15 Best Security Cameras With Alarms

Photo by Oleg Laptev on Unsplash

Something may be missing in your security camera that can improve its capability to ward off intruders — an alarm or a siren.

A siren can startle an intruder because it calls attention to where the action is taking place.

You not only record what tripped your camera’s motion detector, you can also prevent further advances by scaring the intruder away. Wouldn’t that make you feel more secure?

Having an alarm that activates automatically when motion is detected or activated manually from a remote location to scare away trespassers comes in handy.

If you want to learn more about security cameras with sirens, here are some of the top features to look for.

Top Features to Look For in Security Cameras with Alarms


Of course the most important feature to look for in security cameras with sirens, is the siren. There are two types of sirens you can choose from. One is automatically activated when your camera’s motion sensors are tripped. The other may be remotely activated through your phone app. 

You need to check how loud the siren is. Sirens are usually rated by decibels (db) and a siren with a rating of, say, 90 – 110db would give off a sound as loud as a lawn mower or a hair dryer. Pretty loud no?

You can easily gauge the other ratings from that. Question is: How loud do you want your siren to be? And, do you want it to automatically sound or do you want to be in control of when the siren will sound?

Video Quality

One of the most important features to look for in security cameras is the resolution. The higher the resolution the better the images that you see on your monitor. High Definition (HD) is what you’d commonly see in ads. This means that images are clear and sharp.

High end security cameras have a 1080p on their label. This means its screen resolution is 1920×1080 pixels. This is also often marked as Full HD. It offers better visuals than a 720p (1920×720 pixels) which was the previous standard for HD IP cameras.

So, check the resolution on the security cameras in accordance to your needs, whether you’ll need a 1080p or you can settle for a 720p camera.

Field of Vision

Most security cameras give you a diagonal angle view of a designated area. Cameras differ in how wide the angle of coverage is either from side-to-side or sometimes both side-to-side and up-and-down. You’ll see different numbers on how wide the field of vision is of a security camera — 110°, 122°, 131°, 133°, 140°, 147°, or 180° view. Some dome-type cameras can give you 355° – 360° view of a designated area. 

How wide the ideal field of vision of a security camera depends on what area you need watching, for example, a doorway is narrower than an entire yard. Therefore, you’ll want a camera with a wider field of vision for your yard, and settle for something narrower for doorways.

Motion Detection

This is a very important feature of security cameras because typically this switches on the recording of an intrusion. Some security cameras only record events when their motion detectors are triggered; then after a few seconds the recording stops. Depending on what storage device the security system comes with, the event is saved for you to view at a later time. If you are remotely connected to the system via a phone app, you’d immediately receive a notification about the event and you can view the video live.

You may also adjust the sensitivity of the motion detectors so that it only goes off at significant events. Also, in some security cameras you can define specific zones or grids where movement is critical.

Night Vision

Your security camera’s night vision is important. Isn’t one of the things you’d want your security camera to be able to do is to see in the dark? It’s good that most security cameras are now equipped with night vision. What you want would be a security camera with clear night vision, one where you can clearly see who or what’s on the other side of the camera lens. Some night vision cameras have IR cancelling properties so you can see the action in color even when its dark.


You’d obviously want to review the important events that triggered your motion detectors and are wondering where your security system stores the data. Where does your security camera record videos? Does it have a SD card slot, a USB port, or does the system rely solely on cloud storage, or can it record both on SD card and cloud? However, check the cloud storage, because usually, you have to pay a subscription fee to avail of cloud storage.


  1. Most security cameras are quite easy to install and to operate, owing to their lightweight and simple design and function. Also, they usually come with easy-to-follow instructions.
  2. Most of these security cameras are equipped with a 2 way talk feature. You can talk to whoever tripped the motion detector on the other end, or just talk to your kids, even remotely.
  3. These security cameras deliver on their promise of excellent video quality whether by day or by night. You get clear pictures and videos all the time.


