8 Best USB Charger Hidden Cameras

If you are looking for a spy camera that really won’t be noticed then you might want to consider buying a usb charger.

After all, in this modern world, who hasn’t got some sort of USB charging plug in every other socket around their homes?

You’ve got it. Usb powered spy cameras will go undetected because if we see one in an electrical socket we don’t think twice about it. 

Added to that is how reasonably priced this type of  spy camera is- with most of them costing less than $30. 

But what exactly are the key features that you should be looking out for?

Top Features of USB Charger Spy Cameras

In my opinion, perhaps because these products are so small, they are also fairly simple and they have a fairly limited range of features.

Functioning USB Charger

Make sure that the model that you are looking to buy actually works as a USB charger. That even when you are not looking to use the camera, you can charge your phone via it. 

1080p Resolution 

Like any other type of security camera on the market, find a USB charger hidden camera that records footage at 1080p, which is full HD.

Motion Detection

Your camera needs to have good quality and consistent motion detection. In order for you not to miss anything of importance, your camera needs to start recording as soon as there is movement and every time that there is movement. 

SD Card Storage

It seems that the standard practice for storing footage in these usb powered spy cameras is via a micro SD card. Some cameras even come with one. 

Loop Recording

Loop recording is the ability of the camera to detect when the storage in the SD card is full and to automatically start to record over the oldest footage. 

Having looked at the most essential features in a USB charger spy camera, let’s move on and think about some of their pros and cons.


Hide in Plain Sight

Something that I mentioned earlier was that because we all have so many USB chargers in our homes now,  a USB charger that has a built-in spy camera can hide in Plain Sight because people won’t think twice about seeing a USB charger in a socket. 

Power Lead Not Necessary

One of the most obvious advantages of this type of spy camera is that because it is plugged into an electrical socket it doesn’t need a power lead.


No Remote Access

Most of the models on the market use micro SD cards as storage.  A disadvantage of using a microSD card is that In order to view the footage which is stored on them, you need to take the SD card out and put it into your phone or your laptop.  You cannot view the footage remotely via an app on your phone. 

Blocked View

 A possible downside of the fact that USB chargers are everywhere are and that  are they are placed in electrical sockets is that on some occasions random object might be placed in front of them.  For instance if your USB charger is in a socket which is in your kitchen then on occasions you might well have the kettle for a coffee cup placed in front of it. 

Or if your USB charger with it’s built-in spy camera is in your living room,  a chair or perhaps even a houseplant may at times be placed in front of the camera and blocking the view.

Viewing Angles

 disadvantage of having a camera built into a charger is that depending on the height of your socket depends upon the viewing angle that the camera has and therefore the usefulness of any recording. 

 For instance if the wall socket is placed in a low position,  the camera catch every piece of the action all well it just capture a recording of people’s knees, shins and shoes!

Biggest Brands

 I think what is interesting about the spy camera market generally and it holds true for USB chargers as well is that there are no big brands that are dominating the marketplace. 

And this could be because the products are so simple that much smaller outfits are able to enter the marketplace or it could be that some of the bigger electronic brands  don’t want to move into building and selling spy cameras because they are dubious about the morality of it. 

A disadvantage of this is that there are no recognised brands for us to trust but the upside is that because there are no big household names, prices are more competitive. 

Now that we have discovered that there are no big brands “ruling the roost”, it is time to move on and take a look at six of the best USB plug spy cameras that are available. 

[1] Atgshop USB Hidden Camera

If you need to set up a camera discreetly to keep a watchful eye on your home, the ATG Shop USB Hidden Camera is the best option to do just that. With a pinhole size lens in a casing the size of a USB adapter, the ATG Shop USB Hidden Camera is perfect for plugging into the wall without giving away the fact that a security camera is present. While your viewing angle is limited to wall socket height, the special fisheye lens captures a wide field of view. 

At less than 2 ounces, the ATG Shop USB Hidden Camera can be easily stored or carried around. The camera itself is disguised as a USB wall charger which can actually be used to charge a smartphone. Video can be stored on a removable Micro SD card up to 32GB but must be purchased separately. 

The ATG Shop USB Hidden Camera records not only video but audio as well through a high gain built-in microphone. There is an indicator light and a reset button as well as two recording modes, motion detection, and cycle recording. A benefit of such a small hidden camera is that you don’t have to worry about any cords since it draws power directly from the wall. Video can be recorded in either 1080P or 720P and can record in a continuous loop that will record over itself when it becomes full. 

