MySmartaHome Scholarship

A little bit about MySmartaHome is a website that contains lots of reviews, information, advice and news about smart devices and smart homes.

Smart devices are everyday household gadgets (such as doorbells and door locks) that can connect to the Internet and to other smart devices in the same house.

Like all technology, smart gadgets tend to be smaller (in size) and lighter (in weight) than their traditional namesake.

One of the most amazing features of any good quality smart device is that it can be operated remotely from the other side of the room or even the other side of the world. Pretty cool, huh?!

This is one of the biggest differences between smart devices and traditional household gadgets, which need to be “touched” in order to make them work.

The aim of any smart device is to make a person’s life easier, cheaper or safer.

Currently, the specific devices that we focus on currently at are;

[*] Wi- Fi Video Doorbells or Smart Doorbells

Wi- Fi video doorbells are just like traditional doorbells but they have a built in video camera, microphone and speaker.
Whereas a traditional doorbell notifies you when someone rings it, a video doorbell shows you who that person (using the video camera) and allows you to talk to them (via the microphone and speaker.)

Not only that, but these doorbells connect to your smartphone so that you see, hear and talk to a person at your front door wherever you are.

If you would like to know more about smart doorbells, tap or click here.

[*] Smart Locks or Automated Door Locks

A traditional door lock can only be opened using a mechanical key.

Smart locks are locks that don’t need keys to open them. The main methods of “entry” include:

[1] Connecting to a smartphone via a secure app.
[2] Entering a code via a built in number pad
[3] Using fingerprint recognition technology.

Smart locks are slightly different to many smart gadgets because not all of them connect to the Internet (for security reasons) but that is not so anymore.

If you would like to know more about automated door locks, tap or click here.

[*] Smart Security Cameras

Traditional security cameras or CCTV as they were sometimes called, were “bullet” shaped cameras that were positioned on the outside of businesses or expensive homes.

They were connected by wires to a TV monitor on the premises and the video footage was recorded and stored locally on a machine.

Smart security cameras are much more likely to be “wireless” and they use smartphones not TV monitors.
Footage is now more likely to be stored remotely “in the cloud.”

If you would like to know more about smart security cameras, tap or click here.

[*] Smart Thermostats

Smart thermostats differ from their more traditional counterparts because they can be controlled remotely.

This allows you to return to a warm and cosy home in the winter or a beautifully cool home in the summer, every time, even if your schedule changes.

The best smart thermostats allow you to track your use of energy over time, providing you with the right information to save money.

If you would like to know more about smart thermostats, tap or click here.

[*] Smart Home FAQs

My section on Frequently Asked Questions, explains some of the basic concepts (such as home automation) and provides information on important issues relating to the smart home niche.

If you would like to see if I answer one of your own burning questions about smart homes, tap or click here.

MySmartaHome Scholarship

At My Smarta Home we are passionate about smart devices and smart homes and are fascinated about how these devices can change our lives for the better.

This is why we have created a scholarship in order to encourage and support students to think about how smart devices can change the world.

The scholarship recognises the talent and creativity that young people have and how their ideas can help shape our future for the better.

Who Can Apply?

Submissions will be accepted from undergraduate or postgraduate students from any colleges in the USA.

This scholarship is not course specific.

I will accept entries from undergraduates and graduates studying any course- arts, humanities or sciences- although I will need to see proof of the course that you are on.

What You Have To Do

In order to apply to the scholarship, we would like you to write an essay with the title “The Best Ways That Smart Technology Can Improve The Lives of People With Disabilities.”

The essay should be at least 700 words in length and it should be written in English.

By submitting an essay, you are providing consent to use the essay as content on this site.

The Award

The winner will receive $500.

All submissions must be in by the 15th March 2018.

The winner will be announced and the funds will be sent out by 31st March 2018

How To Apply

The application process is easy.

All you need to do is to send your essay to

Make sure that the essay is in a Microsoft Word format (.docx or .doc)

Also include the following information:

[1] Full name

[2] Name of school/ college/ institution

[3] Course that you are studying

[4] Documents proving your status as a student

[5] School contact information, including address, phone number and name of person to contact.

And finally, can I just wish all of you who are entering, the best of luck!