  1. Some of the disadvantages of security systems that depend on phone apps for remote access is the failure to get a strong signal where you are. This affects your phone’s remote connection to your home security system. Better check these features before committing to buy your security camera, and see if it fits your situation.
  2. Security cameras with too wide field of visions often get poor resolution on the edges, especially with its night vision. They’re clearer as the images are nearer the center.
  3. Some people have trouble with subscriptions to cloud servers. So it’s good to be sure of what deal or offer the company is giving you on their cloud subscriptions before you get one.

Are wired or wireless security cameras with alarms better?

When making the choice between wired or wireless, you need to determine first what kind of security camera your property or house needs. Wired security cameras may be good in giving you uninterrupted power source as compared to battery-powered ones that weaken and fail. They are more reliable unless you experience a power outage. 

But with its many wires and the need to connect to a junction box, you would need to hire a professional electrician to install it. A wireless security system is easy to install and is less expensive. But you need to make sure that your batteries are always in good condition.

Can security cameras work without internet?

Some security cameras can function even without the internet. If you have a NVR/DVR type security camera, it can take video surveillance of your property 24/7 and save motion triggered events on a SD card. All you need to do is attach the camera to your computer.

Another category of security cameras are those that connect to the Internet not via a Wi-Fi connection but via the cellular network. There is a growing range of 4G or LTE security cameras.

Do security cameras record all of the time?

There are two ways that your security camera functions. It can do continuous video recording (CVR) where it captures everything and records it 24/7 or it can record video only when its motion detectors are triggered. 

On top of that, cloud subscriptions also offer different plans. Some plans only give you access to motion activated recording. But there are also plans that give you access to CVR. Some plans only allow you to view clippings but not record or download them. Choose the subscription plan that enables you to download and record significant events recorded on your security camera.

How much does it cost to install security cameras?

It all depends on what type of security camera and how many you need, and what you can afford. Also, what cloud subscription plan you’d want to go along with your home security cameras. These all depend on the area you need to guard and how secure your home surveillance system makes you feel especially when you’re away.

But the price range on home security cameras would be from $650 – $2,000. The amount would include the cost of the unit (security camera package), the cost of installation, and cloud subscription.

Biggest Brands in Security Cameras with Sirens


Ring floodlights are adapted to US electrical standards (120V). But they can be used and installed outside the USA, like EU or UK, where normal voltages are up to 240 V. Ring floodlights have built-in adaptors to adjust to different voltages. But they need to be hardwired to a standard junction box in order to support its versatile features. 

Ring floodlights can be linked to other floodlights and devices in a system to form its own ecosystem. The devices are able to communicate to each other during significant events. But you can also control the system remotely.

In order for you to make the most of the Ring ecosystem, you need to subscribe to their cloud storage. Otherwise, after your 30-day free trial, there is no way for you to view footages of what tripped the motion detectors. Also, without a subscription, you won’t be able to record and share video clips; which you would need if you’ll report a break-in to the police. It’s something to think about.


Arlo Pro, Arlo Pro 2, and Arlo Ultra 4K wireless cameras belong to a class of security cameras that have seen improvement over the last 4 years. It is a surveillance system that can cover as much area as you need, by simply linking add-on cameras to the system. It has a base station that can link to all cameras through wi-fi. You can install battery powered cameras anywhere without the hassle of cables because the cameras communicate with the home base station through wi-fi. What’s more is that Arlo has replaced their non-rechargeable batteries with new rechargeable lithium ion batteries that can go 6 months on a single charge.

Check out their cloud subscription plans for the best deal for your needs.

Indoor Security Cameras With Alarms

[1] Arlo Pro 2 Wireless Security Cam

If you are looking for a wireless security system, the wall mounted Arlo Pro 2 with 3 spotlights and a built-in security camera is an ideal outdoor system. Its bright LED spotlights ward off unwanted strangers and intruders. An excellent addition to your home security to give you peace and quiet.