If you don’t want it to record over old footage, you can take advantage of the motion detection feature which will only trigger recording when motion is detected. The ATG Shop USB Hidden Camera is great for baby monitoring, putting in your hotel room while traveling, or keeping an eye on your garage or business. There are virtually no moving parts and using the ATG Shop USB Hidden Camera is extremely simple.

[2] SEHOUSE Hidden Camera

The SEHOUSE Hidden Camera is a fantastic option for those looking to hide a security camera. Its compact design makes it extremely portable and it requires no installation. Simply plug it into the wall and you have a two-in-one hidden security camera and charger for your smartphone. A feature that sets the SEHOUSE Hidden Camera apart from other hidden USB cameras is its built-in wireless capability. When motion is detected the camera will be activated and a push notification will be sent to your smartphone with the image that it captured. This is a perfect hidden camera to use as a nanny cam or any other discrete recording purposes. 

Another huge benefit of the SEHOUSE Hidden Camera is the ability for real-time monitoring on your smart device. It can even support real-time viewing on multiple devices at the same time. Setup is as simple as plugging in and downloading the SEHOUSE app on either the Apple App Store or the Google Play store. 

The motion detection sensor will trigger recording and save the video to either the cloud or to a Micro SD card. The SEHOUSE Hidden Camera supports Micro SD cards up to 128GB and records 1080P video at 30 frames per second. When it becomes full, the SEHOUSE Hidden Camera will automatically start recording over the oldest files. It is an ideal option for keeping an eye on grandparents, pets, or all-around security use. 

The SEHOUSE Hidden Camera can be set up in moments wherever a wall socket can be found. The casing itself is a sleek gloss black that disguises the lens well as a USB wall charger. The SEHOUSE Hidden Camera doubles as a great portable charger and can provide peace of mind and real-time monitoring at the same time.

[3] Ice Walker Minicube Camera

Hidden security cameras don’t get much smaller than the Ice Walker Minicube Camera. With a sturdy metal housing and a magnetic body for easy mounting, the Ice Walker Minicube Camera is a fantastic buy. It records directly to a Micro SD card up to 32GB in size and a 16GB Micro SD card is even included. The shape of the Ice Walker Minicube Camera makes it very easy to set up, simply set it on a flat surface such as a bookshelf, table, or dresser. It provides an unobtrusive means to record video without being obvious. 

The dark metal casing makes it difficult to spot the small lens which offers a 90 degree wide viewing angle. The Ice Walker Minicube Camera records both photo and video and supports loop recording which will record over the oldest files when storage room runs out. 

To set up the Ice Walker Minicube Camera, all you need to do is press the power button and select a mode with two easy buttons on the side. Magnetic wall mounts can be purchased separately and the Ice Walker Minicube Camera will adhere to the mount without the need for screws or clips. 

The camera remains in standby mode until motion is detected and while it does not support cloud storage, the files are stored to the Micro SD card and can be retrieved for viewing later. It also supports recording and charging at the same time. When it runs out of power, simply charge the Ice Walker Minicube Camera with the built-in micro USB port. It records footage in high definition 1080P resolution and comes with a 30-day money back guarantee.

[4] Divine Eagle Spy Camera USB Charger

With a nearly invisible hidden lens, the MyEagleEyes Spy Camera Charger is a two-in-one hidden camera that doubles as a smartphone charger. The MyEagleEyes Spy Camera Charger is an affordable option for those looking for a way to protect family and personal property. Simply insert a Micro SD card and choose between the motion or continuous recording modes. If you choose motion mode, the camera will only record when motion is detected. If you choose the continuous mode, the MyEagleEyes Spy Camera Charger will record in a continuous loop and when it runs out of storage space it will record over the oldest files first. 

A great feature of the MyEagleEyes Spy Camera Charger is the advanced motion detection which will record when the slightest movement is detected. The button for selecting the mode is well hidden on the backside of the charger alongside the Micro SD card slot. Another great feature is the memory card protection which will prevent old files from being recorded over. 

The built-in Micro SD card slot supports Micro SD cards up to 32GB in size. The MyEagleEyes Spy Camera Charger records high definition video in 1080P resolution for high-quality images. If you don’t want to deal with the hassle of removing and plugging in the Micro SD card, you can also plug it directly into a computer with a USB cable. Simply plug in and began watching the stored video. 

