My iRobot App Won’t Open

Having smart devices at home can make life a little easier, but what should you do if the Roomba app for your Roomba vacuum cleaners doesn’t open on your mobile device?

This is a common problem and frequently happens with any mobile app from the app store as well, so we’ll cover potential causes and solutions as to why your iRobot app won’t open.

3 reasons why your iRobot app won’t work

There are many potential reasons why your iRobot app might not work.

I will just briefly describe three.

[1] Internet connection, weak-wifi signals

Poor wi-fi signals may be the most common cause of application issues, especially for first-time users. 

If your iRobot Roomba is too far away from the router of your home wi-fi network, if the router is no longer functional if your home network or local network is too weak in general, if your smart devices or phones are unable to connect to any wifi networks or sustain a proper wi-fi connection – these are all potentially valid reasons as to why the app may not work. 

[2] Charging station issues

Your Roomba robot has a charging station that it returns to in between a cleaning cycle, and the charging contacts (the point at which your iRobot Roomba connects to the charging station) is frequently dirty. All of the debris your vacuum is picking up will inevitably dirty the charging contacts on the robot, after all. On top of that, when it contacts the charging station, the dust may also cover the contacts on the station itself.

This may make it difficult for the contacts to sense when they are touching each other, and thus may cause an error code, but is also a common problem when it comes to smart devices. When the charging station and the robot Roomba are not connected, this may translate into an app issue, and it may not work correctly.

[3] Roomba issues

The charging contacts previously mentioned were one issue, but you might have issues with the power button or even the clean button and the light ring. This is common with connected robots, as there are many points of contact both physical and digital that have to go well to ensure a smooth cleaning experience.

As before, this may easily translate into an app issue as well as the Roomba is meant to be connected to the app closely for controls and scheduling.

Other reasons why the iRobot app might not work

The iRobot app is a very complex piece of software that aims to provide a user with as much control over their robot vacuum as possible.

Complex pieces of software often cause lots of problems.

As well as the reasons described above there are a range of reported issues with the app.

Reported bugs have included:

The app runs OK after installation and first use but no longer opens after that. The screen only shows the logo.

Trouble connecting to robots if you exit the application without closing it.

Non-standard configurations to your operating system that cause applications to malfunction.

The app shows that it is loading, but never exits the loading screen to go into the application homepage.

The application suddenly stops working for no seeming reason or is incompatible with the phone operating system.

This is easily seen on the home screen of your phone, as you can simply check the state of your home wi-fi network – weak wi-fi signals are usually shown with fewer bars on the indicator.

Additionally, if you are using Google Assistant or other similar home assistant software, there may be connectivity issues there. Bad internet connection for your mobile app is easily resolved, as can be seen under the solutions below.

This section is really only relevant for wifi-enabled models; those that do not have these capabilities may need a different reset option for the Roomba itself.

Five fixes to iRobot app won’t open

[1] Stronger wifi signals

You can address a weak internet connection at home with some common methods – reset the wifi router by turning it off, waiting a few minutes, and then turning it back on, for instance. If the router is old, you might also consider buying a new one, as it is recommended that you should replace wifi routers once every 5-7 years so it can keep up with new speeds.

If your wifi plan itself is a little slow, you may also want to consider upgrading it so that your home has faster wifi speeds to ensure that your iRobot Roomba has a solid connection to work with.

[2] Clean buttons or robots

The power button or light ring button may need a clean to ensure that signals to the Roomba are accepted as well. This is as simple as taking a dry, soft cloth (like the ones used to clean glasses) or a kitchen paper towel or cloth, and then wiping the buttons clean. A clean button may help your app connect better to the device.

Consider wiping the charging contacts on the Roomba or the charging station as well to ensure a smooth connection.

[3] Reset your Roomba

If you believe a factory reset of the robot is needed, follow the instructions below to reset based on the model you have:

E Series: press Home, CLEAN, spot clean button for 20 seconds to trigger factory reset.

I Series: press Home, CLEAN, spot clean button down for several seconds until the light ring around the CLEAN button begins to swirl.

S Series: press Home, CLEAN, spot clean button down for several seconds until the light ring around the CLEAN button begins to swirl.

600/800 Series: press dock, CLEAN, spot clean buttons down until a beep is heard.

900 Series: press dock, CLEAN, spot clean buttons down for a few seconds until all LEDs shine.

Roomba Combos: open the lid of the Roomba. Find the reset button left of the on/off switch, and press it for 10 seconds to trigger a factory reset.

Once it has been reset, set up the Roomba again as per the first time.

[4] Reboot phone or app

First, you could shut down the Roomba app and start it up again. Some apps commonly require this when they hang or suddenly freeze. Additionally, some apps usually have certain OS requirements that are reflected on the app store – for instance, if your mobile device’s operating system is an older version, it may not work with it.

You may also need to return to the app store to update the application or re-download the iRobot app after uninstalling it. While most users do not update the application after the first time they download the app, there may be application updates that hinder the application from being used if not done on your mobile device.

There may also be issues with your phone itself. Sometimes, there are reports that certain apps are unable to open when the OS of your phone is updated, and the phone frequently restarts itself. If you are seeing a black screen on your phone more often than you should, this may be an underlying problem, and you should reach out to the phone company to address it.

[5] Call the iRobot Roomba hotline

If none of the above work or you are having hard times with getting it to work, you may need to reach out to the iRobot hotline in order to get a step guide on what to do in your specific circumstance. Have the serial number of your Roomba vacuum cleaners ready, as well as the error code that may appear, the series model or robot model, and any related logos on the package if you still have it.

Intuitive smart home integrations are becoming more common, but may sometimes require a little technical savviness to ensure that they continue working. Calling the experts at the iRobot Roomba hotline may help a lot more than you think!

Final Words

Having smart devices at home makes things easier, but sometimes they can get frustrating when they don’t work as they are supposed to! This guide is meant to help in instances where your iRobot Roomba app is unable to open, and we hope it was able to resolve the issues for you.

For any further in-depth concerns that cannot be resolved, we definitely recommend calling the iRobot Roomba hotline for more information and help!