Best Spy Cameras With Audio – 12 Cameras That Can Record Conversations in Secret

Are you a modern day Cold War spy or a James Bond fanatic?

You love the idea of owning your own spy or mini camera?

You know, cameras hidden in everyday devices, such as USB chargers, USB memory sticks, buttons, clock radios and lightbulbs.

The tiny cameras that are so small or so well hidden so that people can be recorded without knowing what is happening?

Yes, they’re the ones.

Well today, I am going to be looking at spy cameras that can not only record footage but record audio as well.

So that you can see and hear what is going on.

But just a brief heads up before we delve any deeper.

No matter where you live, there are strict laws over the use of hidden cameras.

This is particularly true in the USA and the UK.

These rules are most concerned with footage and audio recording which is submitted as evidence in legal proceedings.

And normally, any footage which was taken without the consent of any person in the video cannot be used as evidence.

Ideal Buyers

Away from grown men and women running around in long raincoats and trilbies acting out the role of double agents, the most likely ideal buyer seems to be employers who want to keep an eye and an ear out on their staff.

More specifically, most spy or mini cameras also seem to be called “nanny cameras” and are targeted at wealthy individuals who hire domestic staff, such as nannies, to support them.

Obviously, there are few things more precious in life than a child…

Pros & Cons

I am going to start with the advantages that these cameras offer.

Size: These cameras are very, very hard to see with the naked eye because they are so small.

Hidden: Not only are the lenses themselves tiny but many of them are hidden in everyday household objects such as alarm clocks or bluetooth speakers.

An added bonus to this is that tiny cameras which are hidden in everyday objects do not spoil the aesthetics of a room as much as using a much larger and visible spy camera.

After all, have you ever come across one of them that looks good in a beautifully decorated home?

Mini cameras do have some disadvantages as well.

Who Said?

It seems that the biggest one relates to privacy.

By using one are we infringing upon someone’s right to privacy and under what circumstances does that make it illegal?

And this is a bit of a grey area partly because the technology is so new.

What we do know is that in the USA, in 15 states (including California and Pennsylvania) it is illegal to record audio without permission.

And I have written a much more in depth post looking at all the legal issues regarding audio, which you can read here.

Scare me, why don’t you: Larger security cameras can have a deterrent effect because they might stop someone behaving badly because when they see a camera, it might stop their behaviour.

Hidden cameras have no deterrent effect because, well, they are hidden.


And now in my final section of this buyer’s guide, I will look at the kind of features that you should look out for.

1080P: For any camera to be effective, the quality of the picture needs to be excellent.

Although there are many factors that contribute to the overall picture quality, one of the most important is that the footage can be recorded at a resolution of 1080p.

WiFi: The cameras with the most potential connect to your home WiFi.

This unlocks various superpowers such as remote viewing, a feature that we will talk about next.

Most of these spy cameras will connect to 2.4 GHz networks and not 5 GHz ones.

Fear not though as most of our routers are compatible with 2.4 GHz routers.

Remote Viewing: Make sure that you choose a camera that has a good quality app for an Android or Apple and that the app is stable, reliable and highly rated in the reviews.

Long Battery Life: Your camera will need great battery life.

The last thing that you will want to be doing as an owner is to be constantly fretting about recharging the batteries in your camera.

Storage: Make sure that any spy camera that you choose can safely and securely store all of the footage.

For nanny cams, this is normally done via a micro SD card.

#1. Iremark Mini Spy Hidden Camera

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Iremark is the smallest spy camera with audio that functions as a complete security system.

Loaded with advanced features and small enough to mount anywhere, it will out-stealth any spy cam in the market.

Out of the Box

The magnetic micro cube is a supermini camera that measures a measly 0.7 inch by each side.

It looks more like a fidget toy rather than a security device.

Despite its diminutive size, the spy camera has a bit of heft and it’s durable enough to survive a low drop.

It comes with a clip and a bracket so it can be mounted on the desk, on walls, or used as a hidden body camera.

Main Features

When they said great things come in small packages, they were probably thinking of Iremark mini spy hidden camera.

Its 1080p resolution delivers clear footage and images in high definition.

With 6 non-light infrared LED, it streams high-quality footage even in night time setting or low-light conditions.

It also has a wider coverage with its 140-degree ultra-wide angle lens.

With its audio capability, there’s little guesswork when it comes to determining

Motion detection is a little smarter in this tiny device. The camera will only record once it detects some action.

