn’t pick up anything, you can always switch on the light yourself and check things out remotely.

Recording & Storage

Some security cameras record 24/7, while others only record when motion is detected. All of this footage must be stored somewhere.

While it’s nice to have around the clock surveillance of your property and have all that footage available for review when you need it, this would amount to an incredible amount of storage space.

This is especially true if you’re using a high-resolution camera.

On the other hand, recording only “events” (this is what we call instances when motion is detected), uses less storage space and gives you less material to go through when something did indeed happen.

Here, you need to check the settings of your device: some cameras only record from the moment motion is detected, which means that you could miss a crucial thing that happened moments before the motion sensor picked something up.

Some cameras store recordings from a few seconds before the motion sensor is triggered, allowing you to see the entire event, not just a portion of it.

ome cameras store recordings from a few seconds before the motion sensor is triggered, allowing you to see the entire event, not just a portion of it.

Storage is also something you need to figure out.

Most of the cameras that allow streaming (more on that later) have options for cloud storage. While cloud storage is potentially unlimited, it has some downsides.

You usually pay a subscription fee for cloud storage. Here, the package you choose will determine how much storage space you get – one day?

A month? Unlimited? Decide what you need and choose that option. 

Also, if your footage is on the cloud, someone could hack it.

While it’s not entirely likely that someone will go through the effort of hacking into a private person’s security camera, it’s not impossible.

If you’re nervous about this, perhaps you should opt for local storage.

Local storage is usually done on high speed micro SD cards installed on the camera itself.

Here, you would have to check the maximum capacity your camera can handle and remember to swap out the SD card before it runs out of space.

This is also a good option for areas that don’t have secure or reliable internet connections.

Some security cameras use LAN connections which allow storage on a local server. This isn’t that common anymore.

Motion Sensing

Motion sensing is a must for proper security cameras.

This is really where the magic happens.

Most camera brands that have internet connectivity and an accompanying app will send push notifications straight to your phone or other connected device when motion is detected.

This allows you to log on and check things out, even when you’re on the other side of the world. Pretty cool.

Entry level models usually have motion sensors with adjustable sensitivity, but not customizable motion zones.

Here, you would theoretically be able to set things such that the cat running past won’t trip the sensor, but a human would. It doesn’t always work that well, though.

More advanced model cameras usually have customizable and adjustable motion zones.

This is cool, since you can set it to ignore areas that usually trigger false alarms.

These would include areas where tree branches move in the wind or the pets use the doggy door.

If your camera picks up part of the sidewalk, you would want to set it to ignore that area as well, since pedestrians and passing cars will definitely trigger false alarms.

If you go for the top of the range cameras, you really get some high tech gadgets.

These are able to learn as they go, distinguishing between living beings and inanimate objects (think dog and ball).

They can also differentiate between animals, kids and adults. Some of these are so smart that they can tell your family members from the delivery guy and also a potential intruder.

Here, you can set the motion sensor and accompanying push notifications to only bug you if something untoward is actually happening. Now that’s a smart gadget!

It goes without saying that smarter gadgets come with a larger price tag, so you will have to figure out what you actually need and go for that.


We love being connected. With the smart cameras on the market today, you can be connected to your home and know what’s going on, even when you’re on the other side of the globe.

Streaming is a useful tool, allowing you to check things out, see when the delivery guy came around or check whether your kids got home from school on time.

For this, you need LAN or WiFi to connect your camera to the internet.

Most new model cameras use wifi, so check that the signal from your router is adequate in the area you install your camera.

Also check the streaming quality you receive on your phone or connected device.

It’s pretty useless if you only get a grainy image with lots of lag and you can’t really tell what’s going on.


If you have a camera that allows live streaming, why not include audio, right?

That way, you can see and hear. So, the entry level cameras usually record audio and have one-way audio streaming.

You can hear what’s going on, but you can’t chat back.

You can hear what’s going on, but you can’t chat back.

More advanced models have two-way audio, allowing you to talk to whoever’s at the door.

Now, you can tell the delivery guy to just leave the package at the door.

You can also tell the potential intruder to back off and that you’re calling the police.

Some models even allow you to play a prerecorded deterrent message.

Maybe you can record Liam Neeson in Taken, telling them that you will find them…?

