Samsung Ezon SHS-3321 Review

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Welcome to my Samsung Ezon SHS- 3321 Review

At- a- Glance Features

Below, I have created tables which show the different features that this device has. I have divided the features up into different tables to make it easier for you to read.

Those tables are;

(1) Basic Specifications (2) Methods of Opening (3) Software & Apps (4) Home Automation (5) Security & Lock (6) Design

and (7) Installation

The first table is visible. To view the other six tables click on the black down arrow on the left hand side of the heading.

Basic Specifications

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Methods of Opening

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This Samsung smart lock has two methods of entry- the keypad and the keypad and electronic tag.


The numberpad  allows you to input a pin code from 4 to 12 digits long. Up to 70 different pin codes can be created and used.


The smart lock comes with a tag that can be used in addition to a pin code in order to open the lock.

The tag does not open the lock on its own.

Software & Apps

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This lock doesn’t have any apps that can be used on smartphones (Apple, Android or Windows 10.)

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Home Automation

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This lock is not compatible with any home automation systems.

Security & Lock

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Security Rating

Although this lock hasn’t got an ANSI rating, it has been PSB fire tested.


To stop any of your codes being stolen by someone who watches you as you type in your PIN code, the smart lock generates a random 2 digit code every time a code is entered.

Auto Unlock 

This Samsung smart lock automatically locks itself when it senses that the door has closed. This feature can be turned on or off.

Anti Tamper Alarm

This door is fitted with an alarm so that if anyone tries to break it, the alarm will be triggered.

An alarm will also sound if the lock senses a fire- it does this by sensing the temperature.


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The external lock operates between -25 °C and 60  °C and with humidity levels of up to 90%.

Essentially the lock will work in very cold and very hot temperatures and it is waterproof as long as it is not submerged in water!


This lock only comes in black.


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One Tool

This Samsung lock can be installed just using a Phillips screwdriver.

Existing Deadbolt

The lock is delivered with two adjustable deadbolts to use.

One deadbolt is for residential doors, the other is for commercial doors.

Voice Prompted Set Up

This lock doesn’t have voice prompted set up.


x4 AA batteries power the lock and they are supplied with it.

The batteries will last on average 10 months, based upon 3,600 openings.

Also, if the batteries go flat on your lock, you can attach a 9V battery to the terminals on the side of the lock to temporarily power it up.

Should You Buy One?

To finish this review, I am going to finish by presenting you with a few pros and cons.

What are the Ezon SHS 3321 smart lock’s strongest and weakest features?

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