You have the option to turn this feature on or off to save on storage space and battery life. A full charge of the battery can last for about one hour of record time.

This may not be a lot, but when attached to an equally small power bank, it can stretch the battery life considerably.

Storage is limited to 32GB with a microSD card. To compensate for this weakness, the device has a loop recording function, which lets the newest video overwrite the oldest video in order to save on storage space.

The Verdict

Iremark is a multi-function spy camera with audio that’s great for people doing undercover or performing stealthy surveillance work.

#2. Hosuku Hidden Spy Camera Clock

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Hosuku builds a clandestine clock that can do top notch surveillance work that can trump even the stealthiest spy camera with audio.

With this all seeing-camera, monitoring people inside the home is inconspicuously easy.

Out of the Box

Hosuku looks every bit a normal clock.

It’s round edges give it a sleek modern look.

No one would suspect that it’s a spy camera with a strategically placed hidden lens and reflective glass panel.

Since it’s wireless, it can be put on a desk, night stand, or pretty much anywhere unnoticeably in the house.

Main Features

Believe it or not, the Hosuku really functions as a digital clock, so it has the regular clock functions while it records in crystal clear 1080P HD.

The resolution can be adjusted  down to 720p or 640p to save on space.

Its 150-degree wide angle lens covers more ground and can actually cover an entire room with little to no blind spot.

Wi-Fi connectivity allows you to monitor your home from your smartphone or mobile devices through Hosuku’s app.

Because of this feature, you can get push notifications when motion is detected.

With an intelligent algorithm, the spy cam will take a snapshot of what is detected, which would then be sent to you via the app or email.

This actually makes for easy monitoring even if you’re away from home.

Videos are stored in microSD card in loop recording setting, which means you can go on a 24/7 surveillance spree and not run out of space.

The downside is that older recordings would be overwritten by new ones the moment the SD card memory runs out.

The Verdict

Hosuku clock is for users who want a home security camera that can blend in well with their home or office decors for the ultimate clandestine monitoring work.

#3. Portocam Wireless Minicam

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Portocam minicam is the spy camera with audio that can effectively do wireless surveillance anywhere without fear of being found.

This thumb camera is loaded with advanced security features for maximum monitoring.

Out of the Box

This micro cube camera is no bigger than a thumb and measures 0.95 inch by each side.

Its sturdy casing has metal tabs which attach easily to the magnetic bracket that’s included in the package.

Alternatively, it can be used as a body camera with its magnetic clip.

Main Features

Touted as the smallest Wi-Fi enabled camera, the Portocam WF98 delivers videos and images at 960P HD resolution.

With its diminutive size, the 75-degree wide-angle lens gives a pretty decent coverage.

It performs pretty well in low-light environments due to its night vision infrared LED lights that don’t glow when activated.

It can record anything within 15ft of its location.

Since it’s a Wi-Fi spy camera, it can monitor events non-stop.

Thanks to the smart loop recording which takes over whenever the 128GB microSD card reaches its full capacity.

It will overwrite old recordings to ensure a 24/7 home monitoring.

Motion detection is quite sensitive because it activates the alarm and push notification when any action is detected.

It will take a snapshot and notify you via the app or email.

This allows you to take action and respond immediately if something has gone awry.

However, since it detects anyone or anything, the chance of false alarm is high.

This should be fine if you don’t mind getting alerts every so often.

Audio is hard to come by with spy cams this size, but Portocam managed to cram in audio recording.

However, the feature is turned off by default and the way to turn it on is through the software that tech support would be happy to send you and guide you through the process.

The Verdict

Portocam is for users who want their spy camera with audio to be used as a body cam for outdoor surveillance that require mobility.

#4. Fulao Hidden Spy Camera

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Fulao updates it spy camera with audio with a more robust P2PLiveCam app for better remote monitoring.

The diminutive device is loaded with security features upgraded for better performance.

Out of the Box

Fulao’s spy cam is one of the smallest in the market measuring 0.9 x 1.69 x 1.69 and weighing only one ounce.

It doesn’t need to camouflage itself because it’s already too small to be detected.

Design-wise, it leaves a lot to be desired, but it’s versatility more than makes up for its uninspired design.

Main Features

This stealthy camera captures 1080P HD video with accurate color reproduction, which delivers crisp and clear footage.

With tis 150-degree wide angle lens, it covers a lot of ground and perfect for big rooms and confined spaces.

Outdoors, it guarantees little to no blind spot.

No light? No problem.