Section 2: Ideal Buyers

So, who needs a security camera with a light and motion sensor?

Why not just a light? Or just a camera?

Let’s think this through: Your home is a busy place with kids, pets, delivery guys and the odd stray cat all over the place.

You work long hours, so you can’t be at home all the time to make sure everything is safe, secure and intruder-free.

So, why not get a security camera that allows you to check things out from anywhere?

This is not a nanny cam, though, so you want to know when something (someone?) moves around outside, hence the motion sensor.

A motion sensor connected to a siren would deter most intruders, but since your home is so busy, this is not practical.

You’d get false alarms all the time, which would suck. Plus, you won’t be able to actually see what’s going on if the alarm does go off for a legitimate reason.

ou’d get false alarms all the time, which would suck. Plus, you won’t be able to actually see what’s going on if the alarm does go off for a legitimate reason.

At night, a camera on its own won’t allow you to actually see anything, since it’s dark and night vision is generally not that great.

That’s why you need a light – it allows you to see things clearly and really know what’s going on. Now, you can have peace of mind, even when you’re not at home.

As an added bonus, the light acts as a second deterrent for intruders. No one likes being caught on camera.

Now for the motion sensor: Leaving the lights on around the clock would cost an arm and a leg.

If your camera’s light is connected to the motion sensor, it would only be switched on when needed.

You could use this to light your way as you walk from the gate to the front door, or to show up unwelcome visitors.

The motion sensor also allows for push notifications to be sent to you phone when something does happen.

Now, you can react to dangerous situations immediately – another layer of protection for your family.

You may also want to use these cameras in areas that are remote and not well lit, like on the farm or at the warehouse.

Again, these give you peace of mind, since anything that happens is clearly lit, allowing you to see what’s going on.

The instant notifications triggered by the motion sensor allows for fast reaction time, which could get a potential burglar caught in the act.

Section 3: Pros and Cons 


–          Clearer night vision. The light allows the infrared sensors to record visuals clearly.

These can even be converted to full color. Way better having a camera with no light.

–          You get to see what’s going on, even when you’re not there.

If you only have a light and no camera, you can’t monitor things effectively.    


–          Storage. In order to retrieve your footage later on, you need storage, either on the camera itself or on the cloud.

This is potentially expensive.

–          Network connection. If your wifi or LAN connection is intermittent or unreliable, you won’t be able to stream your video footage, rendering your fancy camera moot.

–          Installation. Installing a light without a camera is usually easier and quicker than installing a camera.

This gets remedies in some newer models though.

Questions to Answer

[0] What is the biggest brand?

Ring Inc. is easily the biggest home security company at present. The company was founded in 2013 by innovator Jamie Siminoff.

After initially being rejected by investors on the TV show Shark Tank, his company became a huge hit and was sold to Amazon in 2018 for more than $ 1 billion.

Ring offers a wide range of products, of which their video doorbell is by far the most successful.

Added to this, they offer state of the art security cameras and accessories, such as solar chargers, quick release battery packs, Ring Chime (a device connecting all of your Ring devices and sending notifications from anywhere in your home), security signs and solar panels.

That’s a whole heap of home security awesomeness right there.

[1] What is motion detection recording?

Motion detection recording allows for video footage to be recorded only when motion is detected.

This is pretty cool, since footage is only recorded when something happens, so you don’t have tons of footage to sift through in order to figure out what happened.

It also conserves storage space. Since storage space could cost a pretty penny (especially on the cloud), this saves you money.

[2] How do motion detection cameras work?

To understand motion detection, we first have to take a look at how digital cameras work.

In a nutshell, your camera has an image sensor that receives light from the camera’s lens. Inside the image sensor are a bunch of pixels, each of which records how much light it’s getting.

This forms a pattern of light and dark, which in turn becomes the video image you see on screen.

Motion detection is directly linked to this. Special software compares the pixels captured in each frame, determining if and by how much they’ve changed.

If a large enough percentage of the pixels have changed from one frame to the next, the software knows that something moved, which would then trigger an alert to be sent to you. Cool, right?

Now, the percentage change that tells the software to raise the alarm is controlled by the sensitivity level of the motion sensor – usually, the user gets to set this.

If the sensitivity level is high, leaves blowing or pets moving would trigger the alarm.

