Ring Pro Video Doorbell Review


Hello and welcome to my Ring Pro Video Doorbell Review.

At- a- Glance Features

Below, I have created tables which show the different features that this device has. I have divided the features up into different tables to make it easier for you to read.

Those tables are; video and audio, software, connection power and storage and design and warranty. The first table is visible.

To view the other three tables click on the down arrow on the left hand side of the heading.

Video & Audio Features

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More Details

Now that you have had a chance to look at a quick overview of the Ring Pro’s features, it is time to have a look at these features in much more depth as you decide if this is the perfect video doorbell for you.

Video & Audio

Camera Resolution The Ring Pro doorbell has a resolution of 1080P. 

Viewing Angle 160° horizontal and 100° vertical.

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The video of the front of your house will not only be very clear because of the 1080P resolution but the large horizontal and vertical viewing angle result in a large area outside of your front door being monitored.

Motion Detection provides an extra layer of security because the Ring Pro does not just notify you when someone rings the bell. It alerts you when someone approaches your front door or enters your front yard.

The detection is controlled in two ways. Firstly, is a sensitivity setting. This can be adjusted from low to high depending on where you live.

Secondly, you can set up specific zones. This works by highlighting different areas within the camera’s field of view and only when motion is detected in these zones will you get an alert.

Night Vision The camera’s infrared function results in good quality video even at night and even if you haven’t got a light by your front door. You are provided with round the clock monitoring.

Live View is the ability to view what you doorbell is “seeing” at any given moment. Live View is possible because the Ring Pro is hardwired and not battery powered.

Wherever you are, check in and take a look. This is fantastic if you are expecting an important delivery and you want to make sure that it is delivered or if you want to check that the kids arrive home when they say they will!

Audio allows you to talk to your visitor and your visitor to talk to you. You can make a guest feel welcomed before they even enter your house or you can dissuade an unwelcome guest to leave as soon as possible.




iOS App The Ring Pro works with software version iOS 8 and later. It works on iPhones and iPads.

Android App I cannot find any specific information regarding the version of Android software that the Ring Pro uses.

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However, the Ring video doorbell (another product made by this company) needs version 4 or higher and so I think it would be the same for the Ring Pro.

Any smartphone or tablet that runs version 4 or higher will work with this device.

Windows 10 The Ring Pro works on any device that runs Windows 10- smartphones, tablets or laptops. It will not work on earlier versions of Windows, such as Windows 8.

Mac There is no app for Mac laptops or desktops.


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Connection , Power & Storage

Wi-Fi: This device can connect to 2.4Ghz and the newer, faster 5.0 Ghz routers, which is very unusual for a video doorbell. Most products only connect to 2.4Ghz routers.

Allowing connection to faster routers means that the doorbell will work more effectively in terms of response times and the quality of video that can be seen.

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Power This device needs to hard wired into your existing doorbell wiring or you need to have a new wiring system installed. It cannot be powered by a battery.

Having to uninstall an existing doorbell or installing new wiring and then installing the Ring Pro is more time consuming than just installing a battery operated video doorbell.

But the longer term benefits should make up for it because you will not have a battery that needs recharging and you will have access to premium features such as Live Feed.

Cloud storage is the means to store the captured videos and photos from your doorbell. The doorbell captures videos for two events- when the motion detector has been set off or when the doorbell has been pressed.

The biggest benefit of using cloud storage is so that any videos of suspected criminal behaviour such as break ins or package theft can be shared with the local police.

Of course, storage can also be useful in a far more light hearted way. In that some of the videos that are recorded might be very funny and something that you may want to share with friends and family.

Storage for the Ring Pro costs $3 per month or $30 for a year.

The doorbell cannot be connected to your Internet at home by a cat 5 cable or wire. Nor can it be connected to your devices via Bluetooth.



Design & Warranty

Colors Other video doorbells give you a choice of different colors but the Ring Pro gives you 4 different coloured swappable face plates.

Weatherproof The device operates between -5°F and 120°F.  (-20.5°C and 48.5°C)

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SmartLock Compatibility The unit is compatible with some electrical lock systems, such as LockState, Kisi and Lockitron.

Warranty The Ring Pro doorbell comes with a 12 month warranty. You will also get free replacements for any units that are stolen as long as the theft is reported to the police and you can send in a copy of the crime report.



Should You Buy One?

To finish this review, I am going to finish by presenting you with a few pros and cons. What are the Ring Video Doorbell’s strongest and weakest features?

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