The six high-powered infrared LED lights deliver night vision of up to 16 feet in pitch-dark environments.

There’s no LED glare that will get someone’s attention.

Motion detection was upgraded to allow you to set the sensor sensitivity manually.

A full battery charge lasts for about one hour of continuous HD video recording.

When used as a nanny cam or pet cam, it can be charged indoors while it keeps recording.

Power banks can extend battery life when used outdoors.

Video footage can be stored locally using a 128GB microSD card.

It’s good enough for recording meetings, presentations, road trips, and other activities that don’t require a lot of time to finish.

The cam also supports loop recording to maximize the use of storage space.

Remote monitoring is where Fulao shines the brightest.

Motion activated alarms can now be customized based on alarm intervals and length of recording.

With the latest update, the Fulao spy camera makes its security system more robust.

The Verdict

Fulao’s spy camera with audio will appeal to people who want a camera versatile enough to switch between indoor and outdoor use.

#5.Horonzo 2019 Upgrade Mini Hidden Spy Camera

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Horonzo’s spy camera with audio gets a boatload of features to herald its 2019 upgrade.

It’s still its old diminutive self, but think spy cam on steroids.

Out of the Box

This mini spy camera is made of high-quality metal that can withstand drops and bumps.

It may only be less than one inch by each side, but it feels sturdy and tough.

It can camouflage as a fidget cube, which poses a problem because it loses its inconspicuousness, especially when the kids start to take notice.

It comes with a body camera clip and a 360-degree rotatable stand.

Main Features

Part of the 2019 upgrade is the 1080p full HD resolution which delivers clear videos and vivid images with better audio quality.

There is an option to switch to the lower 720p mode to save up on storage space.

The bump in video quality is complemented by night vision and motion detection.

Night time recording works like a charm, but the motion sensor is a little too sensitive because it detects even the slightest movements.

This can be good or bad depending on how much monitoring you require.

This mini-sized spy cam supports up to 64GB MicroSD card or TransFlash Card, which may not be enough for 24/7 surveillance and footage need to be saved or preserved.

But for casual monitoring, with no need for posterity, enabling the loop recording mode would be more than sufficient.

This is because old recordings will be overwritten to make way for new ones.

Storage space will never be a problem ever again.

The Verdict

Horonzo’s robust cube is best for the outdoorsy types who want to do some casual video recording hoping to find something interesting in the footage along the way.

#6. LTMade Wireless Hidden Camera

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LTMade’s spy camera with audio is a robust smart camera loaded with advanced security features that would put other security cameras to shame.

Well-thought out features make this cam a keeper.

Out of the Box

When mounted on its stand, it looks like a miniature version of bulky surveillance cameras  of the past.

Without the mount, it looks like a mini power bank.

In any case, it wouldn’t attract attention, which is actually the point of spy cam designs in the first place.

It’s sturdy and durable to the touch and might even withstand the

Main Features

This stealthy device is really the Ferrari of spy cameras.

It’s like every standard security feature is turbocharged to enhance its performance.

The 1080P HD resolution is on par with high-end security cams, delivering clear and crisp video footage.

Real-time monitoring is enhanced with its night vision mode and motion detection technology.

They are superior to other cameras in its class because of its AI face recognition algorithm.

This means that when it detects a human intruder, it will immediately alert you using push notification or email.

This considerably lessens the incidence of false alarms.

The 122-degree wide angle allows greater coverage whether the camera is used indoor or outdoors.

This means that blind spots are kept at a minimum even for larger rooms or properties.

Audio function impresses with two-way communication, which allows you to interact with the person you are monitoring, which makes it much easier to deter an unwanted guest or keep tabs of your children’s babysitter.

While other spy cameras are struggling to even meet the standard one hour continuous playback for a full charge of the battery, LTMade is lightyears ahead with 13 to 15 hours of uninterrupted recording because of its robust 3000mAh rechargeable lithium battery.

Not many spy cam in its class can have as much juice as LTMade’s wireless hidden cam.

Storage capacity is as big as your cloud service subscription.

This is apart from the local storage option which can support a maximum of 128GB from microSD card or TF card.

All these power can take their toll in this Lilliputian device, but with an upgraded cooling system, the spy cam will have no reason to crash and burn.

The Verdict

LTMade’s spy camera with audio is for serious security-conscious individuals who want an advanced security system at a fraction of the cost to build one.