Lower sensitivity would avoid this – you will have to fiddle with the settings until you find the one that’s just right – like in Goldilocks.

[2a] How do cameras alert their owners when motion has been detected?

This really depends on the make and model of the camera you have.

Since most of these cameras are connected to the internet, you can receive either push notifications via an app (most brands have an accompanying app that links your camera to your phone or tablet) or emails.

Some old school cameras still use text messages to notify their owners of movement.

This is not common anymore and you probably won’t find any new models with this feature.

[3] How do you avoid a motion detector?

Depending on the sensitivity level of the motion detector in question, or its field of view, this is potentially a very easy task.

Motion sensors generally have blind spots that limit their field of view.

So, the easiest way to do this is to stay in the blind spots, usually directly below the camera, along the wall that the camera is mounted on and in the corners of the room.

Note that, for this very reason, motion sensors are often installed directly across from each other to minimize the blind spots.

If you can’t stay in the blind spots, move very slowly and as low as possible.

Most sensors are calibrated to allow pets to move around without triggering the alarm, so getting on your hands and knees might help you pass for an average dog.

Some sensors can also be blocked with a piece of paper or cardboard (usually the older ones, though).

If this is the case, slowly move a piece of paper or cardboard to cover the motion sensor.

Once the sensor is covered, attach this to the sensor with a piece of tape.

[4] Who can set off a motion detector?

There is a whole range of things that could set off a motion detector.

The obvious ones are people or cars moving within the field of vision of the sensor.

Here, you want the sensor to go off.

However, there’s a whole bunch of things that cause false alarms: curtains moving in the breeze, leaves swaying in the wind, pets, balloons, rotating holiday decorations, loose-fitting doors and windows and even large bugs crawling over the sensor. Yikes.

Changing the location of your sensor and adjusting the sensitivity level can help reduce false alarms.

 [5] Do all motion detectors have cameras?

No, they don’t. Some motion detectors use PIR (passive infrared) sensors.

These measure the amount of infrared light (heat, basically) emitted by objects in the sensor’s field of view.

It’s pretty cool science. When the amount of radiation measured by the sensor changes, the voltage generated by the sensor changes.

This gets picked up by some smart sensors, which then raises the alarm. Nice.

Sengled Smart LED Floodlight with Security Camera

Buy on Amazon

If you have a large home and would like to upgrade your security system, look no further than Sengled.

This smart security camera connects with wifi to store recordings on the cloud, 24/7.

Live view is enabled from literally anywhere in the world, so you will know what goes on at home, even when you’re on holiday. Nice. Streaming resolution is HD 1080P with infrared color night vision, so you won’t miss a thing.

Each camera comes with a powerful built-in LED floodlight rated at 1200 lumen.

These can be dimmed if you don’t want it to spoil your romantic moonlight picnics in the backyard.

This bad boy stays on for a cool 90 seconds when motion is detected.

Sensitive motion detectors pick up movement within 30 feet of the camera, sending an instant alert to your phone or other connected device.

Sengled cameras are Alexa compatible, which is super cool.

It also comes equipped with two-way audio, so you can talk to whoever is at the front door before you actually get there.

Nifty. These cameras also have a neat 140° wide angle view, which you can pan from your smartphone to follow whatever’s moving around outside.

If you want to install your cameras outdoors, these waterproof cameras will definitely offer a stable connection around the clock.

They’re easy to installjust like changing a lightbulb – with a 360° adjustable rotating head and lamp holder.

When you sign a Sengled cloud service subscription, you can choose to store your recordings anywhere from 2 to 30 days, enabling you to retrieve incidents as needed.

The Sengled Smart LED floodlight with security camera is ideal for enhanced security in a large home.

Ring Floodlight

Buy on Amazon

Ring has amazing products and this Floodlight security camera is no exception.

With its sleek black weatherproof finish and easy installation, it takes your home security to a whole new level.

Advanced motion detection features are optimized to detect human shapes at up to 30 feet.

Simply install your camera 9 feet off the ground.

Here, you can set the motion detection area to where it matters most.

No more waving palm fronds tripping your alarms when the wind picks up.

When motion is detected, you will receive instant notifications so you can check things out immediately.

On top of this, the powerful floodlights go on immediately to illuminate what’s going on.

This bad boy comes equipped with two LEDs rated at a combined 1800 lumens. Nice.

