Skybell HD vs. August Doorbell Cam PDF Report (Free Download)

Please click on the image above to download a free report of my comparison between two smart video doorbells- the Skybell HD and the August Doorbell Cam.

The report accompanies a video that I created in which I examine all of the specifications.

The video and the report have a “boxing match” theme.

If you would prefer to watch a video of this comparison, click here.

This report contains lots of tables that compare the all different specifications of these devices in enormous detail.

There are 9 “rounds” in this fight or 9 different areas of technical details that I have compared the two products against.

Round 1: Basic Specifications
Round 2: Video Features
Round 3: Remote Access Using Apps
Round 4:  Remote Access Using a Browser
Round 5: Home Automation Compatibility
Round 6: Connection and Storage Features
Round 7: Power
Round 8: Design and Warranty
Round 9: Reviews and Ratings

My aim is to create some of the most detailed comparison of these two smart thermostats that are available.

I hope that it helps.

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