Zapier vs IFTTT | Which Service Will Be Your Best Time Saver?!

Welcome to my latest video.

In this video, I compare two automation services, Zapier and IFTTT.

Zapier and IFTTT are compared in 7 different “areas”.

[1] Web apps and smart devices

[2] Number of connections

[3] Cost

[4] Number of compatible services

[5] Examples of services

[6] Access

[7] Target audience

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Hello, and welcome to this video. Brought to you by James from my smarter In this video I’m going to be looking at Zapier vs IFTTT. AlthoughIFTTT or if then if that then this might be the most well-known website and appfor task automation. There are others and in this video I want to compare Zapierand IFTTT. But first a quick introduction to what Zapier and IFTTT can do.

Both of these products connect apps and services together so that they respondto each other .let me give you an example. You would like to backup every photo that you are tagged in the Facebook. Both Zapier and IFTTT will allow youto connect your Facebook account to your Dropbox account. Now every time that you are tagged in a Facebook photo. It will automatically be saved in your Dropbox account with no extra work from you. Obviously, this is only one example of an automation that Zapier and IFTTT can provide. The possibilities are almost endless. I want to compare a IFTTT and Zapier using seven differentcriteria.

Firstly Apps and Devices

Does Zapier and IFTT work with apps or devices or both? Zapier only works withapps. it doesn’t work with the smart devices. Whereas, IFTTT works with appsand devices. so the end of round one goes to the winner is IFTTT.

Number two: Connections.

How many connections does Zapier and IFTTT allow? Zapier, you can haveunlimited connections. Whereas, IFTTT you can only have two connections. Nowthere is a recent update for IFTTT whereby you can have multiple connections.But these must be these connections must actually be produced by the service providers themselves. So round two goes to Zapier.

Three is Cost

How much does a Zapier and IFTTT cost to use?So here we go. Zappier has three levels of costings. The first level is free, the next level is $20 and the final level is250 dollars. The free level only allows you to connect two apps together at atime. The $20 a month level allows you to is aimed at individuals and smallbusinesses and the $250 a month level is aimed at teams of people who work inbusinesses. IFTTT is free for everyone to use. So round three is going to go to if then if that then this”.

Number Four: Number of Services

How many services or apps are Zapier and IFTTT compatible with? Zapier has 750 or over 750 compatible apps. Whereas, if that then this has 300 sixty plus apps or services that is compatible with. So round four. The winner is Zapier.

Five: Examples of Services

What are the most famous services that Zapier and IFTTT are compatible with? So both of them are compatible with some of the big things. We’ve got Gmail,Google, Docs, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and Evernote. And if you want to have a look at if you want to have a look at the full list. Then here’s the address for Zapier. and for IFTTT a full list of all the compatibleservices or apps is So, around five is a tie between the two.

Number six is access

Can Zapier and IFTTT be controlled with a web app or a mobile app or bothOrwe can see here that Zapier can only be controlled via a web app. so that meansyou go on your browser and you go into your online account and you control allyour things. All your apps from there and it doesn’t have an app for any mobiledevices. Whereas, if that then this you can control it via your web app from your browser or there are mobile apps for iOS devices and Android devices. So around 6 goes to if that then this”.

Number Seven and the final comparison is target audience

Are Zapier and IFTTT aimed at the home or the business user? Zapier is very

Definitely aimed at the business community. Whereas, IFTTT is aimed at the home user. So again round seven I think is a draw. So I think the winner is for me looking at the whole all of those seven different criterias is if that then this”.So Zapier versus IFTT. Which one would you choose?

Thank you for watching.

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