Security Camera That Follows Motion

Are you frustrated with how your current security camera performs?

Do you need something more than motion alerts, zones and supposed premium features such as person detection?

After all, even if your camera takes great snapshots and videos, what happens when your target moves out of your camera’s field of view?

It is time that you looked for a security camera that follows motion.

In this post, I review six of the best security cameras that follow motion.

But before we look at those cameras, let me start by talking about motion detection.

The evolution of motion detection

Motion detection is the ability of a camera to identify when a moving object crosses its field of view.

Immediately after this, the camera owner will be alerted via a notification or an email.

Motion detection is one of the most sought after features of an IP camera because it will save the owner a lot of time.

Instead of having to look through all the recordings manually an owner can now just look at footage immediately prior to and after a motion event.

And over time, CCTV cameras have become more sophisticated in their ability to detect motion and that security cameras that can follow or track motion are some of the most sophisticated models available.

What is interesting is that the development has much more to do with camera related software becoming more powerful, rather than camera hardware becoming more sophisticated.

As I see it, the development of motion detection can be split into six “crude” phases- bear with me!

Stage 1: No Motion Detection

The first generation of security cameras had no motion detection ability.

They just recorded footage and if an owner wanted to find any key events, such as an unknown person being recorded, they would need to manually watch or search through all the footage.

Stage 2: Motion Detection

The next generation of cameras could detect motion, which was a game changer. Any object that moved anywhere in a security camera’s field of view, triggered an alert.

Instead of looking through all of the footage to find a key event, being able to detect motion and then send a notification about it, means that only parts of the footage need to be looked at not it all.

Stage 3: Motion Zones

Roughly speaking, the third stage in the evolution of motion detection was the ability to be able to separate a camera’s field of view into individual zones that could be individually monitored or ignored.

Most cameras have large field of views full with lots of stuff. For instance, a camera mounted over a front door will show the porch as well as trees in your yard.

In this instance, you might create a zone around the porch, which doesn’t include the trees in the yard.

The zone will alert you to movement in the porch but not to movement by the trees.

Stage 4: Person Detection

Taking it a step further, is the introduction of person detection.

This is when the software, which for most cameras is bundled in as part of a monthly subscription, can differentiate between different types of moving object.

You will only be notified when a person is detected and not any other moving object.

Stage 5: Auto Cruise

Auto cruise is the ability of a security camera with a pan, tilt and zoom lens to swivel (pan) the lens horizontally around 360°.

As the lens swivels, it momentarily pauses in preset positions before continuing to pan.

These preset positions are created by the user via an app or they are the default positions already set within the app.

The lens is not deliberately tracking any motion by doing this.

Stage 6: Motion Tracking

The last stage of our evolution process is the main focus of this article, which is motion tracking.

Not only is a moving object within a camera’s field of view identified but they are then tracked or followed.

Tracking can only happen with a camera that has a lens that can pan, tilt or zoom.

Or in simple words a motorised lens that can swivel almost like the hands of a clock.

Or, as the image shows, through 360° .

The types of motion that were highlighted in stages 1- 4 were mainly used in security cameras that have fixed lenses or lenses that can not be moved.

A fixed lens has a fixed field of view and so as soon as the object moves beyond the field, any recording will stop.

Even if the object is a person that intends to cause harm.

[1] EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus

The EZVIZ Mini 360 Plus is one of the sleekest cameras that follow motion. It’s designed to capture the entire room with its panoramic 360-degree view.

Out of the Box

The orb design of the EZVIZ is reminiscent of a Pokémon ball, which is pretty cool if you know how such a fictional ball functions. It comes with a flexible install kit, but with its delicate built, indoor mounting is a do-it-at-your-own-risk decision.

Main Features

The Wi-Fi cam has the ability to pan, tilt, and zoom automatically or you can control what you see through its panoramic 360-degree touch navigation. Further interaction with the camera is enhanced with Alexa via Echo Show. This allows you to view any point around the room on command.

