Samsung SHS H700 Digital Door Lock Review

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1. Who Should Buy This Lock? 

Although this lock does have its limitations, there are a number of different people that this lock might appeal to.

The Samsung SHS H700 with its fingerprint technology, is a perfect solution to those people who easily forget their front door key.

It will also help those people who would like a smart lock but cannot remember a PIN or a passcode to save their lives!

After all, when was the last time you left the house without one of your hands?!

It is perfect for a person who struggle with fine motor skills and find it hard to put a key in a lock.

Got a vulnerable and elderly relative who values their independence? Install this key less lock and store trusted neighbours fingerprints in case of emergency.

Do you not own a smartphone? This lock doesn’t need a smartphone or any other type of complicated technology to work.

2. Basic Specifications

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3. Methods of Entry

Like most smart locks the Samsung SHS H700 has a few different way to unlock. So let’s have a look at what they are…

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The keypad is one of the ways of opening this Samsung smart lock.

A disadvantage is that you can only create 1 password or PIN code to use with it. The code can be between 4 and 12 digits long.

An advantage is that the SHS H700 includes a random password function, which I will explain more about in the security features section.


A potential drawback of this lock is that it isn’t compatible with any smartphones.

Mechanical Key

2 keys are supplied when you buy this lock. Although they can be used at any time, they are designed to be used as an emergency backup when the batteries have run out!



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Fingerprint Recognition

This lock can store and be accessed by up to 100 fingerprints.

It should recognize a fingerprint within 1 second.

The lock will incorrectly reject an authorized user once in every hundred openings and it will accept an unauthorized user every thousand openings or less.

Don’t panic as these rates are typical among many smart locks.

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4. Software & App Features

Many smart locks allow users to use their smartphones or their computers to control and manage them.

What about this Samsung lock?

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The SHS H700 is not compatible with any smartphones (Apple or Android.)

It can’t be accessed via a Windows PC or a Mac either.

For many of us who use smartphones, this is a very big disadvantage of this lock.

However, there are lots of people who don’t use smartphones much and like the idea of having a lock that does not require a mechanical key to open.

And this lock is made by a very famous brand.

5. Home Automation Features

Lots of smart locks are also compatible with home automation systems.

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And unfortunately the H700 is not compatible with any of these systems.

Not even Samsung’s own “Smart Things” system.

This could put lots of people off buying it.

6. Security Features

Security features are one of the most important factors when it comes to purchasing a smart lock.

After all it is a lock that you are going to trust to secure your home.

How does this lock compare?

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Security Rating

Unfortunately, I cannot find anything that demonstrates that this lock has an ANSI rating, which is the most highly regarded rating for any lock to have.


This lock has one privacy feature.

It also has a dual function security mode. When this mode is enabled, a user must enter a PIN code and use their fingerprint in order to open the lock.



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Remote Unlock

Because this lock cannot be accessed by a smartphone or computer, it cannot be remotely unlocked.

Auto Unlock

This lock has an auto lock feature which means that after the lock has closed it will automatically lock itself, without the user having to do anything.

Anti Tamper Alarm

This Samsung lock comes equipped with an anti- tamper alarm. This is an alarm that will sound when someone tries to break into your home by picking the lock or forcing it.

The alarm is also triggered if an incorrect PIN code is entered too many times and if an unrecognised fingerprint has been used too many times.

Fire Alarm

This is clever stuff. The lock is fitted with a temperature sensor and if the temperature goes above 60 °C an alarm will sound and most importantly the lock will be opened.

Low Battery Alarm

If your batteries are running low then an alarm will sound to warn you. This is very useful because if your batteries run out then the lock can only be opened by a mechanical key or a 9V battery.

And so when you hear the low battery alarm, replace your batteries and you can continue to use your fingerprint or your PIN code.

7. Design & installation

In today’s world, a lot of emphasis is placed on good looks.

So, what does the SHS H700 offer in that regard?

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This lock has been designed to operate in temperatures -22 °C to +55 °C, which is pretty impressive and means that it would work in almost all locations.

It can also operate in up to 80% humidity. This is harder to understand but it means that the lock will work when it rains as long as it is not exposed to heavy rain continually it should be fine.

Different Colors

This lock is very, very stylish and good looking but a drawback is that it only comes in one color choice- black and silver.


The H700 is made from fibreglass and toughened plastic.

The lock is well built and durable and the good quality plastic makes for a touch screen keypad that will not leave any finger marks.


This lock can be installed using just a screwdriver as long as your door has a circular hole in it. However the lock comes with a template that if need be you can use to mark the position of a hole.

Existing Deadbolts

This lock comes with its own deadbolt integrated into the unit.

Voice Prompted Set Up

A few smart locks have voice prompted set up, but this lock doesn’t. Voice prompted set up uses a voice to guide you through the set up process step by step.


This lock is powered by x8 AA batteries that are supplied. The batteries should last one year if the lock is opened 10 times per day.

8. What’s in the Box?

When you purchase this lock, you can expect that the following items will come in the box.

  • Exterior body
  • Interior body
  • mortise lock
  • strike and strike box
  • User manual
  • x2 mechanical keys
  • x8 AA batteries
  • fixer spring for handle
  • handle and installation screw

9. Installation Guide

There are 13 steps to install this lock

Step 1 Measure the width of the door and identify it’s type.

Step 2 Check the location of the “mortise entry”.

Step 3 Using the template, mark the locations on the door for the screws.

Step 4 Check that the latch bolt is positioned in the right “direction” and if not, change it.

Step 5 Insert the mortise lock

Step 6 Fasten the mortise lock with screws.

Step 7. Fix the handle shaft/ bar into the mortise lock.

Step 8 Fix the securing spring around the handle shaft

Step 9 Firstly, install the outer body by pulling the cables through

Step 9A Then mount the outer body onto the slots.

Step 10 Start to install the inner body by positioning the faceplate and pulling the cables through.

Step 10A Fasten the faceplate with the screws. Make sure that the two cables aren’t pinched.

Step 11 Connect the cables to the inner body. You will hear a click when they are connected properly.

Step 11A Mount the interior body onto the faceplate. Fix with the screws and make sure that the cables aren’t pinched.

Step 12 Install the batteries

Step 13 Install the strike and strike box.

Congratulations, you are now ready to set up the SHS H700.

However, it needs to be said that many users have found installing this lock incredibly difficult, especially if you are replacing a lock on an existing door.

10. User Manual

The lock comes with its own user manual but the only manual that I can find on-line is for the Samsung SHS 5320 which is almost identical to this lock.

The user manual has several sections, covering such issues as;

  • changing the passcode.
  • fingerprint registration.
  • setting the auto lock feature
  • fire detecting feature and
  • battery replacement.

You can view the user manual here.

11. Alternative Smart Locks

The smart lock market is pretty big and gives you the buyer lots of choices.

If your biggest concern is how easy the lock will be to install, consider the August Smart lock. Installation doesn’t get any easier.

If you like the idea of a smart lock that can be opened using your fingerprint but you would like to spend a bit less money then you might want to consider, the highly thought of Ardwolf A20.

If you would prefer a smart lock with a recognised security rating you might try the Kwikset Kevo.

12. My Final Opinion

Personally, I like smart locks that will work with a smartphone, have an ANSI rating and use codes as their main way of opening.

This lock is a “must by” for all of those Samsung fans out there. Those people whose houses are full of other Samsung products.

It is also a great buy for those of you who put design and build quality at the top of your list because this lock looks simply stunning.

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