Zapier vs IFTTT | Which Service Will Be Your Best Time Saver?!

Welcome to my latest video.

Which is the king of automation services? Zapier or IFTTT? And how are they the same and how are the different?

In this article, I compare these two automation services, in seven different areas.

But, what do I mean by an automation service?

Well an automation service is one that makes a user’s life easier and quicker by making connections between different apps or different smart devices.

It is probably easier to explain by using an example and the one below connects different apps together.

You would like to backup every photo that you are tagged in Facebook.

Both Zapier and IFTTT will allow you to connect your Facebook account to your Dropbox account.

These connections only take a few minutes to set up.

Now every time that you are tagged in a Facebook photo, it will automatically be saved in your Dropbox account with no extra work from you.

Or, if you don’t want to your photo to be saved but instead you would to be sent an email, you might connect your Facebook account with your Gmail account.

[1] Web apps and smart devices

Do Zapier and IFTT work with apps or devices or both? 

Zapier only works with apps. it doesn’t work with the smart devices. Whereas, IFTTT works with apps and devices. 

So round one goes to IFTTT.

[2] Number of connections

How many connections does Zapier and IFTTT allow? 

Zapier, you can have unlimited connections. 

Whereas with IFTTT you can only have two connections. 

Now there is a recent update for IFTTT whereby you can have multiple connections.

But these must be these connections must actually be produced by the service providers themselves. 

And round two goes to Zapier.

[3] Cost

How much does a Zapier and IFTTT cost to use?

Zapier has different prices. 

The first level is free, the next level is $20 and the final level is $250. 

The free level only allows you to connect two apps together at a time. 

The $20 a month level allows you to is aimed at individuals and small businesses and the $250 a month level is aimed at teams of people who work in businesses. 

IFTTT is free for everyone to use. S

So round three is going to go to “If That Then This”.

[4] Number of Compatible Services

What do I mean by a service and how many are Zapier and IFTTT compatible with? 

In the case of Zapier, a service is an app or a piece of software- so, Facebook, Dropbox  and Google Sheets is each a service.

Zapier has over 750 compatible apps or services. 

A service for IFTTT can either be an app or it can be a smart device.

Facebook is a service on IFTTT but the Nest smart thermostat is also a service.

IFTTT has about three hundred and sixty services.

In this round, Zapier is the clear winner.

[5] Examples of services

In this round, I am compare how well known the compatible services are for Zapier and IFTTT

To be honest, both of these automation services are compatible with some very well known and high profile brands.

Brands such as; Gmail,Google, Docs, Facebook, Twitter, WordPress and Evernote are used by Zapier and IFTTT.

You can find the full list for Zapier here and the full list for IFTTT here

And so, round five is a draw because both Zapier and IFTTT can be used with some very famous brands.

[6] Access

In this next section, I look at access. How easy is it to use Zapier or IFTTT?

Can they be used via an app for a smart phone or via a more traditional browser.

Zapier can only be controlled via a browser (such as Google Chrome or Mozilla Firefox.) Zapier does not have an app for your iPhone, iPad or Android phone 

After creating an account, you need to log into in order to interact with a service.

On the other hand, If This Then That can be accessed via a browser or by an app for your Apple or Android phone or tablet.

So around 6 goes to “If That Then This”.

[7] Target audience

Are Zapier and IFTTT aimed at the home or the business user? 

Zapier is very definitely aimed at the business community.

Whereas, IFTTT is aimed very much at the home user. 

So again round seven I think is a draw. 

[8] Overall Winner

When comparing Zapier vs IFTTT across all the different areas that I have discussed in this post, my overall winner is If That Then This. 

Which one would you choose?