43 Sources of Expertise To Help You Become a Home Automation Geek!

Hello and welcome to my latest post.

This post contains the top 43 blogs and Twitter accounts that you should be reading or following to get all the latest news and the best advice in the world of home automation.

This is the list that I use in order to find out everything that I need to know and so I thought that I would share it with you.

Consider it as your very own “Home Automation” address book or contact list.

The sites and people on this list are hand picked- I haven’t just copied or pasted a set of Google Results or copied a list of “followers” from someone else’s Twitter account.

I have spent hours and hours compiling this list to make sure that it contained only the very best sources of information.

Most of the sites and Twitter accounts that I looked at aren’t on the list because they are either too commercial or not updated frequently enough.

I have got to say that I was surprised by how poor Facebook was in this regard and so I haven’t included Facebook pages.

There is some great sources of information about smart homes on Facebook, but the same information could be found on websites that I have listed.

I have included quite a few Twitter accounts to follow because their are some people publishing good advice via their Twitter account that I could not find elsewhere.

I hope that this list is as useful to you as it will be to me.

If there is a website, Twitter account or Facebook page that you think is great and isn’t on my list then please let me know.

This list is in no particular order- I think that every entry on this list is worth at least a visit.

If I was to try and rank this list- it would never get published.

If you want to visit one of my suggested websites, click on the photo of the site.

If you want to visit their Facebook or Twitter account (if they have one) click on the icons below the photo.

1. Automated Home

[table id=370 /]

2. Electronic House

[table id=371 /]

3. Build Your Smart Home


4. Mighty Gadget

[table id=372 /]

5. At Home In The Future

[table id=373 /]

6. Smarter Home Automation

[table id=374 /]

7. Digitized House

[table id=375 /]

8. House-O-Matic

[table id=376 /]

9. Biggy Tech

[table id=378 /]

10. Technology FM

[table id=377 /]

11. Home Automation Nation

[table id=379 /]

12. Smart Homes Now

[table id=380 /]

13. Dr Automation

[table id=381 /]

14. Hackaday Home Automation

[table id=382 /]

15. Home Automation X

[table id=383 /]

16. Loxone

[table id=384 /]

17. For The Smart Home

[table id=385 /]

18. Lifehacker Home Automation

[table id=386 /]

19. Raspberry Pi Home Automation

[table id=387 /]

20. Open Home Automation

[table id=388 /]

21. Home Security Resource

22. Live Smart

[table id=389 /]

23. UK Automation

[table id=390 /]

24. CNet Home Automation

[table id=391 /]

25. @HomeAutomation

26. Smart Home Solver

[table id=392 /]

27. Zatz Not Funny

[table id=393 /]

28. @Stevie_Griffin_

29. @ Smart Home Stuff

30. CarleyK

[table id=394 /]


31. @c_davies

32. IoT Podcast

33. Aaron Tilley (Forbes.com)

34. @Smart Home Zone

35. @ Edge Home

36. @ Internet of Homes


37. @ The Smart Abode

38. Connectedly

[table id=395 /]

38. Dezeen

[table id=396 /]

39.  All Home Robotics

[table id=397 /]

40. Product Hunt

[table id=398 /]

41. MakeUseOf Smart Home

[table id=399 /]

42. DC_Copeland

43. Tech Guy Adam

And that is it!

If you made it to the end, well done.

Also, if I have missed out your “go to” smart home website or Twitter account, please share it in the comments below.