Video is streamed for live view and recorded at a neat 1080p HD, even in night vision.

You can view all of this straight from your phone, tablet or PC. When you subscribe to Ring Protect, your video footage gets stored on the cloud for easy access when you need it.

Subscriptions vary, so you can choose from $3 per month per camera or $10 per month all-inclusive.

Ring ties in seamlessly with other home automation features, such as Alexa and Google Assistant.

Voice activated security cameras are so cool!

This one also comes with two-way talk, so you can hear what’s going on at home and scare off potential intruders, even when you’re working late at the office.

You also have the option of a remote activated alarm to add an extra level of deterrence when you need it.

Ring adds a special extra: Lifetime Theft Protection.

If your camera gets stolen for any reason, they will replace it for free.

Wait, is stealing security cameras a thing now?

The Ring Floodlight camera is ideal for outdoor use for the security fanatic.

Ring Spotlight

Buy on Amazon

This sleek white weatherproof security camera has everything you have come to expect from Ring: easy installation, great connectivity and Lifetime Theft Protection – if your camera gets stolen, they will replace it for free.

The Ring Spotlight camera is optimized to detect human-sized object at up to 30 feet, if you install the camera 9 feet off the ground.

With this one, you can’t set specific detection zones, as is the case with the floodlight camera. You can adjust the sensitivity of the sensors to the level you need, though.

As soon as motion is detected, instant notifications are sent to all your connected devices.

You can check things out, hear what’s going on and even talk to whoever is there with the two-way talk feature.

If you don’t like what’s going on, you can always activate the siren, straight from whatever device you’re viewing from.

Speaking of devices, this camera is compatible with Alexa, so you can view the front door from anywhere in your home.

Talk about peace of mind.

Video is live-streamed from the camera to your phone, tablet or PC in 1080HD resolution.

Night vision is also excellent with built-in infrared strips.

The powerful LED spotlights will illuminate everything clearly, exactly when and where you need it.

When you subscribe to Ring Protect, your video footage gets stored on the cloud for later retrieval when you need it.

You can choose from various packages, depending on your specific needs.

The Spotlight camera is powered by a battery pack or solar panel, which makes it ideal for use in areas where you don’t necessarily have a constant, reliable power supply.

The Ring Spotlight camera is ideal for increased security at remote locations with intermittent or unreliable power sources.

Maximus Video Security Camera & Outdoor Light

Buy on Amazon

Kuna’s Maximus security camera is super smart and elegant. This one comes in beautiful styles, blending in with your normal light fixtures while added top notch security to your home.

This camera offers live streaming in 720P HD with wide angle nothing can hide from you now! Your video footage is stored on the cloud, where you can retrieve up to two hours’ worth of footage for free, or 30 days’ worth for a reasonable subscription fee. Recordings start 10 seconds before an event is triggered, so you won’t miss important details on the playback.

This smart gadget is compatible with Alexa, so you can switch the 450 lumen LED light on and off as needed.

Alternatively, you can set it to go on when it gets dark or when it detects movement.

That’s cool! The Maximus also learns as it goes along – it can learn to detect behavioral patterns, so it won’t sound the alarm when your husband takes the dog for a walk, but it will go bananas when someone stands around at your front door.

On the topic of being smart: the Maximus comes standard with two-way talk function, allowing you to talk to whoever’s at the front door.

When motion is detected, it will send a notification to your phone. When this happens, you can let a pre-recorded deterrent message play over the speakers if you don’t want to talk to the intruder at that time.

The 100dB alarm can also sound at this stage.

This bad boy replaces your old light fixture, so you don’t need any new wiring or complicated installation.

You can have everything up and running in just 15 minutes. It’s also waterproof, so you can install it just about anywhere.

The Kuna Maximus is a stylish, smart security solution for the connected home.

SENS8 Outdoor Camera with Light

Buy on Amazon

SENS8’s outdoor camera is waterproof, compact and powerful.

This security ninja has a 1080p HD camera equipped with night vision and a 140° wide-angle view, ensuring that you miss nothing, even in the darkest nights.

It comes standard with an 800 lumen LED light with adjustable brightness. Pretty sharp!

Video footage is recorded straight to your Google Drive or DropBox account.