Let’s take a look at the feature list: 

Built-in Alarm — powerful 100db siren is activated with security spotlight when triggered by sound or motion; can be operated by remote control.

High-Quality Video — see what’s happening outside up to 300ft, in high-definition 1080p video quality.

Look Back — video recording looks back 3 seconds before sound or motion is triggered.

Cloud Recording — stored recordings for up to 7 days in free cloud storage.

Works with Alexa — use simple voice commands to view live video.

Wireless — no hassles in handling and installing because the units are wire-free.

1) This security camera withstands very cold conditions.
2) It is very easy to install and set up.
3) Batteries also last a long time before needing a new charge.
4) Adding multiple users is quite easy.

1) Because of its wide angle view some details are hard to figure out.
2) The siren alerts you inside the house and not on speakers outside where intruders can hear it and ward them off.

[2] Arlo Ultra 4K Wireless Security Cam

The Arlo Ultra 4K is designed to give you peace of mind with its enhanced video and audio quality. The wireless system is easy to install and trouble free. You can install them in any strategic location around you house and keep watch day and night, and ward of intruders.

Some of the other main specifications are:

Built-in Siren — built-in sirens go off simultaneously with security spotlights to ward off intruders.

Motion Tracking — camera lens automatically zooms in on moving objects.

Colored Night Vision — enhanced night vision enables you to see what’s happening not just in black and white but in color.

Wide-angle view — camera lens gives you 180° view of area. 

Works with Alexa — use simple voice commands to view live video.

Wireless — easy handling and installing because the units are wire-free.

1) It really has very good video and audio quality.
2) They easily pair with previous Arlo models.
3) The 1-yr free smart recording was a very helpful bonus.
4) Easy to install.

1) Its motion detector is unreliable.
2) The siren is not as loud as advertised.

[3] Canary All-in-One Security Camera 

Canary All-in-One offers an easy to use security system designed to give you a worry free experience in keeping your home safe. Even when you are away from home, you have control of the information you need in your hands through remote access. It’s as easy as placing a Canary on top of your table.

And what about some of the other key features?

Powerful Alarm — its built-in siren sounds at 90db, which is as loud to your ear as a hair drier, easily wards off intruders.

High Quality Video — uses high definition 1080p camera, capable of 147° view inside your home, with high quality sound recording.

Live View — you know what’s going on inside your home even when you are away, through updates on your smartphone.

1) Installation is very easy with simple instructions.
2) The motion sensors and remote alerting system work excellent.
3) Wireless power is excellent and lasts long before needing to charge.
4) Easy to pull up remote live feed on your smartphone.

1) A malfunction in the device caused delays in the alarming system when an intruder entered the house while the owners were away.
2) Subscription fees that are added later.

[4] blurams Home Pro HD Security Camera

Blurams Home Pro gives you carefree security for your home. The units are easy to handle and to install anywhere inside your home you need constant watching. Records activity day and night that you may save on a cloud storage, SD card, or USB device.

The complete list of specs can be found below:

HD Quality — its 1080p camera lens will give you high quality video with 131° view all the time, with 2-way audio.

Facial Recognition — lets you know who is on the video, whether it’s one of your kids or an intruder.

Automatic Night Vision — activates when light becomes dim so you can also see in poor lighting situations.

Remote Access — you’ll be notified on your smartphone when intruders or anybody comes near.

1) Video is clear even on smartphone, faces of people are clearly seen.
2) Great security camera for its price range.
3) Motion sensors work well on the 5×5 grid you select, no need to fine tune edges.
4) A small camera covers an entire living room with its wide angle lens.

1) At close range it’s good, but 15 ft away, it wouldn’t recognize a license plate.
2) Everything is tied up to the company’s web server, they have control, not you.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

[5] blurams Dome Pro HD Security Camera

The Blurams Dome Pro belongs to an array of security cameras that are designed with both your security and comfort in mind. They are very easy to install with simple instructions. But they provide excellent indoor surveillance where you need eyes and ears the most, even when you’re away from home.

