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What Is My Roomba Height?

If you own a Roomba, you already know that there are certain limitations – there are some height limitations, some floor limitations, and oftentimes issues going from material to material….

Why is my Roomba squeaking?

Roomba making squeaking noise is not something you’d expect from an expensive next-generation vacuum cleaner. If anything, you’d expect it to glide noiselessly across the floor like a ghost. But…

Can Roomba Go Over Rugs?

The Roomba is arguably one of the most innovative robot vacuums on the market today. With every Roomba model, there’s always a new feature that solves a specific vacuum cleaning…

Roomba Charging Error 3

These robotic vacuums are great when they work. Although they aren’t cheap, they are worth their weight in gold as they save us time and save us from the pure…

Roomba Keeps Saying Clean Brushes

It’s happened again. Your Roomba keeps trying to tell you stuff that you don’t want to hear. This time, it’s about your brushes: again. How many times do you need…

10 ways to make Roomba quieter

Your life has been changed for the better. The daily drudge of having to clean up after the kids at breakfast or chasing round those tumbleweed- like clumps of pet…