There are no subscriptions or other hassles, so only you are able to view your footage, ever.

That’s awesome! Added to this, it comes standard with 8GB built-in memory, just in case.

Motion detection is smart.

You can set zones that you want to have monitored and zones that should be ignored.

You know, like that area where the breeze moves the tree’s branches just enough to trip the alarm.

Like, 200 times a night. No more false alarms with this bad boy! When you do have an intruder, or maybe just an innocent delivery guy, at the door, you can talk to them using the built-in to-way audio.

You need wifi for the SENS8 camera to work properly.

You also need a power socket, but it doesn’t have to be super close to where you’re installing the camera, since it comes with a 20 foot power cord.

The SENS8 can be installed just about anywhere, since the IP66 rating ensures that it can withstand wind, rain, snow and dust.

Talk about rugged! Your SENS8 camera also comes with a one year quality warranty and around the clock support on their website.

The SENS8 Outdoor camera is ideal for the home owner in need of discrete, reliable security.

SOLLA 26W LED Security Floodlight Built-in HD WiFi Camera

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The SOLLA 26W security camera is smart and customizable, ensuring that it meets your specific security needs.

Here, you can get instant notifications when motion is detected, along with live video streaming at a cool 720P, 25FPS HD resolution.

Footage is stored on your phone or an on-board high speed micro SD card, not on the cloud, so no one else can get access to your footage.

The powerful 1600 lumen LED light is adjustable, allowing you to set the brightness via the accompanying app.

Motion detection on this smart camera is off by default – you switch this on via the app the first time you use your camera.

Here, you can also set whether the light must go on when motion is detected. You have the option of leaving it off if you want to.

This camera is equipped with a day/night switch, so you can toggle the settings to have it off during the day and on at night when motion is detected.

It won’t be switched on around the clock. An alarm will sound when motion is detected – you get to toggle these settings on the app as well.

The motion detection sensors are super sensitive, picking up movement up to 32.8 feet away across a cool 120° viewing angle.

This works in any weather, since the camera has a weatherproof housing to protect it from the elements.

SOLLA cameras come standard with two-way audio, enabling you to talk to whoever is near the camera.

This could be your kids playing in the backyard, or an intruder that you want to scare off.

Connectivity is a breeze with SOLLA, since this bad boy is compatible with all Android or iOS devices.

If your wifi connection is sketchy, you can use a LAN cable as well, ensuring peace of mind, since you can always connect to your cameras from anywhere in the world.

The SOLLA 26W LED Security Floodlight is perfect for the security conscious homeowner that doesn’t want to store their footage on the cloud.

Netatmo Smart Outdoor Security Camera

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The Netatmo Presence is a sleek, smart camera with modern weatherproof finish that fits perfectly into your fashionable home.

Motion sensing is super smart, able to distinguish between people, cars and animals.

When motion is detected by the 4MP video sensor, an instant notification is sent to your phone, tablet or other connected iOS device.

You can customize these updates to suit your specific needs.

If you don’t want to know every time the dog runs across the yard, disable notifications on animals.

You can also set custom areas for your alerts, only receiving alerts on movement where it matters.

Full HD video with 1080P resolution is live streamed when you need it, straight to your device via the Presence app and stored on a microSD card, included with your purchase.

Alternatively, you can have your footage stored on your FTP server or Dropbox account, free of charge. You need iOS 10 minimum for this, though.

Security on this footage is at the same level as is used at the bank, ensuring that only you get access to your video, ever.

Lighting in the Presence is great with an LED light and infrared night vision.

At night, you can choose whether you want to floodlight on for clear illumination, or whether you want to watch your driveway discreetly using night vision.

Makes you feel like James Bond, right? The floodlight can also switch on when motion is detected, deterring any unwanted visitors.

The Presence is easy to install and replaces your existing light fixtures.

This camera comes standard with wifi connectivity, so ensure that it is close enough to your router.

To connect with the app, you need a minimum of Android 5.0.

This software is also compatible with the latest versions of Chrome, Safari, Firefox and Internet Explorer.

The Netatmo Presence is a smart outdoor security solution for the connected home.


Buy on Amazon

YESKAMO’s wireless home security camera is discreet and smart, connecting you to your home when you’re not around.

Its floodlight is ultra-bright and illuminating everything the moment motion is detected.

