Ring Video Doorbell Review

Ring Video Doorbell

Welcome to my Ring Video Doorbell review.

This device has all of the main features that anyone could want from a video doorbell as we can see from the information below.


“At A Glance” Main Features

Below, I have created 4 tables which show the features that this device has. To look at each table, click on the arrow next to it.

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But in this next section, let’s add some important details to that fantastic set of features.

Video & Audio

The video quality of the camera in the doorbell is 720P. During daylight hours the display is color but for the night vision, it is black and white. Regardless of the time of day (or night), this doorbell provides you with a super 24/7 monitoring system.

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You can access a live feed at any time of what the video camera is displaying but in order to access this your doorbell must be hard wired, meaning that it will not work if you are powering your doorbell by battery. This is very useful if you away from home and you just to to make quick, random checks on your home. Or perhaps if you just need a little distraction whilst at work!

Another great benefit is motion detection and the sensitivity of the detection can be varied by creating different zones. If any motion is detected, you will be sent a notification and a photo. This turns the doorbell into a terrific security device because even before someone presses the bell, you know that you have company welcome or otherwise.

Not only does the camera offer HD quality pictures but the horizontal viewing angle is 180°. This is great news for you because it means that a very large area around your front door can be carefully monitored!

And finally in this section, the Ring doorbell features 2 way audio, so that your visitor can talk to you and you can talk to them. You can make an important guest feel welcome before you even open the front door!



This doorbell is compatible with most modern devices. You can get apps for your Android or Apple smartphones and tablet. Your Android phone or tablet needs to be running version 4.0 or higher, your Apple devices need to be running iOS8 or higher.

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Accessing your doorbell via the Ring app is so convenient. You don’t need another piece of equipment because you can use the phone or tablet that you already own and it means that you can “answer” your font door or monitor it even when you are away from home!

You can view the video on a Windows phone, tablet or PC but it needs to be running Windows 10. This is incredibly useful for those times when, for the life of you, you cannot find your phone.

Unfortunately though, currently there is no support for Macs- Apple’s desktop computers and laptops but with the other apps that are available, this should not be too much of a drawback.

Ring Video Doorbell installed Ring App on a smartphone showing a live video

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Connection & Power & Storage

This doorbell will connect to your smartphone, tablet or PC via your Wi-Fi. It will connect to routers running on 2.4Ghz but not those that are running on 5 Ghz. It supports the WPA, WPA2 and WEP encryption.

Basically, everyone who has Wi-Fi Internet at home will be able to set up and use a Ring doorbell quickly and safely. If you are having any trouble, visit this page.

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The doorbell has a built in rechargeable battery. This is very convenient for those of you who don’t have any existing home doorbell wiring. The battery can be recharged in about 5- 6 hours and you can check the battery level via the app. Your doorbell will arrive with enough power to start working immediately.

Connecting your Ring doorbell to existing home doorbell wiring will only take a few minutes and will mean that you get uninterrupted power to your doorbell without the inconvenience of having to recharge a battery.

It also gives you access to an important feature which is not available with battery power. Live feed is the ability to view your doorbell’s live video at any time and is only functional with hard wired doorbells.

Finally in this section, we will examine cloud storage more closely. Cloud storage is the means to store the captured videos and photos from your doorbell. The doorbell captures videos and photos when the motion detector has been triggered and when the doorbell has been pressed. Storing these images can be very helpful in crime prevention because they can be shared with the police.

On a much less serious level, cloud storage will help you to keep and share any funny moments that your doorbell might have captured. It costs $3 per month or $30 for a year.

The doorbell cannot be connected to your Internet at home by a cat 5 cable or wire. Nor can it be connected to your devices via Bluetooth.

Design & Warranty

The Ring video doorbell comes in four colours; Satin Nickel, Polished Brass, Venetian Bronze and Antique Brass. With such a variety, there is bound to be a color that will suit your house perfectly!

It is weatherproof. It can operate effectively in temperatures ranging from -20 °C to 49 °C. The unit is rain proof. Whatever the weather, you will have a doorbell that will just keep working.

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The unit is compatible with some electrical lock systems, such as LockState, Kisi and Lockitron. If one of these locks is installed, you can be anywhere in the house or the world and still be able to unlock your front door!

The Ring doorbell comes with a 12 month warranty. You will also get free replacements for any units that are stolen, which is a very nice gesture.

Should You Buy One?

To finish this review, I am going to finish by presenting you with a few pros and cons. What are the Ring Video Doorbell’s strongest and weakest features?

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