The MyEagleEyes Spy Camera Charger is perfect for home security disguised as a USB charger with a lens so small that it is virtually undetectable. Keep an eye on your home while you’re away, or take it with you for a portable security camera. A slim black case houses the lens which boasts a 90-degree wide viewing angle and a 1-year warranty.

[5] House Informants Hidden Spy Camera

The House Informants hidden camera USB charger is a cut above the rest for its innovative design that hides the mode selection switch and Micro SD card slot behind a removable face. This leaves no giveaways as to the true function of this brilliantly hidden camera USB charger. Designed to look just like a USB smartphone charger, the only visible difference between the House Informants hidden camera and an Apple iPhone charger is the color. It is designed to provide high-quality video recording while remaining undetected

To set up the  House Informants hidden camera, simply remove the face and choose L for loop or M for motion. Insert a Micro SD card which is sold separately into the Micro SD slot which supports up to 32GB cards, and plug it into a  wall outlet. The House Informants hidden camera is also a functioning USB charger and doubles with both charging duties for your smartphone and surveillance for keeping an eye on the things most important to you. 

This hidden camera USB charger is perfect for keeping a watchful eye 24/7. The House Informants is also great for a host of things including baby monitoring, home and office, and protection for your front and back doors. The sleek black housing has only a display light, the lens hole, and a USB charger

There is no setup involved but that can also be a drawback since there is no way to remotely view the footage. The Micro SD card must be removed in order to view the clips stored on it. Once you plug it in, you can forget about it and have peace of mind knowing you’ll capture video if anything happens. Take it with you and use it as a phone charger while simultaneously using it as a portable security camera.

[6] Wemlb USB Nanny Camera

Need a totally hidden camera? The Wemlb USB Nanny Camera manages to hide a 100% invisible lens inside a USB wall charger with up to a 128 GB removable memory. Be the sole person to be able to view the footage thanks to the data password protection and secure encrypted data feature, something most hidden camera USB chargers don’t have. This two-in-one USB charger and hidden camera from Wemlb is a great value for those looking to keep an eye on their loved ones and valuables. 

The Wemlb USB Nanny Camera provides remote app control through the accompanying app which is painless to set up. Simply connect it to your smart device using WiFi and will receive instant motion alerts whenever movement is detected. It is also capable of live streaming video from the hidden camera directly to your smart device. 

Another convenient feature which makes the Wemlb USB Nanny Camera a great choice is the ability to store footage directly to your smartphone. This means you won’t have to mess with removing an optional Micro USB card. That’s right, the Micro SD card is optional. If you don’t want to use it, have the footage saved directly to your smartphone. Now that is about as hassle-free as it gets. Especially when you consider you don’t even have any wires to deal with, simply plug the Wemlb USB Nanny Camera into the wall and that’s it. 

Alerts can also be set to be received on other devices through email. The video is recorded in full 1080P high definition and can be either stored locally on the optional Micro SD card or remotely directly on your smart device. The Wemlb USB Nanny Camera comes with a two-year warranty and a helpful manual for any questions you may have about your new hidden camera.

[6] Aynone Wireless Spy Camera

Protect your home or office from thieves, safeguard your family from bad nannies or caregivers, with this mini USB charger spy camera. You can monitor your home, office, or shop at any time on your phone no matter where you are as long as your phone is connected to Wi-Fi.

More features include:

  • Hidden Camera With Remote Viewing: You can remotely watch your home wherever you are, it allows you to take picture and record video directly on your phone. And the hidden spy camera lets you keep an eye on nannies, babysitters, pets, caregivers or employees. Protect your family and personal property.
  • 1080P HD WIFI Camera: This WIFI hidden camera has been improved, the video quality is great. It provides 1080 HD resolution videos and high quality image. Also, the camera lens hide in the camera charger, and there is no sparkling light when recording, nobody will notice or recognize as a spy cam.
  • Easy To Set Up: Only insert TF Card into this WIFI spy camera and plug in outlet power on, it will automatically record HD videos without any further set up. You can also watch live streaming videos on mobile app once the app is connected to your home’s router WIFI.
  • Motion Detection & Support up to 128GB TF card: Once a motion is detected, the small cameras hidden wireless will send push notification to your phone APP. And this wall charger camera with a built-in micro SD card slot can expand memory up to 128gb, which can store about 15 days video.
  • Two Recording Mode: Motion detection and loop recording, you can choose the record model according to your needs.


