Optex iVision+ Review

Optex Vision + Wireless Intercom

At- A- Glance Features

Below, I have created tables which show the different features that this device has. I have divided the features up into different tables to make it easier for you to read.

Those tables are; (1) video and audio, (2) software, (3) connection and storage, (4) power and (5) design and warranty. The first table is visible.

To view the other four tables click on the down arrow on the left hand side of the heading.

Video & Audio Features

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If you like the idea of a video doorbell that doesn’t need wi-fi or a connection to a smartphone to make it work, check out these video doorbells with monitors.

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More Details

Now that you have had a chance to look at a quick overview of the Optex iVision’s features, it is time to have a look at these features in much more depth as you decide if this is the perfect video doorbell for you.

Optex Vision + Handheld Unit
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Video and Audio

Video Resolution There are no specifications that I can find on the resolution of the video on the handheld unit. All that we do know is that the screen size is 2.4″.

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Night Vision It has LEDs that come on at night to help keep a clear picture in low light levels.

Live View You can connect the handheld monitor to the video doorbell at any time to get a live view of what is happening outside of your front door. The Vision + labels this as “Active Browsing”.

Motion Detection This device can only detect motion if it is paired with another product, the RCTD 20U.

The visitor or intruder needs to press the doorbell in order for you to be alerted.

Viewing Angle Again, I struggled to get any details of the exact field of view that the camera provides. Although I do not think that it is that great.

Audio There is two way audio so that you can communicate with the person at your front door.



Software Features

Since the Vision+ does not connect to any smartphones, tablets, or laptops it does not need any apps.

Connection | Power | Storage | Features

Battery or 16-24V power

The video doorbell can be powered by batteries or by doorbell wire. If it is powered by battery (x3 AA’s) then you will not be able to access Active Browsing.

Live View is a feature that is only available when the doorbell camera is connected by wire.

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The hanheld unit comes with rechargeable batteries and a charging cradle.

Storage The handheld unit stores photos. These photos can be downloaded onto a computer and shared.


Design & Warranty Features

Different Colors The Vision+ only comes in one color- black.

Weatherproof  The video doorbell is designed to work in temperatures ranging between -4° to 122°F (which is -20 °C- 50 °C).

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It can work in environments that are less than 90% relative humidity. It is splashproof  and so it will keep working at long as it is not exposed to long periods of heavy rain or submerged in water.

Smartlock Compatible The Vision+ does not connect to any smart or electrical locks.

Warranty 18 months from the date of manufacture.


Should You Buy One?

To finish this review, I am going to finish by presenting you with a few pros and cons. What are the Optex Vision+’s strongest and weakest features?

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