The orb delivers video at1080p HD resolution which can be viewed from multiple devices using the EZVIZ app. The auto motion tracking detects anything or anyone moving inside its field of vision, which is pretty wide at 92-degree wide angle. This allows you to constantly monitor any part of your home remotely. This feature works optimally when placed on the far ends of the room.

Night vision covers up to 33 feet of clear footage which makes tracking movements visible even in low-light conditions. The two-way talk feature complements the motion alert capabilities so you can easily interact with family members or even pets.

When it comes to storage space, the EZVIZ offers both local and cloud storage. Local storage is through a microSD up to 128GB. There’s a 7-day and 30-day cloud storage options with a 14-day trial to boot.  

The Verdict

Among the cameras that follow motion, the EZVIZ Mini 360 would be ideal for users who want an adaptable platform where they can get new features as they become available.

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[2] AKASO Wi-Fi Camera

AKASO is an intelligent camera that follows motion through its pan and tilt function. With its panoramic navigation, surveillance has no dead spots, which makes this cam an all-seeing security camera.

Out of the Box

Right off the bat, the AKASO looks like a cross between a mini robot and a Russian nesting doll. It’s unlike anything we’ve seen before. When it starts panning and tilting, it mimics an eyeball looking for its target, which is pretty cool.

Its clean minimalistic design hides the ports at the back, including the microSD and USB ports. It comes with an installation kit for easy mounting anywhere in the room.

Main Features

The camera has the ability to auto-track the real-time activity of the moving object or person. When potential risks are identified, the camera sends an alert notification via the app. This adds a layer of security and the speed at which information is sent allows you to respond immediately. 

Controlling the pan and tilt action can be done remotely through the camera’s highly-intuitive 360-degree panoramic navigation with 3D image positioning. You can just slide or flick through the screen to view the part of the room you want to zero in on. It covers more ground with its 355-degrees horizontal and 65-degrees vertical rotation. There’s little chance of dead spots. 

Night vision is crystal clear with 1080p full HD resolution. It covers up to 26 feet with its 130-degree wide viewing angle. With the two-way audio function, you can interact with whoever is in the room. 

The camera supports loop recording through 128GB microSD local storage. When it reaches the storage limit, new footage will overwrite the old ones. It supports Puwell cloud storage in case surveillance footage needs to be saved and archived for a certain period of time.

The Verdict

AKASO is killing it in the cameras that follow motion category and it’s designed for users who want all the trappings of an all-seeing security camera.

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Another one of the nifty cameras that follow motion is INQMEGA FHD. Its adorably hypnotic pan and tilt action is indicative of how well it works as a home surveillance camera.

Out of the Box

INQMEGA is a mini-sized dome camera measuring 3.2 x 3.2 x 4.3 in. Despite its small size, it feels sturdy to the touch. It comes with an installation kit which allows you to mount it on walls, ceilings, or anywhere inconspicuous. It comes in intimidating black and wholesome white color.

Main Features

The INQMEGA is a smart camera with impressive auto-tracking AI. Whenever motion is detected, the lens of the camera moves along with source of motion. Because of its advanced algorithms, it can track and capture movements with precision. It has an auto-cruise mode that horizontally surveys the surroundings. You can select up to 8 areas to cruise through and toggle between locations just by tapping a button. Important locations can be bookmarked so that you can have quick access to them.

Full 360-degree viewing is achieved through its 355-degree horizontal and 115-degree vertical rotation range. With its 110-degree wide-angle lens, there is little to no chance of blind zones.

Night vision has a much larger range at 49 feet and it delivers 1080p HD resolution footage even in pitch-black darkness. The camera will automatically activate night vision based on light change, but it can also be controlled manually through the INQMEGA  app.

The two-way audio has an ultra-responsive microphone which gives clearer voice audio. The intercom mode activates the microphone and speaker so you can scare off the unwanted visitors or just tell your dog that he is a good boy. It also has hands-free mode so you can have long conversations with your children.
Video recording and playback is as smooth as butter and you can watch live stream remotely via the app. Real-time notifications give you instant updates for hassle-free monitoring.