  • Easy to set up.
  • Good video quality
  • Up to 128 GB Micro SD memory means you can record for a very long time
  • Discrete mode where no light shows when working is great
  • Motion detection works well and the sensitivity levels can be adjusted.
  • WIFI enabled, you get instant view from your phone.


WIFI connection sometimes doesn’t connect to the actual network.

[7] TOQI Hidden Spy Camera 

It delivers 1080P Full HD high-quality, so you never miss anything important. The camera is completely hidden. Gives your home and office maximum protection. Perfect as a home security camera or a nanny/pet/housekeeper cam for recording without attracting any attention.

More features include:

  • Wireless Hidden Spy Camera & USB Charger: It supports dual USB outlet for connecting devices to charger and includes a built-in Mini spy camera with a hidden camera lens. Monitor your home security and surveillance in real-time on your phone no matter where you are, spy on your babysitter, or keep an eye on your office.
  • H. 264 Compressed Format & Expandable Memory Up To 128gb: hidden cameras with a built-in micro SD card slot that expand memory up to 128gb. Using H. 264-Compressed Format, the file size is decrease by 50% when compared with uncompressed format, the recording time is twice as long. The 128 GB memory card can store about 15 days of video.
  • Easy To Set-Up & Use: Just plug in outlet, the spy Cam will start up and starts working – it doesn’t require any settings or special set-up procedure if you don’t need live view. The hidden nanny Cam supports Wi-Fi remote view, Record video, shoot photos through the free phone app. 
  • Supports Playback: You can playback recorded video on the SD card with your phone or computer. The set-up is very easy, you can follow the directions in the user manual step-by-step.
  • Motion Detection Mode: Our spy cameras will capture video when movement is detected. 
  • Loop Recording: When the memory card is full, the newest File will overwrite the previous File, and the device will continue recording with continuous-loop videotaping. It will automatically save new video files in per 10 minutes. 


  • Camera lens is discreet and completely hidden
  • App download is fast and works well.
  • Works well even with low light conditions
  • Easy to use and set up.
  • Sends notifications to your phone in real time when motion is detected.
  • Sleek design, good build quality
  • SD card is well hidden, and easy to insert / remove.


  • Camera WIFI network has no password, means anyone can connect to it.
  • Instructions are not clear enough.

[8] Yaoawe WiFi Hidden Mini Spy Camera

The WIFI camera charger looks like a regular 5-port USB charger, THIS SMART LITTLE EYE KEEPS YOU UPDATED. you can use it for charging, and also as a secret nanny cam without anyone knowing. If you want to feel safe in your house. If you want to protect valuables from theft or burglary. This hidden security camera is the perfect choice! 100% QUALITY GUARANTEE.

More features include:

  • Wireless Hidden Camera & USB Charger: The WIFI mini camera charger looks like a regular 5-port USB charger.  You can also use it for charging. Nobody will realize that it is a mini camera. The camera is suitable for house, office, hotel room or indoor video recording, it still can be a kids/baby monitor, pet monitoring cam, etc.
  • Multi-USB Ports: 5-USB Port has large compatibility which can charge multiple USB devices at the same time to meet your power demands with safe guarantee. The multi-port fast, smart charging tower has a unique and stylish design that simplifies your home or office decoration by eliminating clutter of chargers and clutter. USB Hub Quick Charger Block Compatible for iPhone X/iPad, Android, Samsung.
  • Loop Recording: It supports to loop recording. When SD card is full, it will automatically overwrites the oldest file with the newest. And if you worry about recording, don’t! You can store it right in your mobile’s app, too. No unplugging, inserting or pulling any SD card.
  • Micro SD Recording: Camera supports memory card up to 64GB. It can be set for real-time video recording, 24-hour recording and time-lapse video recording.
  • Motion Detection Notification Messages: When motion is detected, little spy cameras will take a picture and push a message to your phone instantly, you won’t miss any exciting moment. The distance of motion detection can up to 9.8ft. 
  1. Remote Access: Once this wireless camera connects with your WIFI, easily monitor your home, warehouse and shop from anywhere.


  • Camera lens is super discreet, invisible, looks like a simple charger.
  • Set up is very easy.
  • 5 multi USB charging ports can charge phones and other devices at the same time.
  • Portable and sleek design, good build quality
  • Good picture and video quality.


  • App sometimes has issues working remotely and staying online
  • No night vision