#7. Mvowizon Hidden Spy Camera

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Mvowizon’s spy camera with audio relies on its robust Wi-Fi capability to enable real-time monitoring and remote accessibility.

It’s a complete security system without the complex hard wirings.

Out of the Box

This spy cam can camouflage as a mini Bluetooth speaker that you can place anywhere without anybody suspecting it’s a snooping device.

Design-wise, it’s an uninspired cube and pretty much nothing more.

However, its portability makes it a handy device for outdoor surveillance.

It comes with a bracket, a magnetic suction, and a magnetic swivel base for multiple mounting options.

Main Features

Mvowizon banks on its Wi-Fi real-time streaming to round up an otherwise pretty standard home and office security system.

Remote access is where the device shines because of its robust app.

Pretty much every function can be controlled using the app so they have got the elements of convenience and accessibility down pat.

Although it only works with 2.4GHz Wi-Fi connection, it’s a stable Wi-Fi network that can be relied upon.

The motion detection mode allows for customisation.

Settings can be modified to enable recording only when motion is detected or when the target moves.

Timer can also be set to record at specific times of the day when foot traffic is at its peak.

Night vision is clear and sharp which make night time surveillance less of a guesswork when trying to identify unwanted guests.

Problems about storage space is resolved by the cam’s loop recording function.

Because of the limited local storage from the microSD card, the cam overwrites old videos.

This enables 24/7 continuous recording.

The Verdict

Mvowizon’s spy camera with audio works perfectly fine indoors but the features are much more suited for outdoor use, especially with the remote access function.

#8. Dent 1080p Mini Camera

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DENT updates its spy camera with audio to give it a more modern tapered look.

With the DENT 2.0, everything is vastly improved that the 1st generation is now just a shell of itself.

Out of the Box

Can’t even lie, the minimal design change in version 2.0 is a bit of letdown; it still looks like a tiny hockey puck, only curvier.

Weighing 1 oz, the spy cam is ultra portable and extremely stealthy.

Main Features

While the style change isn’t as drastic as one would have hoped, the 1st Gen features are considerably upgraded to make the spy cam a fully loaded home and office security system.

Further enhancements are made for the 1080p HD resolution and connectivity.

Video quality is greatly improved with smoother video rendering and much clearer audio quality.

The previously laughable low-light mode is now a full-on night vision mode with no-glare infrared lights.

With  140-degree wide angle lens, it has greater coverage with little to no blind spots.

The live feed can be accessed remotely using the app.

What’s more, it allows you to view multiple cameras on your smartphones or any smart device that supports the app.

It currently only works in 2.4g networks but may eventually have 4g and 5g support down the line if DENT continues to churn out new versions periodically.

Battery life has a run-time of approximately 1.5 hours, which is better than most spy cams in the same class.

The 128GB memory capacity via the microSD card is almost always not enough for heavy usage, however, loop recording feature is added to address the issue of limited storage space.

Old footage is overwritten to make way for new ones.

It’s practical and economical if there’s no need to archive copies for long stretches of time.

It also has a date and time stamp for easy search and viewing.

The Verdict

DENT’s spy camera with audio is for people who are desperate to upgrade their Jurassic units into something that would still be relevant in the immediate future.

#9. Z Tour Smallest Wi-Fi Hidden Spy Camera

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It’s the smallest spy camera in the market with so much capabilities to keep you feeling at peace while away from home. You can hide it anywhere possible where no one can see it.

The spy cam can communicate to you through the built-in voice prompt, and you can also communicate with whoever is on the other end through the two-way audio system with its built-in microphone and speaker.

That’s a lot of capability for the smallest spy camera, the Z Tour Smallest Spy Cam.

Next, let’s take a look at some of its best features:

Audio — has built-in voice prompt and a 2-way intercom with microphone and speaker.

Video storage — supports local micro SD card and Alibaba cloud storage.

Motion detection — capable of human body shape recognition, sounds an alarm when human body shape is detected.

Remote viewing — real-time monitoring on your devices and gadgets, iOS and Android compatible, using the V380 Pro app.

Multiple monitoring — you can monitor multiple cameras from a single device.

Battery powered — has a built-in 3300mAh battery that can last for 15 hrs daytime, and 8 hrs night time, and USB adaptable for 24/7 monitoring.


  • Sends notification on your smartphone when activity is detected.
  • Versatile spy camera can be used as nanny cam, pet cam, or front porch cam.
  • Having a rechargeable battery is definitely an advantage since you don’t need to change batteries every now and then.
  • Since video recording is motion activated, you immediately see what triggered the alarm.