Instant Alarm — you receive instant alerts on your smartphone when it detects movement.

Facial Recognition — facial recognition feature tells you whether an intruder or stranger is on the video from the database you created of people in your home, friends, or regular visitors. 

Wide Field of Vision — capable of 360° vision, with dual adjustable lenses capable of 355° left-to-right and 105° up-and-down rotation, you can see everything.

Multi-viewing — supports up to 4 cameras operating simultaneously, you can view all 4 in divided screens on your monitor.

Remote Access — you can view everything that happens inside your home by connecting the device to your home wifi.

1) Setting up the range of detection area works very well.
2) The cameras work perfectly both during the day and during the night; inside and outside.
3) Security camera has attractive sleek look.
4) Easy to set up and instantly send an alert to iPhone through notification.

1) Cannot recognize faces through night vision.
2) Images get blurry when zooming.

[6] SDeter 1080p Smart Camera 

SDeter Smart Camera is a versatile addition to your home security options. It looks and acts like a robot, following moving objects that it detects and zooms in on them. It’s easy to install and gives you good results. It’s a smart choice for security, comfort, and convenience.

And what else can it do?

Siren Alarm — when motion is detected your smartphone will be notified and a siren will sound.

Wide Angle Coverage — dual lens gives you a wider view of highlighted area, you can rotate the lens at a 355° horizontal (left-right) and 115° vertical (up-down) angle.

High Quality Video — provides clear 1080×1920 image resolution at 25 frames per second (fps), with 2-way audio. 

Night Vision — gives clear video quality in poor lighting environment or in the dark, using IR cut technology.

1) Basically delivers on its promise of clear video, auto zoom, and loud siren to ward off intruders.
2) Humanoid design with rotating head would make intruders think someone is behind the controls.
3) Its dual lens function for short and long distances is very impressive.
4) Remote access gives you control of the siren alarm.

1) You can’t retain pictures and videos unless you pay more.

[7] SENS8 Wireless Indoor Security Camera

The SENS8 wireless indoor security helps you keep your home secure even while you’re away. It’s easy to access by mobile phone when you’re away and instantly runs on automatic when you go out of the house with your smartphone. Watch your children and talk to them through the SENS8 2-way audio, while you’re away.

A comprehensive list of the specifications can be found below:

Alarm/Siren — will sound continuously for up to 2 hours unless interrupted.

High Quality Video — 1080p high definition video camera with night vision and 2-way audio system.

Customized Zone — its motion sensors will eliminate non-vital movements, like blowing curtains and small pets, and focus only on areas and movements that indicate the likelihood of an intruder.

Look back — the video recording system is equipped with a 5 second look back that allows you to see what triggered the alarm 5 seconds before contact.

Remote access — you can view 4 location grids on your smartphone screen even when you are away from home.

1) Runs very well and connects equally well from remote access.
2) Great for watching over kids when they get home from school using the 2-way talk feature.
3) Immediately sends notification alerts when it’s motion sensors are armed.
4) Automatic mode kicks in when your smartphone is half a mile away, and disables when you’re home.

1) Design is not too attractive, looks like a pepper mill.
2) Sometimes fails to record audio sounds.

Outdoor Security Cameras With Alarms

[8] Ring Floodlight Camera

Ring Floodlight Security Camera will give intruders and prowlers a scare with its dual motion activated floodlights. Add it to your home security system and keep undesirable elements and thieves away from your yard. Its remote activated siren makes it a complete all-in-one outdoor security package.

Let’s take a look at the feature list: 

Built-in Siren — activate siren alarm from your smartphone when motion sensors are triggered and you get instant notification.

Powerful spotlights — two super bright LED spotlights are activated by motion sensors to effectively ward off intruders.

HD quality video — you can watch, record, and replay video on your smartphone, and talk to the other person on the video via the 2-way audio system.

Works with Alexa — you can customize what Alexa will do using simple voice commands.