The camera supports local storage using microSD that maxes out at 128GB. It comes with a 30-day free storage, after which a pricey subscription is needed to continue the cloud service.

The Verdict

Cameras that follow motion like the INQMEGA FHD are well suited for users who want to keep an eye on their kids, pets, and other family members.  

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[4] Nooie Baby Monitor

The Nooie Baby Monitor is one of the best cameras that can follow any motion. Its high-quality sensor and two 940nm infrared LEDs can track motion and record videos in 1080p full HD resolution even at night from up to a distance of 10 metres (32ft). 

Obviously, it is primarily aimed at the baby monitor market but it looks and acts much like a standard security camera.

So, even if you haven’t got a gorgeous baby to care for, consider the Nooie.

Some of the features of the product are as follows – 

1. 360-degree high definition motion tracking – The Nooie Baby Monitor camera has a 101 degrees field of view. It can rotate 94 degrees vertically and 355 degrees horizontally.

2. Super IR Night Vision – This device has two 940nm infrared LEDs that can record clear videos even in pitch black. The high-quality 1080p image sensor allows it to record from a distance of up to 32 ft or 10 meters. 

3. Automatic Motion Tracking – The Nooie Cam 360 can automatically track any motion in its field of view. You can even connect it to the Nooie app and use it to pan or tilt the camera manually. 

4. Intelligent Motion and Sound Detection – The Nooie Cam can detect any sound or motion in its range and send you real-time notifications if you connect the device to your smartphone. This is possible because it records videos 24/7. 

5. Two-Way Audio – The device has an in-built microphone and an anti-noise tech speaker that allows you to take with your family members or pets directly from your mobile.  

6. Secure Data Storage – All your data can be securely stored on a Micro SD card. It also supports 7-day secure cloud storage. 

Here are some pros of the Nooie Baby Monitor –

  1. The night vision of this device performs really well and can record clear videos.
  2. The audio detection of the device is great. You can even set the sensitivity to 3 different levels – low, medium or high.

Here are some cons of the Nooie Baby Monitor –

  1. It only supports 2.4GHz WiFi band.
  2. When the device is tracking a person, it can miss another person that can enter the room from another angle.

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[5] Netwe WiFi IP Camera

The Netwe WiFi IP Camera is a smart home device that can follow motion and record videos at 1080p resolution(25fps). The device has an astounding 130 degrees viewing angle and HD night vision sensor. It can vertically rotate up to 90 degrees and rotate horizontally up to 355 degrees. Thus, it can help you to track motion and record changes in your environment from almost any angle and even at night.

Some of the features of the product are as follows – 

1. HD Night Vision – This Wifi Surveillance device is fitted with 6 built-in 850nm IR beads that can record clear videos in the dark from up to a distance of 32.8 ft. The night vision will turn on automatically when the lighting condition is appropriate. 

2. Motion Detection – The intelligent motion detection system in the device can automatically track motion when it detects any motion and can send you push-message alerts in real-time. You can even set an alarm schedule in the APP.

3. 1080 WiFi IP Camera – The device is fitted with a 3.6mm MP lens that has a resolution of 1920x1080p and can capture stunning videos at a smooth 25fps. It has a horizontal rotation range of 355 degrees, vertical rotation range of 90 degrees and a viewing angle of 130 degrees. 

4. Multi-user sharing – You can give access to the live video feed of the device to your friends and family. All you need to do is add their account to the WiFi camera APP.

Here are some pros of the Netwe WiFi IP Camera – 

1. This device is very easy to set up when compared to other similar products. 

2. The motion tracking system and image sensor of the camera are really good for the price. 

3. You can control the device even from your windows system or Apple MAC system.

Here are some cons of the Netwe WiFi IP Camera – 

1. The device only supports 2.4GHz WiFi band. 

2. Some people may find the device less pleasing aesthetically.

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[6] Imporx Auto Tracking PTZ camera

The Imporx Auto Tracking PTZ camera is an automatic motion tracking camera that can work and record videos even in the most extreme conditions. Its 1/2.7” SONY CMOS sensor and 4.7-94mm lens allow it to record videos from a distance of 3280 ft with 20X optical zoom. 