  • Picture quality too poor, especially in the dark.
  • Human shape detection comes with a fee.

#10. Luowice Hidden Camera Mini Spy Camera

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This is a cool camera that’s so easy to set up and operate. So easy to install and also easy to hide it makes a perfect hidden spy camera. You can both hear and see what’s going on inside your home, and even talk to your children and pets when you see what’s going on.

The Luowice spy cam has a built-in microphone and speaker that does the job. Record significant events on the camera’s SD card and save the footage on your laptop or computer. The Luowice Spy Camera is one hidden camera that can give you perfect assurance while you’re away from home.

Next, let’s take a look at some of its best features:

Audio — 2-way audio system, with built-in microphone and speaker to talk and listen to family and pets, and warn intruders

Video Quality — 1080p Full HD with wide angle 360° panoramic vision

Motion detection — sends you push notification on your smartphone when motion is detected, takes picture and is able to record motion-activated video.

Storage — supports up to 64GB micro SD card with loop function that continues recording, but first recordings are erased when SD card is full.

Connectivity — 2.4GHz Wi-Fi able to stream all videos on your smartphone (iOS or Android) via downloadable app.


  • Easy to install anywhere with quick instructions.
  • Also, easy to hide.
  • Can view an entire area, eg. living room, with its 360° wide angle panoramic view.
  • Hidden cam supports night vision with no IR lights seen.
  • Very versatile spy cam, it’s portable you can bring it anywhere, even use it on your car.


  • Camera keeps losing connection on the internet.
  • Images come out distorted because of the 360° wide angle lens.

#11. Veroyi Mini IP Camera

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The Veroyi Mini IP Camera has a very innovative round design that is very appealing. As a surveillance camera it gives you video feed with a 180° wide angle with 720p resolution.

Its 2-way audio system enables you to talk to your kids and pets while away from home, and assures you of how they are. In case of unusual activity during crucial hours, the motion activated sensors will send notification on your smartphone that an event has taken place.

As a home surveillance camera you can check on your nanny, your kids, and your pets. You can even use it in your office, store, or warehouse without anybody knowing they’re being watched. 

Next, let’s take a look at some of its best features:

Audio — two-way built-in speaker and microphone, convenient for communicating to whoever is on the other line.

Motion detection — sends a push notification on your smartphone that there was an event that triggered the motion detector.

Remote viewing — just download the app on your smartphone or other devices to view live video of significant events even when you’re away.

Multiple viewing — one Wi-Fi camera can support viewing for up to 5 different devices.

Storage — saves video on micro SD card up to 128GB with cloud support (no subscription) with loop function, that overwrites old files when SD is full.

Connectivity — compatible with iOS and Android devices


  • After some time setting up, the spy cam is fairly easy to operate.
  • Cloud storage needs no monthly subscription.
  • Best bang for the buck, you get your money’s worth.
  • You can record 24/7 continuously if you choose to.
  • It is cute and tiny.


  • It needs to be plugged in order to work.
  • You cannot connect multiple cameras.

#12. FoxEye Smart 1080p Mini Spy Camera With Audio

For people who just want it plain and simple, recording an event while it happens for review later without any remote access, the FoxEye Mini Spy Camera is ideal for you. This is a spy cam that brings surveillance down to the very basics — recording events that trip motion detection.

If you’re the type of individual who doesn’t buy all that hype on remote access and live viewing, but just wants the basic surveillance feature of recording significant events, the FoxEye Smart 1080p Mini Spy Camera is for you

Next, let’s take a look at some of its best features:

Audio — features built-in microphone and speakers for audio and visual recording during events.

Video quality — you get the best video quality with 1920x1080p Full HD resolution, and the spy cam takes 12 MP quality photos.

Motion detection — records events on motion detection to save storage space and battery life.

Night vision — 6 IR lights enable to spy cam to capture images in low light, undetectable because IR lights are not visible.

Storage — supports up to 32GB micro SD card.


  • Versatile, you can use it as a head cam for sports and adventures, and a dash cam for your car.
  • Instructions are clear and video and audio quality are good.
  • If you need a very small camera that records videos, this is excellent.
  • Pretty tough because its body is made of metal and not plastic.
  • Easy set up, and once installed you just leave it to do its job.


  • They didn’t make it clear that the camera will not operate unless there’s a micro SD card inserted.
  • Difficult to navigate the spy cam operations because there are only two buttons.