Here, the PIR (passive infrared) sensor triggers the floodlight and siren alarm.

You can also check out your property in full-color night vision via the app.

Night vision is clear up to a whopping 100 feet with 90° view angle.

Neat! You can switch on the floodlight remotely via the app if you want to.

The two-way talkback and audio recording functionality allows you to talk to whoever is at the door, whether it’s your husband coming home early, the delivery guy or an intruder.

Motion detection is smart and is only triggered by suspicious movement.

When it’s triggered, a notification is sent to your phone, allowing you to check things out on the app.

Footage is streamed to your phone via YESKAMO’s app at a resolution of 1080P.

It also gets stored on a 32G SD card, so you can retrieve it whenever you need it.

You’ll need an extra wall socket for this bad boy – it doesn’t replace your existing light fixtures.

You can install it anywhere though, since it has an IP66 weatherproof rating.

Neat! YESKAMO’s CCTV camera is great for the homeowner that needs clear, longer range night vision with remote access.

Litmor Home Security Floodlight Camera

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Litmor’s sleek, futuristic design looks great and has incredible functionality.

Motion sensing is out of this world.

The Litmor camera’s algorithms can distinguish between living beings and other objects (like a ball being thrown or tree branches swaying in the wind).

It can also differentiate between animals, kids, family members, the delivery guy and strangers. No more false alarms, thank you very much!

When suspicious movement is detected, you will receive a notification on your phone or other connected device. At the same time, the 10 dB alarm will sound, scaring away intruders.

If that doesn’t work, use the two-way talk function to tell them who’s boss.

The floodlights take to prisoners. At 2400 lumens, you will see everything in crisp detail.

This also allows for full color night vision. Cool!

This smart security camera has a 2K HD resolution with an incredible 180° field of view, both horizontally and vertically.

No blind spots here! You can literally see everything and even toggle between fullsight and supersight modes on the app.

With Litmor, you have the option of local storage for your video footage – up to 128GB on a high speed microSD card.

With each purchase, a 32GB microSD card is included. Alternatively, you can store your footage on the cloud for a monthly subscription fee. Here, storage is unlimited.

To top everything off, the Litmor security camera is compatible with Alexa and allows you to dim the lights or even switch them on and off if you want.

Nice! You can install this security ninja just about anywhere, since it has an IP55 weatherproof rating.

Installation is quick and easy – this one replaces your current floodlight and snaps right on to that fixture.

The Litmor Home Security Camera is the gadget guru’s security dreams come true.

Enster Solar Battery Powered Camera with Floodlight

Buy on Amazon

The Enster solar powered security camera is nifty for remote areas, offering protection to your property and keeping you in the know.

Its 90° angle of view and clear night vision up to 30 feet perfectly complements the 1080P HD video streaming.

Motion sensing is also neat: when the PIR (passive infrared) sensor detects motion within 9.8 to 16.4 feet from the camera, an alert is sent to your phone or other connected device.

If this happens to be at night or when it’s dark, the floodlight will automatically turn on, illuminating the area.

The built-in LED floodlight is powerful enough for clear night vision, which is exactly what you need.

Speaking of motion detection, you can adjust the sensitivity of the PIR sensor to avoid false alarms and unwanted triggers, like the wind and that stray cat that keeps popping up.

Your video footage is stored directly onto a high speed 32GB SD card included with the camera, or on the cloud, whichever you prefer.

Footage is only recorded for a few seconds after the motion sensor is tripped, so you don’t get 24/7 monitoring, unfortunately.

The Enster has one-way audio, so you can at least hear what’s going on at the door via your phone or other connected device.

This rugged workhorse is solar powered and boasts a 2500mah battery.

Installation is quick and easy: simply stick it to a wall where you want it.

Literally. It comes with a strong glue backing – you just peel off the sticker and voila! All done.

You get to live stream video footage from your Enster camera straight to your phone.

Don’t do too much of this, though, since you will deplete the battery, rendering your camera obsolete.

This one is waterproof, so you can stick it anywhere you want.

It can withstand temperatures between -10 and 50°C. Nice.

If you’re not happy with your Enster camera, you can return it within 30 days for a full refund.

The Enster Solar Battery Powered Camera with Floodlight is ideal for monitoring remote areas that do not have a reliable power supply.