Smart Thermostat Video Review- Nest vs Sensi UP500W

Welcome to my comparison video in which I compare two smart thermostats- the Nest and the Sensi UP500W.

I have gathered as many technical details and facts for each product as I possibly can.

I format my product comparisons as “boxing matches” and so in this contest there are 9 rounds. Each round looks at a different aspect of the smart thermostats.

(Round 1) Basic Specifications
(Round 2) Design, Connection & Power
(Round 3) Screen Details
(Round 4) Smart Heating Features
(Round 5) Heating System
(Round 6) Heating Compatibility
(Round 7) Remote Access
(Round 8) Home Automation
(Round 9) Reviews and Ratings

Download all the charts in this video

Read a full written review of the Nest Thermostat

Read a full written review of the Sensi UP500W


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