1) Linkable to other Ring Floodlight systems through app.
2) Very reliable night mode motion sensor activates floodlight on intruders and prowlers.
3) Easy installation, easy to go online, and easy to set zones using the app.

1) Limited range of motion, only 30° left, right, up, or down.
2) Wide angle lens too wide to see details on outer edges clearly.

[9] Ring Wireless Spotlight Security Camera

The Ring Spotlight security camera is a versatile surveillance camera for your outdoor needs. Its motion sensors trigger an alarm that notifies you even if you’re far from home, and flashes an LED spotlight on whoever triggered the motion sensors. Protect your yard and ward off intruders and prowlers with a Ring Spotlight system.

Some of the other main specifications are:

Built-in Alarm — you can activate a siren alarm remotely via your smartphone.

Motion Detection — motion detection lights up the area with 300 lumens of light, with push notification alerts on your smartphone.

Wide Field of Vision — camera covers an area with 140° left to right and 78° up and down rotation.

Clear High Quality Video — 1080p high resolution video guarantees clear video viewing with 2-way audio, recording, with playback and sharing options.

1) Batteries last well, about 3 – 6 weeks without trouble.
2) Video quality works perfectly well both during the day and during the night.
3) Motion detection worked great and the spotlights were pretty bright.

1) The motion zone setup only allows you to set distance and not a marked out area.

[10] HeimVision Wireless Outdoor Surveillance

The HeimVision Outdoor Surveillance system is an attractive addition to your home security system. But it also has unique siren features that enhance its ability to ward off unwanted intruders, giving you a sense of safety and peace of mind. All you’ll ever need in an outdoor security system is in the HeimVision Wireless Weatherproof Camera.

The complete list of specs can be found below:

Dog bark siren — when motion sensors are triggered, it activates a siren that sounds like a barking dog, to ward off intruders.

High Quality — surveillance camera is 1080p high resolution images with 110° view, with 2-way audio system.

Night Vision — can see up to 98ft in the dark, using IR cutting technology providing good quality color images even in low light or in the dark.

Cloud storage — offers a free 30 day trial for a 24/7 cloud storage.

Weatherproof — has an IP64 weatherproof rating, and will keep recording despite unfavorable weather conditions.

1) Nice night vision coverage especially using motion zone setting.
2) Excellent video quality for day and night video viewing and recording.
3) Excellent connection and hook up for smartphones, with instant notifications when alarm is set off.
4) Easy to install, connect, and use.

1) Failed to record several times when motion detector was activated.
2) Having trouble using the app, especially to access and play back from cloud storage.

[11] SENS8 Outdoor Camera 

SENS8 Outdoor Security Camera combines its bright LED spotlight with a powerful siren to ward off intruders and thieves on your property. An important addition to your home security system to give you peace of mind while you’re away or tucked in your bed for the night.

And what else can it do?

Built-in Alarm — features a powerful 98db siren alarm that sounds when the motion detectors activate the spotlight to ward off intruders.

HD Quality Video — captures images in high resolution through 1080p lens, wide range of vision up to 140° angle, with 2-way talk.

Access by Smartphone — capable of connecting to you remotely through your devices when you are away from home.

Weatherproof — comes with an IP66 weatherproof rating, durable and continues recording through all kinds of weather conditions

1) Excellent night vision and field of view, with effective motion zone setting.
2) Pre-event ‘look back’ feature captures culprits on cam before they trigger the alarm.
3) Alarm alerts are instantly sent to smartphone when motion sensors are triggered.

1) You cannot manually record video while you are viewing on camera mode.

Check Price and Reviews on Amazon

[12] EZVIZ Outdoor Strobe Light Security Camera

Ward off intruders with the powerful siren and flashing strobe lights of the EZVIZ Outdoor Security Camera. Keep your home safe and protected with the addition of these security surveillance cameras. You can go out and have peace of mind even when you leave your home because you can see what’s happening on your yard, even at night.