Some of the features of the product are as follows – 

1. 20X Optical Zoom – The 2 megapixel 1/2.7” SONY CMOS sensor allows it to record videos in 1080p. The device is also fitted with a 4.7-94mm lens that supports 20X optical zoom. Thus, it can record high definition picture from a distance of 3280 ft in the day and 500 ft at night. It can clearly record the license plate of a car from a distance of 1600ft away.

It also features a full-screen OSD that allows you to view true colors. 

2. Auto Heating/Cooling system with Dust Wipers and Fog Removal – This device was built to survive and last even in the most extreme conditions. It can remain functional in a temperature ranging from -22 °F to 149 °F.  If it detects abnormal heating or cooling in the environment, the in-built heater or fan will begin to work automatically to maintain its internal temperature. 

The device is also fitted with wipers that helps it to remove dust particles or scrape off rain. Aside from that, you can also remove the fog from inside the lens. 

3. Auto Motion tracking Feature – The camera will begin to track the movement of any object or living being that comes within its field of view and send you a detection alarm. The focus of the camera will automatically adjust to capture a clearer view.  It also supports 256 presetting positions and 8 patrol routes. 

Here are some pros of the Imporx Auto Tracking PTZ camera  – 

1. The device can work in extreme conditions and this ensures that it has a long lifespan. 

2. It supports 20X optical zoom which can capture high-quality images even from a long distance.

Here are some cons of the Imporx Auto Tracking PTZ camera  – 

1. The auto-tracking function of the camera doesn’t work well. The device can sometimes move past the subject it intends to track. 

2. The iPhone app of the device does not work well. 

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[7] Wyze Cam Pan 1080p

And now for my honorable mention. If only this camera automatically followed motion it would be my #1 choice.

But, the Wyze Cam Pan is only capable of auto cruising and not motion tracking. But if after reading all of this, you now think that auto cruise is all you need in a camera, then bag yourself a real bargain.

Wyze Cam Pan is a sneaky little indoor security camera that tilts and pans automatically to cover the entire room. How this camera that follows motion stacks up against pricier options might just impress you.

Out of the Box

The design of the Wyze Cam screams outdated. It’s boxy, bulky, and may even be mistaken for a mini speaker. Its minimalist design hides the USB port at the back and everything else at the bottom, including the sync button, the microSD slot, as well as the motor that turns the cam 360 degrees. In front are the camera and the sensor.

Main Features

It’s easy to underestimate Wyze Cam Pan because of its low price, but it is packed with features that you would normally find in pricier models. Its 1080p full HD resolution delivers clear videos from different angles.

The Wi-Fi enabled camera can rotate 360 degrees with a 110 degree per second rotation speed. It also has a 93-degree vertical range. What this means is that the camera can do its 360-degree turn in just under 3 seconds.

The pan scan feature allows the camera to automatically scan the room on up to 4 waypoints, which enables you to see pretty much the entire room via the app. The cam works with Alexa so you can do voice command to monitor the room.

With 6 infrared LEDs, night vision can distinguish 18 steps of gray and delivers clear footage even from 30 feet away. The built-in motion and sound detection come with alert notifications. Motion tracking not only detects but also tags and follows any activity within the field of view of the camera. It will continue to track as long as it detects the motion. With the two-way audio communication, the interaction with a moving object or person would be interesting. 

In terms of storage space, Wyze Cam relies on microSD for time-lapse and continuous recording. There’s a 14-day cloud storage included but it’s limited to video clips.

The Verdict

Wyze Cam Pan is the perfect security camera that follows motions for users who want big brand features at a generic brand price point.

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