Feature List 

Loud Siren — a 100db loud alarm is activated by motion detector simultaneously with the strobe light to ward off intruders.

Night Vision — IR night vision is capable of seeing images up to 100 ft.

Multiple viewing — you can connect your home security system to any remote device to keep you in contact with your home through video and audio.

Tech Support — EZVIZ offers lifetime technical support for their products.

1) Both video and audio quality is great for its price.
2) Strobe light and siren hold back strangers and prowlers who come in contact with the motion sensors.
3) SD card recording shows timeline and enables you to scroll back to actual events to watch the videos.

1) Motion sensor not too smart and will activate even at non-consequential movements.
2) Large cables make it a hassle to install.

[13] Yeskamo Wireless Outdoor Security Camera

Provide maximum security to your home by day or by night with Yeskamo Outdoor Security Camera. It is a great security camera for the price you have to pay to get peace of mind. Get in touch with your loved ones while you’re watching them away from home using the 2-way talk feature. Feel secure and protected with the Yeskamo Security Camera.

A comprehensive list of the specifications can be found below:

Alarm — when motion sensors are triggered, it activates bright LED spotlights on the area and sounds a siren alarm to ward off intruders.

High Resolution Images — provides you with clear images on a 1920x1080p resolution on its wireless camera, with 2-way audio capability.

Enhanced Night Vision — night vision is color enhanced, including low light conditions.

Weatherproof — security camera and spotlight is protected against all weather conditions, including protection from dust particles.

1) Excellent feature of night time video you can see in color.
2) Remote live video feed on your smartphone enables you to watch what’s happening when you’re away from home or the store.
3) The high intensity LED lights illuminate the area at night very well you can see all colors on video

1) iOS version of the software doesn’t work.

[14] Amcrest ProHD Outdoor Spotlight Strobe Light Security Camera with Siren

Amcrest ProHD combines high quality video surveillance with a dual changeable spotlight and strobe light feature. It offers excellent security in warding off intruders using a powerful siren, all in one. Amcrest ProHD gives you maximum security day or night, for your peace of mind.

Some of the other main specifications are:

Powerful Siren — at 110db the siren alarm on your system can scare any intruder away.

Versatile Dual Lights — you can choose between spotlight and strobe light for your security lighting needs, that can be triggered by motion detectors or activated remotely.

High Resolution Images — using 1080p HD resolution recording at 30 frames per second (fps), with a 2-way talk system.

Wide View — camera can cover an angle of 133° which gives you wide angle view of the area.

Remote Access — connect your smartphone to your home security so can view whatever goes on remotely, and receive push notifications when motion detectors are triggered.

1) Pretty good quality images on the 1080p.
2) You can share access to the video with several people in a network.
3) You can save video on SD card and watch it through the app.
4) Siren was pretty loud with a specific spot where the sound comes from

1) White attracts too many eyes, so black would have been a better color.

[15] Azone Outdoor Security Bullet Camera

The Azone Outdoor Surveillance Camera is probably all you’ll be needing in a security camera. It has all the excellent features of a security camera rolled in one. You’ll be able to watch your home while you are inside or when you are away through remote access. It’s maximum protection and security provided to you by Azone Outdoor Surveillance Cameras.

Below, I have listed all of its main features:

Alarm — an alarm is set off when the motion detector is triggered, and an alert notification is sent to you on your smartphone.

High Resolution Images — captures high quality 2MP images with 1080p HD 3.6mm lens, within a 122° field of vision, with powerful 2-way audio system so you can talk and listen to people at home while you are away.

Weatherproof — perfect for all types of weather condition with a dust protected light frame. 

Playback — you can play back video recording from your smartphone anywhere you are to see what’s happening in your home.

1) It records extremely clear image day and night.
2) Its field of view is excellent and has a wide enough coverage of the front door.
3) The 2-way talk feature enables pet owners to talk to their dogs even while they’re away.
4) Easy to install and has a long cable provided.

1) Not too easy to set up wifi and app connections with the smartphone.